Do Guys Like Red Nail Polish?

Red nail polish is timeless. It is an elegant, yet youthful color that shows that you mean business. This is why nail brands continue to provide more red shades than any other color.

Guys have some mixed opinions and preferences when it comes to red nail polish.

If you are unsure whether you should invest in red nail polish for your dinner date, don’t worry. We took on the task of finding out whether guys like red nail polish. 

What This Article Covers:

What Nail Polish Do Guys Like?

You can’t go wrong with pale pink or a basic red when it comes to the majority of men.

But what exactly does red nail polish mean for men?

Back in the old days of primitivism, men used to pick pink and red berries for their women. That is why men tend to be fixated on colors, like red and pink.

The majority of men will find women with red nails attractive because it marks their femininity.

The New Wave: Red Nail Polish On Men

Some women wonder whether guys think that red nail polish is trashy, but that is not the case. 

A whole host of iconic guys, such as Kurt Cobain, Dennis Rodman, and David Bowie have rocked painted nails before. For this reason, well-dressed men with manicures are not a new phenomenon. 

The most recent male icon is Harry Styles. He was seen adorning red nail polish at a concert in Los Angeles.

Harry Styles is known for leaning towards more feminine style choices. He is setting a trend for many men, showing them that many borders in fashion and accessories are falling. 

You’d be surprised to know that nail salons are being approached by guys, requesting manicures. 

A sheer number of men have embraced this freedom to paint their nails. Guys tend to only paint one or two nails, instead of their whole hand. 

So, is red nail polish out of style? We don’t think so. 

Red Nail Polish Shades that Guys Like

Ma Cherie

Is red nail polish classy or trashy

We love our sensual and exciting Ma Cherie. This is perfect for those who are looking for a bright, vivid color in the summertime. Think of a candy apple red. This color will grab the attention of many guys around you. You can apply this easily with only 2 coats. 

If you have got the confidence to rock it, then go for it.

Just Bitten

why do guys like red nail polish

Just Bitten is a deep red wine color in a jelly formula. It is perfect for any occasion but can be particularly appropriate for Christmas time.

The application is smooth and even.

Why not take that leap of faith with this dark red nail polish and see how all the men around you react? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Monroe’s Red

Red Nail Polish Shades that Guys Like

Looking for a bright, shiny, and long-lasting look? Then you will enjoy the red shimmer of Monroe’s Red.

You can pair this nail polish color with practically any outfit. We recommend wearing Monroe’s Red with a lace white top, or your favorite little black dress.


What Nail Polish Do Guys Like

Vixen is an alluring and eye-catching nail polish color that men love. It can only be described as a deep beet red. If you want a change from the bright colors, then you’ll love the Vixen’s brick red creme color.

The more conservative woman might find the dark red to be a big risk because it is such a bold color.  

The application is easy and it dries quickly. 

Just make sure you have the appropriate products when removing red nail polish.

Wild Wonder

is red nail polish that guys don't like

Looking for a more muted shade of red? Then our Wild Wonder is for you. It’s a dusty rose color that looks flattering against your skin. 

You can flaunt this shade in the office because this red nail polish looks professional

Wild Wonder’s color lasts a long time without fading. 

What Don’t Guys Like?

There are some unconventional nail polish colors that the majority of men are not fans of.

This includes gothic shades (navy, black, and burgundy), and bright shades (orange, yellow, green). Men seem to not enjoy blue nails on women either.

With that being said, the biggest turn-off for guys seems to be extremely long fingernails. So, maybe rethink getting those pointy talons that many influencers are showing off on Instagram.

Men are also sometimes turned off by extreme nail art, sharp nails, and fake nails.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the thing: Guys will always have their own opinions when it comes to your painted nails. And there is not much you can do about it. 

But there is nothing classier than a girl who can confidently flaunt her red nail varnish. 

So, what would men prefer women do with their nails? It seems that they prefer women to do whatever they want with their nails. 

So, wear that red nail polish.

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