#ORLYManiFest - Nail Art by Julie Ventura

Step 1

On a clean, bare nail, apply a coat of Bonder and let dry. Using Purple Crush and a small detailer brush, quickly draw a spiral starting from the center of the nail plate.

Tip: Make sure the polish is painted on thick so it doesn't dry too quickly!


Step 2

While Purple Crush is still wet, repeat the swirl hugging the inside of the purple line with Glowstick.

Step 3

Working fast, add a third spiral using Glass Half Full and add Glosser topcoat in the negative space.

Step 4

Clean your detailer brush and gently drag the spiral in towards the center in as many points as you'd like

Step 5

Gently drag the spiral out towards the outside of the nail in between your previous points. Let dry and finish with a coat of Glosser topcoat!
Use this tie-dye tutorial to create an accent nail or mix tie-dye with solid blocks of color for a geometric twist.