Women's History Month 2019 Profile: Sara M. Lyons

Sara M. Lyons, Artist/Illustrator/Muralist

How would your peers describe your personality?

Fun, colorful, and a little bit weird!

When did you consider yourself a success? How did this make you feel?

I still don't know if I think of myself as a "success," but I've had a lot of small milestones throughout my career that have shown me I'm on the right path - everything from picking up my first major wholesale client to taking on my first branded mural has been its own little celebration, and it only makes me want to achieve more!

What is the biggest challenge you have come across in your career and how did you handle this?

Some of my work is really frequently copied and counterfeited, and it's frustrating to see stuff I've worked so hard on being devalued so much. But ultimately I've had to learn that I can only keep moving forward, so I'm always just trying to make new stuff that I like even more. (Having a great lawyer helps, too!)

What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?

I'm self employed, so I don't have a choice, haha! If I'm starting to feel burnt out during a project I'll step away from it if I can and try to get re-inspired. Approaching something with fresh eyes after a couple days off always helps.

What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud that I've been able to built a career out of my artistic point of view. I can feel frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed a lot in the day-to-day, but taking a step back and realizing I can support myself with my art feels astounding.

What inspired you when you were younger?

Comics (everything from Archie to R. Crumb), music (everything from musicals to punk rock), cartoons and cult movies, and the Southern California lifestyle. Hey, those are still my inspirations today!

What nail color makes you feel most confident?

Super sparkly pink!

What is a piece of advice you would give to young women?

Be true to yourself, give yourself space, and always trust your vision.