Women's History Month 2019 Profile: Zoe McDougall

Zoe McDougall, Professional Surfer


How would your peers describe your personality?


When did you consider yourself a success? How did this make you feel?

I am happy with the goals I have accomplished thus far but I have not reached my end goal so in my eyes I will not be a success until I do. With saying this, I felt the feeling of success when I completed smaller goals such as winning the US Open and graduating high school.

What is the biggest challenge you have come across in your career and how did you handle this?

I think being a female athlete in surfing I have struggled most with body positivity and self worth, it is hard to do a sport when the majority of the time you are in a bikini. It is also hard to remind yourself that you are more than your results.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?

I like to stay true to my roots and go surfing with my friends and family to remember why I started.

What are you most proud of?

Where I come from. I live in such a special place and I love everything about it.

What inspired you when you were younger?

Other females surfers from Hawaii.

What nail color makes you feel most confident?

Mind Over Matter from the ORLY Breathable collection.

What is a piece of advice you would give to young women?

Always chase your dreams, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.


Photo Credit: Brynna Bradley Photography