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Founder & CEO, Mazz Hanna High-Vibration Luxury Skincare

How did you know you had the right idea? How much did this idea change from initial concept to launching your brand?

I knew I had the right idea when it was more than an idea, but a calling. It was almost as if I didn’t have a choice. The universe took over and I was simply steering the wheel. Where the brand is today is beyond my wildest imagination. 

How do you handle adversity and doubt? What about self-doubt? 

From the very beginning, doubt and adversity have fueled me – especially when it comes from others. Whenever I doubt myself I just think about how far I have come and remind myself that anything is possible with hard work, passion, and dedication. 

What has been your biggest set-back or road block and how did you handle that situation?

One of the hardest things that I struggle with is having to constantly learn from my mistakes—and trust me there have been a lot of them! I don’t have a background in beauty or running a business, so since day one I have been taking calculated chances learning from my mistakes. Having to operate like that day-in-and-day-out really wears on you over time. But that being said, I make a concerted effort to take a moment and treat each mistake as a teachable moment for myself. I truly believe that over the past 2 years this has made me really smart and strategic in the way that I do business.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

When I was really little, I was obsessed with the idea of being a physician, specifically a cardiologist or podiatrist. Looking back I see a deeper reason for that. As a child, my grandfather had 2 open-heart surgeries so my rationale was that if I were a cardiologist I would be able to fix him. As far as being a podiatrist goes, I used to love giving people foot rubs because it would make them so happy—I don’t think I realized that being a podiatrist was more than rubbing peoples feet! Looking back, it was clear that helping people was a passion of mine, and it is interesting to see how it has manifested for me as an adult.

What advice would you give your teenage self? 

Explore everything that you are passionate about and know that everything else will fall into place. Ignore everyone who tells you that you need to be practical, that will naturally come with age and with time.

What was your dream job before building your brand? 

Having worked in advertising for as long as I did, I think that my career path chose being a chief creative officer as a dream job for me. I left before I made it that far and now that “dream job” doesn’t appeal to me at all.

What inspired you when you were younger? What inspires or motivates you now?

I have always been inspired by human connection and humor. I love talking to people from all walks of life because I learn so much. And nothing gets me out of my own head faster than laughing. If I am ever feeling stuck or stifled, I turn to stand-up comedy or a funny movie to set me straight. A good belly laugh cures all.

What piece of advice would you give to young women today? 

Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone get in the way—especially yourself. We are our own worst enemies at times and we need to shift that thinking to being our biggest fans. Positive self-talk 100% of the time.

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