Women's History Month 2023 Profile: Andra Strauss

Name: Andra Strauss
Distributor: Rudofa BV
Country: Netherlands

Work is my passion; work is my hobby, and it has always been this way. - Andra Strauss

    In order to make my “long way” to ORLY short – I have been working on many sides of the beauty industry – at first in a wholesale company, representing many luxury brands. Later, I moved into Retail and worked as a Purchasing and Marketing Director for Douglas, one of European largest perfumeries. My life took a big turn when I moved to the Netherlands and started to work with ORLY. Our company is the Official ORLY Distributor for NL and BE. I have to say that ORLY opened for me an amazing colorful world. I love ORLY and I am always surprised about the professionality and creativity of this company.

   My business view is focused on long term growth, and I am always creating plans to challenge myself. I like the idea of "Watching me, watching me"! Thanks to ORLY I have also started a new “hobby”, social media. I am now curating 2 Instagram pages @orlynederland and @orlybelgie; along with 2 FCB pages for ORLY Netherlands and ORLY Belgium. As you can see, I really love ORLY!