Women's History Month 2023 Profile: Jhey Gelera

Name: Jhey Gelera
Distributor: Sprint Asia Logistics
Country: Philippines

Having taken on key management roles across various industries, Jhey draws on her twenty years of experience in the field of Marketing and Communications as the cornerstone to her success. She specializes in brand management, public relations, media, customer relations, strategic and tactical aspects of Marketing, both in traditional and digital platforms.

  Jhey's professional experience covers various industries, including retail and leisure, telecommunications, outsourcing, real estate, digital social media, and food services. She has great skill in balancing traditional and contemporary digital, social media marketing platforms; along with being highly skilled in project management, personnel management, and leadership. For almost three years now, Jhey has led the end-to-end integrated marketing of ORLY in the Philippines. She spearheads various initiatives to swiftly maneuver and thrive in the everchanging market.