Women's History Month 2023 Profile: Thea Lacey

Name: Thea Lacey
Distributor: Grafton International
Country: UK

Thea Lacey, figuratively speaking, has ORLY running through her veins. She successfully launched ORLY onto QVC in the UK and has helped the brand to become one of the most beloved nail brands on air in just 6 years! Thea presents with her sidekick and ORLY Brand Ambassador, Lou, who loves ORLY just as much as she does.

  Thea has collaborated with the British Beauty Council to talk about the power of the manicure in connection to mental health. She also collaborated with such brands as Samsung, who created their new phone range to match shades of ORLY nail polish.

   Thea has been lucky enough to not only visit ORLY HQ and the team in LA, but also welcomed Jeff and Tal to be guest speakers at our yearly UK ORLY Conference. She has also won multiple ORLY and beauty industry awards for her work over the years, which are some of her proudest achievements!