Women's History Month 2023 Profile: Tanja Sozontova

Name: Tanja Sozontova
Distributor: International Trade Consult GmbH
Country: Germany

I was born in a beautiful Ukrainian city on the Black Sea, Odessa on the 4th of May in 1982. I focused on studying foreign languages during my years in Odessa. After my first job at a maritime agency, I decided to complete my MBA from HHL Business School in Leipzig. Attaining my degree provided me with so much knowledge and enrichment. The challenges and personal growth I experienced were very impactful and set forth my path of success.

 In the 16 years that I have been with ITC as an ORLY Brand Manager, it feels like I have been working with family for a lifetime. Doing business with esteemed beauty companies was a dream of mine as a young girl, and I am grateful everyday that dream came true.