How to Remove Lacquer Nail Polish

When it comes to removing lacquer nail polish off of your nails, it is harder to do than removing normal nail polish, due to the strength of the lacquer polish. 

The conventional, and most effective, way of doing it is using acetone to soak the lacquer nail polish off. 

But, here at ORLY, we believe in using chemical-free, nourishing products, as opposed to things like acetone, which is very harmful to your skin and nails, whenever we can. 

Because of this, we have got some alternative products for you to use that will remove your lacquer nail polish, and that won’t harm or damage your skin and nails. 

We will discuss how to remove nail polish and the different techniques that you can use to remove lacquer nail polish using a variety of different things. 

Ways To Remove Lacquer Nail Polish From Home 

remove lacquer nail polish

We will largely be discussing how to remove lacquer nail polish from your nails, from clothing, and from your skin. 

There are different ways that work best for each of these different surfaces, and we will be discussing the most effective ones for each of the different surfaces. 

How To Remove Lacquer Nail Polish From Your Nails 

Pure Acetone 

As we know, acetone is the most effective way to remove lacquer nail polish. Unfortunately, it does tend to dry out your skin, remove the minerals from your skin and nails, and can also damage your nails too. 

Even though it isn’t our favorite thing to use, we will explain to you how to use it in the case that it is all that you have, or if you are struggling with the other products. 

Because lacquer nail polish is much stronger than normal nail polish, it needs to be removed in a similar way to that of gel nail polish. 

Start by filling the top layer of your nail polish down so that it is thinner and easier to get off. Then, cut 10 pieces of tin foil that are each approximately 3 inches long, and place them on the countertop. 

Soak 10 different cotton balls in acetone and put each one against each nail. Wrap the tin foil around the nail, making sure the cotton ball stays in contact with your nail. 

Let this sit and soak for 10 minutes, and then peel off the tin foil. Use a cuticle stick to gently push off the remaining nail polish. Do this to one finger at a time.

After you are done, wash your hands with soap and warm water, and make sure you moisturize your hands afterward so that they don’t become too dried out. 

ORLY’s All-Purpose Genius Remover

How  you can Remove Lacquer Nail Polish

ORLY’s All-Purpose Genius Remover is designed to remove no chip nail polish such as lacquer nail polish, gel nail polish, glitter nail polish, and any other nail polish, without taking away too much moisture as pure acetone does. 

While this All Purpose Genius Remover does contain some acetone, it also contains eucalyptus, peach, and green tea extracts. These mineral extracts help to soothe and naturally cleanse your nails without dehydrating them and stripping them of their natural oils. 

The Genius Remover is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 10 free, and it helps to strengthen and shine your nails when you use it. 

If you are wondering how to remove gel nail polish, or lacquer nail polish, using the All-Purpose Genius Remover, it is done in the same way as we explained how to use acetone to do this. 

ORLY’s Gel Foil Removal Wraps

Our foil wraps are used to specifically remove lacquer nail polish. The Foil Removal Wraps have an absorbent sponge on them that helps to remove the lacquer polish without having too much contact with the skin of your finger. 

best way to remove lacquer nail polish

This is good for your skin, as it minimizes how much acetone comes in contact with it, and limits how much the acetone dries your skin out. 

The foil also helps to trap heat and speeds up how fast and easily the lacquer nail polish is removed. 

How To Remove Lacquer Nail Polish From Your Clothing

If you are wondering how to remove dried nail polish from clothing, and if it is even possible, it definitely is. 

To remove dried nail polish from clothing, you can either use nail polish remover, preferably one that isn’t acetone-based. Use a cotton ball soaked in the nail polish remover and dab the spot where the dried nail polish is.

It is recommended to do this on the seam of the clothing piece first to make sure that the remover you are using won’t damage the fabric. 

After this, wash the area with soap and water to remove the residue. 

There are also alternative ways to remove nail polish from clothing. One of them is through using white vinegar. 

Soak the nail polish stain in white vinegar for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Once this time has passed, scrub the area gently with an old toothbrush. 

After this, blot the area with a cloth until the stain has disappeared.

How To Remove Lacquer Nail Polish From Your Skin

The next topic we will discuss is the best way to remove nail polish from your skin

The easiest way to do this is to use non-acetone nail polish remover or our All Purpose Genius Remover. Place either one on a cotton swab or cotton earbud, and very carefully clean the nail polish off the skin.

Be careful not to touch the actual nail. We also recommend using hand cream afterward, as acetone can dry out your skin quite a lot. 

Other methods you could use are using vinegar, lemon juice, or rubbing alcohol to wipe it off. You could also try washing your hands with hot water and soap and seeing if that will help.

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