How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

You have been quite diligent with your nail polish care, but it only lasts three days without chipping.

Don’t worry, we did the research for you and accumulated all the information that we can get our hands on into this one article.

Even the best nail polish does not last forever, but there are a few tips that can help you lengthen the staying power of it.

What This Article Covers:

How Can I Make My Nail Polish Last Longer?

Do Not Soak Your Nails In Hot Water Before Painting Your Nails

The first tip is to avoid soaking your fingertips in warm water before and after applying your nail polish.

The surface of your nail can soften and expand when you soak them in hot water. The surface below the polish changes and this results in one’s polish cracking prematurely. This is one example of why nail polish cracks.

You will also need to avoid soaking your nails in hot water after the manicure. The water can not only distort and widen your nails but also lift the pigment. This results in brittle nails over time.

You might also want to keep your newly painted nails out of cold water.

There is this illusion that dipping your fingertips in cold water will make the varnish dry faster, but that is not true.

If your nails are submerged in water for an extended period, moisture will seep beneath the polish’s surface. This is just one of the reasons that explain why nail polish peels off so easily

Always Wash Your Hands Before Painting Your Nails

Natural oils from your fingertips get transferred to your nail. The natural oils can impede the varnish from adhering adequately.

To prevent this, you can use a polish remover on your nails before you apply your base coat.

Wash your hands properly with soap and water afterward to get rid of any remaining oil.

The next step is to make sure that your nails are dry before applying the polish.

With regards to keeping things clean, do you know how to keep white nail polish clean?

Buff Your Nails 

By buffing the nail’s surface and filing the edges to remove the ridges, you are creating an even base. Read here to know whether you can file nails with gel polish.

When you buff along the nail’s free edge, you are sealing the keratin layers that could split due to filing.

If you forget to buff your nails, your nails’ natural oils can build up. The build-up leaves a residue on your nail polish.

Make sure you know whether you can cut nails with gel polish.

Use A Good Quality Base Coat

You can extend your nail lacquer’s lifespan by using a strong base coat. Healthy nails require a top-notch quality, nourishing base.

A good base coat will allow a smooth application of your nail polish and prevent chipping.

The right base coat will also protect your nails from staining, as well as fill ridges, and strengthen your nails.

If you use glitter polish, then you need to look out for peel-off base coats.

Use A Good Quality Top Coat

A chip-resistant top coat will also assist in your nail polish lasting longer and keep your lacquer from peeling over time.

For this reason, you may need to select your topcoat wisely. A good top coat will have a formula that promotes protection, strengthening, and hydration.

Also check that the topcoat is still in good condition to be used. Always check when the nail polish expires.

With that being said, a topcoat requires maintenance. It will gradually lose its strength.  

To keep your nails preserved between manicures, you need to reapply your topcoat every 2-3 days. You need to ensure that you seal the polish all around the edges and tips.

making nail polish last longer

Let The Polish Dry And Fully Set

It should take your nail polish around 7 to 10 minutes to dry. Wait patiently for the polish to set to prevent any denting from occurring during this waiting time.

You can also use cool hair to speed the drying time. You can either use a fan or hairdryer to do the job.

Just make sure you set it on cool as it will work faster than warm air. A consequence of warm air is bubbly nail polish.

If your polish is dry, but you made a mistake, read how to fix smudged nail polish after it dries or how to remove hair dye from nail polish.

Be Careful with Your Cuticles.

Do Not Get Nail Polish On Your cuticles

Paint on your skin comes off quicker than paint on your nails. So, if the lacquer is trapped between the skin and nail, the paint lifts off the cuticles and the nail polish will chip off with it.

Always try your best to paint inside the lines since you do not want the varnish to settle into the cuticles.

If you accidentally get nail polish on your cuticles, do not worry, we have a nail polish hack for you. 

You can saturate a cotton swab with nail polish remover. Go over your nail’s perimeter with the swab to remove any varnish that should not be there.

Do the following to prevent this: Before you apply the base coat, trace your nail’s perimeter with an oily balm. The substance will be a barrier between your nail and skin.

Push Your Cuticles Back Gently

With that being said, it might help to push the cuticles back with either a wooden stick or cuticle pusher. This creates space on the nail plate.

Use A Cuticle Oil And Cuticle Cream 

To prevent any wear and treat from having dry nails, apply cuticle oil and cream to your nails.

You can add a drop of oil to your nails’ base after the manicure and follow up with hand cream. 

Don’t Mess With Your Nails 

It is time to stop the picking or biting habits of yours.

You can look at purchasing some top coats that do not have a pleasant taste.

How Long Will My Nail Polish Last Without Chipping?

It is worth noting that nail polish will only look flawless for a certain time period.

This will also depend on each individual person, as well as the brand’s formula. We recommend that you use the best long lasting nail polish for the best results. 

Traditional nail polish should last a couple of days, whereas gel nail polish can last for up to two weeks. In fact, you can educate yourself on how to fix chipped gel nail polish.

If you want to find a good long-lasting nail polish, read the best long-lasting nail polish.

how to make nail polish stay on longer

Final Thoughts

These tips should surely help your nail polish last for more than three days.

However, if you notice your lacquer is starting to peel off, it might be a good idea to give your nails a break.

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