Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble

Have you ever achieved the perfect at-home manicure with your nail polish, only for it to be ruined by air bubbles?

These pesky bubbles appear when your nail polish is drying and air is trapped between layers of polish. 

You can find out exactly why your nail polish is forming bubbles. We will also give you some simple tips for preventing bubbles, and how to fix them when they happen.

What This Article Covers:

Why Does Nail Polish Bubble?

There are quite a few reasons for the bubbles in your nail polish, and some might surprise you.

Nail polish can form bubbles when it is too old, too thick, or of poor quality. Another common mistake is to apply polish in excessively thick layers and not waiting long enough before applying another coat.

Oil and moisture are common culprits. Moisture causes problems when it is in the air, in the nail polish, and on your hands. Cuticle oil, lotion, and food on your hands may be to blame.

Shaking the bottle of nail polish before the application will let air bubbles into the nail polish. Shaking, waving, blowing on your hands, or holding them in front of a fan to dry faster are also bad ideas.

Bubbles can also appear when you skip a clear base coat and topcoat for your manicure.

How Do You Prevent Nail Polish from Bubbling?

Clean Your Nails

Cleaning your hands and nails will get rid of moisture and oil that will spoil your mani. Wash your hands with warm and soapy water, and clean beneath each nail too.

Inspect the Polish

Knowing how to tell if nail polish is bad is quite simple. Check the quality of your nail polish by applying a quick swipe across one of your nails as a test.

Old and gloopy nail polish will not give you the smooth and perfect-looking manicure you deserve. Stay away from thick and creamy nail polish at all costs if you want to avoid bubbles in the first place.

Apply Base Coat

Applying a clear base coat before painting your nails will seal your nails’ natural oils. This prevents these oils from spoiling your manicure. Base coats provide an even and smooth finish.

Paint Thin Layers

Thick layers of nail polish take forever to dry and are a lot more likely to form air bubbles.

Let the Polish Dry Completely

You must let your nail polish dry completely before you paint another layer. Dipping your hands in ice-cold water for a minute is a great way to help your polish dry quickly.

Apply Top Coat

Apply a top coat for a shiny finish and to prevent it from chipping.

A topcoat can transform normal nail polish into long-wearing nail polish when used correctly.

Avoid Moisture and Heat

Close your windows and switch off your fans when you apply nail polish to avoid moisture and heat

Painting your nails in direct sunlight or taking a shower shortly after your manicure are also bad ideas.

Do Not Shake The Bottle 

We all love shaking bottles of nail polish before we apply it, especially when there are metal beads inside. Unfortunately, you have to withstand the temptation of shaking the bottle. 

Roll the bottle instead.  

Tighten The Cap

Before you screw the cap back, remove all nail polish residue from the neck of the bottle. Make sure to close the cap tightly to prevent the polish from drying.

Store Polish Correctly

If you intend on making nail polish last longer you should store it upright in a dark and cool place where the temperature is consistent. 

how to prevent bubbles in nail polish

How Do You Fix Nail Polish Bubbles?

If you applied your nail polish and bubbles show up – don’t sweat. Some simple nail polish hacks will help. Here’s how to fix dried nail polish with bubbles.

Apply Top Coat

Applying a layer of topcoat can flatten bubbles and reduce their appearance.

Add Another Layer

Another layer of polish may hide bubbles, but it shouldn’t be too thick.

Use Polish Thinner

Brush over bubbles with polish thinner. Use flowing and continuous strokes from cuticle to tip for the best results. Reapply polish to the treated spots.

Hide and Disguise

If all else fails, you can cover the bubbles with nail jewels or stickers.

how to avoid bubbles in nail polish

Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble (FAQs)

Why Does Nail Polish Peel and Crack?

You may have found yourself disgruntled after a manicure and asking: Why does nail polish peel off and why does nail polish crack?

Thick coats of nail polish and moisture are usually the culprits.

How Do You Keep White Nail Polish Clean?

Here’s how to keep white nail polish from turning yellow. Prevent the nail polish from being contaminated with darker polishes.

Use two separate topcoats, and reserve one specifically for the white nail polish.

Does Gel Nail Polish Chip?

After paying a pretty penny for a gel manicure you may be wondering: Does gel nail polish chip?

Yes, it can, unfortunately.

Can I Trim My Nails with Gel Polish?

If your gel manicure has lasted a long time, you may be wondering: Can I cut my nails with gel polish? Or, can you file your nails with gel polish?

Neither of these is a good idea. It will ruin your manicure.

Can You Remove Dye from Nail Polish?

If you are wondering how to remove hair dye from nail polish, you are in quite the predicament.

Luckily, you can remove the hair dye with nail polish remover, toothpaste, cigarette ash, baking soda, or petroleum jelly.

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