Best Nail Growth Polish

If you're looking for the best nail growth polish, then ORLY Beauty is the best pick for you. We have been a forerunner in the nail growth industry since 1975 and have always offered the top growth nail polish solutions.

Our nail growth polish helps nails grow strong. For this article, we will be looking at our Nailtrition nail growth treatment. We will discuss why it’s great, who it’s right for, and an in-depth look into why you should be buying it.

The Best Nail Growth Polish


If your nails are not looking their best and you want to help them to grow stronger, Nailtrition is your solution to getting your nails looking amazing once again. Nailtrition is a growth nail polish that helps your nails grow.

For the treatment to work and achieve the best results, you need to apply it daily for 14 days. This treatment is amazing because it provides your nails with the correct formula that enables regrowth, making it one of the best nail growth and strengthener polish. 

The nail treatments get into the nail, moisturizing your weak and detaching nails. The continuous moisturizing brings back the color in your nails and makes them smooth and strong. Helping prevent nail splits or cracks.

This is remarkable because we use our hands all the time and unintentionally cause damage to our nails. Our nail growth treatment would be good to use if your nails have been damaged because of excessive use of gels and acrylics over the years. 

ORLY Nailtrition nail growth polish is a faint neutral color when applied. This is great because it brightens the natural nail and leaves it looking alive and healthy. 

Why It’s Great

  • Strengthens nail: good for weak nails and supports damaged nails 
  • Helps nails grow like nothing else
  • Great color: color is neutral so it gives that natural look
  • Good grip: award winning cap that allows steady application 
  • Great texture: smooth and not too thick

Who It’s Right For 

  • Anyone who struggles with nail growth and breakage problems
  • Vegans and anyone concerned with animal welfare
  • Those wanting a natural-looking manicure
  • People with nails that are damaged from gel or acrylics

    Detailed Analysis 



    best nail polish for nail growth 

    Orly Nailtrition growth nail polish is formulated without harmful chemicals, not tested on animals, and is leaping-bunny certified making it one of the best vegan nail polish treatments.

    The formula contains wheat protein, bamboo extract, keratin, collagen, calcium, iron, and a few more crucial ingredients. All of which will strengthen your weak nails. It treats damaged, splitting, peeling, and slow-growing nails while stimulating nail growth.

    Orly nail growth treatment is extremely safe, but if you discover you’re allergic to nail polish it would be best to go and see a skincare professional. 


    You will have success with the nutrition growth treatment if you follow the daily instructions precisely. The nutrition will help repair the nail and stimulate nail growth and the moisture will be retained. 

    This increases hydration and deters free radicals that would usually dry out nails. Your nails will grow longer and much faster. It is advised that when using Orly Nailtrition to use the product for two weeks then take a break. 

    It’s also best to use nail oil regularly to avoid over-strengthening nails, and another tip is to use the bottle alone because a question like can nail polish cause fungus you don't want to be asking, after the fact. 


    You can find Orly’s Nailtrition nail growth polish on our website, where it retails for $15 for 18ml. What’s impressive is that we deliver a formula that is competitive amongst other nail growth treatments, at a fraction of the cost.

    Nail treatment can be ridiculously expensive therefore a cost-effective solution like ORLY Nailtrition nail treatment is something we pride ourselves on.

    Ease of application

    Orly nail growth treatment was formulated to apply evenly and smoothly. The application process is so easy thanks to its signature brush and cap. We also love that there’s no need to go into a salon and pay someone else to do it as it's completely DIY. 

    Application process steps: 

    •  Week 1– apply 1 coat daily; remove at the end of the week with non-acetone remover. 
    •  Week 2– apply 1 coat daily; remove at the end of the week with non-acetone remover. 
    •  Week 3 – apply every second day. 

    As the days go by the change is visible and confirms that the treatment 100% works. When you see the results after 2 weeks and you find it’s satisfactory, apply as necessary moving forward.

    The Gripper Cap was designed for easy opening and a good grip on your brush. The shape of the brush beautifully fits the width and cuticles of your nails which allows for a smooth application.


    We’ve found that ORLY Nailtrition nail growth polish works the best of any of our options when it comes to nail growth. When using the ORLY treatment the nails start to look healthier within the first few applications.

    Not only is our nail growth polish amazing, but so is our antifungal nail polish, breathable nail polish and if you don't already know, we also have the best peel-off nail polish.

    Nutrition is a protein-based treatment with added moisturizers. Exactly what the nail needs so that it doesn't dry out and peel. 

    best nail polish for strength and growth

    Nail Health

    This range is for you if you have damaged nails from gel polish or acrylics. 

    We know that when your nails don't look their best, it may motivate a quick fix. Researching tips for our nails like what is the healthiest manicure for your nails is important to their health and the longevity of your manicure.

    But in doing these quick fixes, you are only causing further harm. Will gel polish strengthen nails? Gel polish is great for nail protection. However, it’s possible to get damaged nails from gel polish and acrylic nails, but only if you use them excessively and do not take the proper steps to care for your natural nails inbetween. 

    Nailtrition is also great when you need to give your nails a break from gel polish. It replenishes your nails nicely. After you've used the treatment and your nails are healthy, perhaps try 3 weeks of polish and 1 week of our Nailtrition nail growth polish. 


    Orly Nailtrition nail growth treatment was made to promote healthy nail growth so that your nails stay healthy and as a result, your mani will last longer.

    With continuous use, the bottle will probably last 10 months, but the nail treatment itself has a long lifespan as well. Your bottle of Orly Nailtrition nail growth treatment will have the same high-quality texture and formula after months on your shelf. 


    There are many reasons why your nails won’t grow, but whatever that may be, it’s comforting to know that there’s a nail growth formula that actually works. And that it works in a way where it’s easy to apply and only takes 14 days to see results of nail growth.

    At ORLY, we have provided a nail growth product that is trustworthy and convenient in today’s world. Just as the world evolves at a rapid speed, so do we, and we need to be able to rely on the products we buy to keep up and work at our pace.

    This nail growth product is impressive and we would definitely recommend using it. Beautiful long nails are and will always be highly fashionable. Be part of the trend, stop hiding and instead gain back your confidence and show off your strong healthy long nails. 

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