Best Long-Lasting Nail Polish

There are currently over a hundred types of nail polish brands on the market, each with its own unique formula and benefits. 

At ORLY, we pride ourselves on providing salon-quality long-lasting nail polish

In this article, we talk about  ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color is chip-resistant and why we consider it the best long-lasting nail polish on the market. 

What This Article Covers:

The Best Long Lasting Nail Polish (Our Review) 


ORLY’S Breathable line launched in 2016 and we have several shades available. The shades range from pastels and pink to purple, red, and nude tunes. 

We even offer great nail polish in whites and french manicure sets, as well as various tips on how to keep white nail polish clean.

 At ORLY, we don’t do animal testing or use any animal ingredients. 

Our tried and tested formula allows your nail to breathe right through the color due to its “oxygen technology”. As a result, the nail polish is permeable. Meaning that the oxygen and water can seep in through the varnish to condition your nail plate. This conditioning prevents nail polish from chipping and peeling. 

All of our products, from our breathable nail polishes to our gel polises are high in quality. Have a look at our article on how to keep gel nail polish from peeling for some of the best DIY nail polish hacks.

What Makes ORLY’s Breathable Line Stand Out?

With our Breathable line, you do not need the traditional 3-step manicure. It’s unique because it’s a one-step product. That means that our polish acts as both a base coat and topcoat. 

By not using a base or top coat, you save time and money. 

This is because its formula contains certain agents that give off a great finish without needing a topcoat. 

Our Breathable range has one of the highest ratings on the market, in terms of being free from harmful ingredients. Due to being relatively free from nasty chemicals, this nail lacquer is suitable for expecting mothers. 

ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color uses a rich blend of ingredients to further promote your nails’ hydration which assists with the growth of the nails. 

The blend consists of Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C.

How Does ORLY’s Breathable Formula Work?

Traditional nail polish is made up of tight molecular bonds that are stacked on top of each other. There is little interstitial space for water to move through it. 

On the other hand, breathable nail polish has a staggered molecular structure that permits water and air molecules to pass through. 

This breathability is a function of an entire formula that has rich ingredients that promises a bubbly-free nail polish finish. 

If you are curious about bubbly varnish, check out why nail polish bubbles.

Our Breathable range is a one-step formula that dries quickly and contains essential oils and vitamins for healthy nails. 

Why It’s Great

  • Dries quickly
  • One-step formula that includes a top and base coat
  • Has a blend of Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C
  • Uses a breathable formula 

Who It’s Right For 

  • Vegans and anyone looking for cruelty-free products
  • On-the-go nail fanatics
  • Those looking for healthier nails
  • Anyone wanting salon-quality products at an affordable price

longest lasting nail polish

Detailed Analysis 


The application is very simple. You just need to apply two thin coats to clean nails. You do not need to add a base coat or topcoat. 

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The application is smooth and even. This is due to the dense brush and thick formula. The varnish acts as a top coat, so you will immediately notice a good amount of shine.

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Drying Time

After the first coat, the drying time is around 2-3 minutes. After the second coat, the drying time is 6-10 minutes. 

The drying time is quick, but you will still have time to fix any mistakes. Read our article on how to fix messed up nail polish if you happen to sit with this problem.

The polish levels out and dries smoothly. 


Two coats of this nail polish will last you a good 5 days without any chipping. After 7 days, there won’t be any noticeable staining. 

The shine will not wear off for your manicure’s full duration. You will notice that the coverage is less drying and more nourishing than most other nail polish brands.

Some wear to the nail polish will become evident within a week. Here is a helpful article on how to stop nail polish from chipping off.

What Makes ORLY’s Breathable Line so Great?


When it comes to the staying power of nail polish, one needs to consider porosity. 

For something to be porous, it has tiny interstices that allow liquid or air to pass through it. 

A nail polish has porosity if its formula is “breathable”. This means that the formula allows oxygen and hydration to flow through to the nail. 

The oxygen and hydration will then foster nail growth, promote an increase in nail thickness, as well as heal damaged fingernails and prevent cracked nails.

If you want to know more about cracked nail polish, read why nail polish cracks

Nail Health Benefits

Fights Against Waterlogged Nails

Orly’s Breathable formula is more permeable than the traditional nail lacquer. By being permeable, it prevents nails from being clogged by water. This stops nails from splitting, chipping, and peeling. 

Promotes Nail Health 

By using porous nail polish, your nails can stay moisturized and hydrated. This improves the overall health of your nails. 

Uses Less Harming Chemicals

Nail polishes will always contain chemicals. With that being said, some nail polish brands use much fewer chemicals than others. Polishes that use a breathable formula tend to have less harsh chemicals than their traditional counterparts. 

Becomes Dry Quicker 

Another bonus of breathable nail polish is that your wait time is shorter. This is due to the air penetrating through the polish as it becomes dry. 

Ability To Last for Longer

Lastly, the most important benefit to point out is its durability. Your nail’s natural oils can move through and off of the polish. This makes your manicure last longer. 

Expertly-Formulated Vitamins

If you are wondering why these ingredients can be highly beneficial for your nails, take a read. 

Argan Oil

Argan oil improves your nail’s protein structure. This is due to its high dose of fatty acids, which aid in making your nails healthy and strong. In addition, these fatty acids protect your nails and skin due to their high vitamin content. 

Pro-Vitamin B5

Pro-Vitamin B5 keeps your nails smooth and healthy with its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties stimulate your skin’s healing processes, as well as keep your nails moisturized and hydrated. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial for the production of collagen. Collagen, as a protein, strengthens and shapes your nails. Vitamin C also prevents brittle nails. 

longest lasting nail polish for natural nails

Final Thoughts

We are proud of our  ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color and believe that this is one of the best long-lasting nail polishes on the market. 

The coverage is stunning, the application is smooth, it has longevity and it is breathable. 

If you’re going for one of ORLY’s gel options and have ever wondered ‘can I cut my nails with gel polish?’ or can I file my nails with gel polish?’, it might be worth doing some research into the proper techniques before you do so. 

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