Best Peel Off Nail Polish

If you find yourself changing your nail color daily, then peel-off nail polish is exactly what you need. Luckily, we’ve crafted it for you. ORLY GelFX Easy Off Base Coat is the best peel-off nail polish on the market.

The idea of peel-off nail polish is convenient because it allows for flexibility if you regularly change your nail polish. Because we are in love with fashion and beauty, we know that there's just no compromise when it comes to changing your nail color to match your outfit.

Staying in fashion and on-trend can be demanding as it's constantly evolving at a rapid pace. So the constant use of ordinary remover for gel nail polish is taxing for your nails when you change the color all the time.

Let's see what ORLY GelFX Easy Off Base Coat has to offer. We’ll give you an in-depth rundown of what makes it so great.

The Best Peel Off Nail Polish


ORLY GelFX Easy Off Base Coat is the best peel-off nail polish on the market. The idea of our base coat is great because frequent use of various ordinary removers can dry out your nails.

It causes damage to the nail making it dry and often results in split, chipped, and peeling nails. But with Easy Off, this does not happen. The best part is that ORLY GelFX Easy Off base coat nail polish is easy to apply and remove.

It’s also free of toxic chemicals and is better for your nails than ordinary nail polish. The Easy Off base coat removes the layers of polish easily by soaking them. During the soaking process, it pushes through the layers and starts to come apart.

You'll find that in a few minutes, you can safely push the gels right off the nail. It’s that easy. It eliminates spending time and money on searching for treatments like the best nail polish for weak brittle nails or the best nail polish for strength and growth to help restore the nails.

Many find themselves unintentionally biting their nails or chipping away at their polish out of habit. In this case, the ORLY GelFX Easy Off Base Coat will be perfect for you. There will be no need to walk around with chipped untidy nails because the removal is so quick.

Will gel polish strengthen nails has also been a looming question, but its job is not to strengthen, instead, its best feature is to protect your nails. 

If you do have damaged nails from gel polish, treatment will of course help, but you don’t need to look far as we have the best range. To avoid nail damage, perhaps also try breathable nail polish.

Compared to competitors, we offer a high-quality product at an affordable price.

ORLY peel-off polish is original. It eliminates costs that could very well have been prevented. GelFX Easy Off base coat is also infused with antioxidant Vitamins A and E and Pro-Vitamin B5 to promote healthy nails. 

Why It’s Great

  • Quick application and removal
  • Variety of colors
  • Safe
  • No remover required
  • Kid-friendly

Who It’s Right For

  • Anyone looking for a quick-and-easy peel off base coat
  • Vegans and those concerned with animal welfare
  • Those looking for a high-quality product on a budget
  • Anyone who struggles with biting and chipping their nails

Detailed Analysis


The texture of our GelFX Easy Off base coat nail polish is smooth, not too thick, and not too thin. The brush is perfectly sized and has a great grip. If you have a good nail plate, the application process is not complex. 

But if your nails are infected, first treat them with nail polish for a fungal infection to kill the fungus and get your nail plate back to a healthy state. We’ve often heard people ask can I put nail polish on toenail fungus, the truth is, it’s best you don’t.

You would need to carefully apply the polish while trying not to make any bumps or flood the cuticles.

high quality peel off nail polish

Proceed with the application as follows:

  • Prep nails for a dry manicure
  • Clean nails with a 3-in-1 cleanser
  • No need for primer
  • Just apply easy- coat base coat and cure
  • 30 seconds under LED
  • Apply your favorite GelFX color
  • Cure and repeat
  • Apply GelFX top coat
  • Remove the tacky layer with a 3-in1 cleanser
  • Finish with cuticle oil

The finish looks professional, with no ridges, bumps, stickiness, or nicks.


Once applied the manicure looks amazing.

It wears very well. 

The polish lasts for a good 5 days. Of course, it can be peeled off at any time, but if you want a long-lasting finish then our product is the way to go.

Its effectiveness as peel-off nail polish is also unparalleled. It’s just as easy to remove as it is to put on.


ORLY GelFX Easy Off Base Coat is so easy to remove because the soak-off is only 5 minutes. Easy-Off Basecoat holds a non-film former within it that allows the layers to break down fast. This makes it easy to push the gel off the nail.

Proceed with removal as follows:

  • file off topcoat
  • soak gel fx foil wrap with genius remover and wrap nails
  • soak nails for 5 minutes
  • push-off remaining gel

This amazing peel-off process is welcomed because it can be done in record time. This is unlike a full gel manicure which has a longer removal process. This is true verification that this is indeed the best peel-off nail polish.


We take pride in the fact that ORLY GelFX Easy Off Base Coat is completely safe. It's leaping bunny-certified, vegan friendly, and one of the best cruelty-free nail polishes. ORLY is free from harmful ingredients like DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and more.

It's as safe to use on our young ones as it is on ourselves. Their tiny little nails will come out unharmed.

If you find that you are allergic to gel nail polish, it would be best to first test this base coat on a small part of your nail as some ingredients to make nail polishes are similar. If you’re very worried, it might be best to consult your dermatologist, but we ensure that our products are safe to use for the vast majority of people.


Ordering the Easy-Off base coat is a breeze; it can be found on the ORLY website at the cost of $28. Once paid, it will be couriered to your doorstep or closest pick-up point. 

It sells out fast so try not to dawdle when ordering if it is available to purchase it or you might have to join a waiting list.


This is a nail polish that undoubtedly is revolutionary. And what's best of all is that your nail plate remains healthy. Nothing from your natural nail is pulled off when removing the polish.

So if you are in the habit of running to the salon in search of what is the healthiest manicure for your nails, look no further, ORLY Beauty has everything you need to DIY your nails.

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