Why Does Nail Polish Crack

Let’s be honest, there are few things in life as frustrating as chipped nail polish, especially if we have forked out a fortune at the salon or take the time to give ourselves a DIY manicure. 

Nail polish is one of the most popular beauty accessories around, elevating our look and adding a pop of color into our lives. From classic French manicures to colorful tips and nail stickers, the world of nail art is innovative and diverse. 

However, as much as we love nail polish, one question amongst beauty lovers remains, “why does nail polish crack?” This is why so many nail polish fans are on the hunt for the best chip-free nail polish

While freshly painted nails can add instant chic to any style, chipped nails can look messy. This is why we have explored some top expert tips and discovered the best ways of how to make your nail polish last longer. 

These nail polish hacks are bound to up your nail game and leave you feeling fab. 

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Why Does Polish Chip So Easily? 

You might have found yourself wondering, “how long does nail polish stay on?

There are a few reasons why nail polish might crack; we have broken down some of the top reasons and easy ways to fix them. Cracked nail polish doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. 

You have dry nails 

The integrity of your nail varnish is often as good as the integrity of your nails. When it comes to nail art, your nails are the canvas, and the polish is the paint. If your nails are brittle, dry, flakey, or chipped, it is likely that the polish will soon reflect this and begin to crack. 

Even if the nail polish has a super-strong bond, a damaged nail surface is going to cause it to crack. 

If you are dealing with dry or brittle nails, you need to get to the root of the problem. Opt for nail strengthening oils and polishes, and ensure that you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins. 

You might also want to give your nails a break from polish for a while until they are stronger and healthier. Give them a week or so rest in between painting them, and give them time to strengthen. 

You’re not allowing your polish to properly set 

Another problem with nail polish applications is the setting time. While many brands claim to be fast-drying, all nail polish needs time to be correctly set. A full-blown manicure (which includes a base coat, two color coats, and a final topcoat) can take over 4 hours to fully set. 

At this time, it is imperative to stay far away from water (which can break the bonds and expand the nail bed) and keep your hands dry. As a top tip, do your nails after you have showered or done the dishes so that they have ample time to dry. 

why does my nail polish crack,

Using the wrong products 

Not all nail varnishes are created equally, and if your polish is constantly chipping (despite you having healthy nails and avoiding water), it might be time to change products. Cheaper polishes may have less pigment or weaker bonds, resulting in a subpar polish application. 

What you might save initially when you opt for a cheaper polish can cost more in the long term when you have to do more coats of polish to get the desired effect.

Using the correct products is incredibly important, especially if you’re trying to figure out an issue like how to remove hair dye from nail polish

Browse our range of professional quality lacquer nail polishes for optimum coverage. With the most durable nail polish on your side, chipping is less likely.

The Perks of Gel Nails 

Another way to prevent chipping, if you have an important event like a birthday celebration, anniversary, or wedding, is to opt for a professional gel nail application kit or go to a salon and get your nails professionally painted by a nail technician. 

Unlike conventional nail polish, which dries in the air, gel nails have to be set with a specialized LED or UV lamp. For this reason, they dry more quickly and can be more durable. 

To prevent gel polish from chipping, you also need to ensure that the nail technician (or you at home with a gel kit) adequately prep your nails. 

This process has a few important steps, including proper buffing and cuticle prep, an alcohol cleaner, and special dehydrating prep before the polish is applied. Since nails are porous and prone to absorbing water, this last step before a polish application is important to prevent future chipping. 

However, while gel nails can last longer, they are also pricier than conventional polish if you go to a professional salon. This also requires you to take time out of your day at the salon, and you will need to book and pay for another session if you want to take the polish off. 

Luckily, at-home kits are a fantastic way to avoid these costs and timely appointments. They also mean that you can change your gel colors whenever you want without the hassle of having to go back to the salon. 

If you have asked, ‘does gel nail polish chip?’, it’s complex. All nail polish can chip, but gel polish is far less likely to, especially if you follow the essential prep tips before application.

When it comes to gel polish, it’s a great anti-chip solution. Some top benefits of gel polish include:

  • Longer lasting 
  • Less chance of chipping 
  • Quick-drying 
  • Ultra-durable nail protection 
  • Great for those who want to grow or strengthen nails 

However, when it comes to gel nails you’ll need to be careful when it comes to cutting your nails while the gel polish is on. If you have ever wondered, “can I cut my nails with gel polish on them?” or “can you file nails with gel polish?”. It’s best to file them rather than cut them. 

When you cut gel nails, you create an opening between the nail and the special seal and this allows water to get in. If your gel nails need to be shortened, opt for siling instead. 

 why nail polish cracks

Top-Tips to Prevent Nail Polish from Cracking 

If you have ever wondered how to make nail polish last longer, you are in luck. There are loads of top tips around to keep your nails looking as good as new for longer. Here we share some of the best advice if you are worried about how to keep gel nail polish from peeling or chipping. 

Seal the polish 

Once you have painted your nails, sweep the brush across the top of your nail horizontally. This will seal the polish and can prevent chipping. 

Keep your hands dry

This is important before painting your nails and after. Since nails are porous, they can easily absorb water, and this expands the nail bed. When the nails dry and contract, the polish can crack.

Take your time when applying polish 

Painting your nails shouldn’t be a sprint, rather a leisurely stroll where you take your time. Ultimately, it should be a 4-step process and includes a bottom coat, two coats of color, and the final topcoat. Ensure that each layer dries properly before painting the next. 

Consider nail health and take breaks from polish 

In-between painting your nails, make sure that your nails are getting enough air and nutrients. Opt for healing, moisturizing oils, and file your nails properly. While many file their nails in a backward and forwards motion, this can weaken nails over time. 

File in one direction for optimum nail strength and health. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

If you’re asking yourself why does nail varnish peel off, avoid these mistakes: 

  1. Don’t paint nails in a humid area: This will prevent the polish from drying properly and lead to chipping. 
  2. Don’t shake the bottle: This can cause air bubbles and lead to future cracks and lumps. 
  3. Don’t apply too many thick layers: You need to give each layer the chance to dry before applying the next properly. A build-up of thick polish that hasn’t properly dried can lead to excess chipping and bubbles in the nail varnish topcoat.

The Takeaway 

Chipped or cracked nail polish can be unsightly and annoying and is usually due to a few factors, including the condition of your nails, the application process, and the quality of the polish.

Following these top tips can keep your nails looking healthy for longer, improve your nail condition, and stop the stress of chipped nail polish. They’re also the best tips for how to keep white nail polish clean.

If you want to know how to fix nail polish, this guide is for you.

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