Best Cruelty-Free Nail Polish

Since the rise of the clean beauty movement, consumers have become more interested in investing in cruelty-free beauty products. At ORLY, we are changing the nail game with our massive range of ORLY Nail Lacquers that are vegan, formulated without harmful chemicals, and leaping-bunny certified.

After years of perfecting our formula, our Breathable Treatment + Color range has come out on top, and we want to tell you all about this amazing cruelty-free nail polish that is taking the nail industry by storm. 

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of our best cruelty-free nail polish. We’ll cover why it’s great, who it’s great for, and why you should be using it.  

What This Article Covers:

The Best Cruelty-Free Nail Polish


We have been an industry giant for over 40 years. We aim to deliver nail colors and treatments that are trendy, long-lasting, and perfectly pigmented. Our formulas are loved by professionals, and the Breathable range is no exception.

ORLY’s high-quality products are inexpensive and can be found all over the world.

Our Breathable Treatment + Color offers a one-step manicure that will give you a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your home. The nail polish’s 3-in-1 action eliminates the need for a topcoat or basecoat, making it perfect for those who are on the go.

The thick, smooth formula is more resistant to chipping and premature damage than most traditional, water-based nail polishes.

Our Breathable line is cruelty-free and non-toxic. The formula promotes nail health with ingredients like Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C.

One or two coats of ORLY nail polish will give you a perfectly pigmented manicure, without the need for a base coat or topcoat. This nail polish is perfect for the consumer who wants to invest in a cruelty-free nail polish that is of the highest quality.

Why It’s Great

  • Cruelty-free
  • Inexpensive
  • Formulated without harmful chemicals
  • Ingredients promote nail health
  • Long-lasting manicures
  • Ergonomic brush and gripper
  • Nail polish is 3-in-1, which eliminates the need for a topcoat and basecoat

Who It’s Right For

  • Anyone wanting a perfect at-home manicure
  • Those in need of an expert breathable formula
  • Vegans and anyone concerned with animal welfare
  • On-the-go nail enthusiasts

Detailed Analysis


Because of our vegan-friendly formula that is free of harmful chemicals, ORLY Breathable is safe to use for everyone.

The formula contains no animal-derived ingredients, nor is it tested on animals or sold in countries that require animal testing.

The formula is also non-toxic and without harsh chemicals like parabens. Orly Breathable is a 12-free formula, meaning that it’s formulated without 12 specific harmful ingredients.


Our Breathable range acts as a 3-in-1 manicure, which eliminates the need for a top coat and base coat. One or two coats of Orly Breathable Treatment + Color will do the job.

The formula contains adhesion promoters and shine additives, which give your nails that glossy finish and rich color, without the need for a top or base coat.

It is that easy to have a salon-quality manicure.


This nail polish has a smooth texture and the perfect consistency. It isn’t thin, gloopy, or sticky. On the contrary, the formula is rich and thick, while still being breathable.

The depth of the color and pigment in our Breathable range becomes apparent with the first coat. You will find that you can apply one or two coats for perfect coverage and rich, lasting color. This is not usually the case with cheaper nail polishes.

Orly Breathable was formulated to apply evenly and smoothly. They have a massive range of colors, but they do not compromise on the consistency of their formula even once.

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Most notably, this is incredibly breathable nail polish. Few other nail polish ranges can deliver breathable formulas that are still thick and rich.

This breathable formula lets oxygen and hydration pass through and into the nail. It promotes nail thickness and helps your nails grow. It truly is the best nail polish for strength and growth that is also cruelty-free.

This also eliminates the need for you to take breaks between manicures. You can have perfect-looking nails 24/7.

Nail Health

What is the healthiest manicure for your nailsOur cruelty-free Breathable Treatment + Color contains a number of expertly-formulated vitamins to promote nail health. This includes Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C that promotes nail health.

This blend of ingredients stimulates and hydrates your nails to help them grow stronger. It is the best nail polish for damaged nails, and it can benefit even the weakest and most brittle nails.

This range is for you if you have damaged nails from gel polish or acrylics. Even the best peel-off nail polish can damage your nails – Orly Breathable will help with this too.

Ease of Application

At ORLY, we keep your comfort in mind with the ergonomic design of its brush and cap.

The Genius Brush has 600 bristles, and a rounded shape that fans outwards for precise and smooth application. The shape of the brush fits the width and cuticles of your nails. Your paint strokes are not likely to leave unsightly streaks.  

The Gripper Cap was designed for easy opening of bottles, and a soft and precise grip on your brush. Orly transforms you into an expert so you can achieve the salon look in the comfort of your home.


Our Breathable formula was made to prevent chipping and peeling so that your mani stays perfect for a longer time.

The formula contains additional polymers and resins that help prevent chipping. Epoxy resin is the ingredient that ensures longer wear.

Two coats of Orly Breathable can go up to a week without significant chipping, fading, and peeling.

The bottle of nail polish itself has a long lifespan too! Your bottle of Orly Breathable will have the same high-quality texture and formula after eight months on your shelf. So, it is a money-savvy choice too.


You can find our Breathable range on our website, where it retails for under $10. This is a bargain since most salon nail polishes cost upwards of $20. Some expensive brands can cost around $100.

Going to a salon to get a manicure will also cost upwards of $20. Throughout its lifespan, a bottle of Orly Breathable can give you an almost endless supply of salon-quality manicures, without the need to step foot in a salon.

What’s impressive is that we delivers a formula that competes with salon-quality nail polishes, at a fraction of the cost.


Orly Breathable nail polish is sold in large bottles. One Orly bottle delivers a whopping 18 ml of lacquer, while most other brands have capacities between 12 to 15 ml.

This means that your Orly nail polish is an investment that can take you a long way. Orly Breathable is a reliable and money-savvy choice that will last very long.

Manicure Time

The terrific 3-in-1 formula of Orly Breathable eliminates the need for a base coat or topcoat. It is a one-stop shop, and the drying time is quite quick too.

Orly Breathable is a convenient and time-saving line of nail polish. The pigmented formula needs only one or two coats to achieve a flawless look.

The first coat will take upwards of 3 minutes to dry, while the second coat would take 6 – 10 minutes to dry.

This makes Orly Breathable perfect for beauty enthusiasts who are impatient or always on the run.

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Best Cruelty-Free Nail Polish (FAQs)

Is Orly’s Gel Range Good for Your Nails?

Yes, it is. If you are looking for a great gel lacquer, you can check out our Gel System range for gel colors and everything else you need to do gel nails on your own. The great thing about gel nail polish is that it looks beautiful and lasts longer than lacquers.

Most gel manicures can be quite harsh on your nails. You might need breaks between gel manicures to let your nails rest. Gel manicures can cause nail brittleness, peeling, and cracking.

Does gel polish help nails grow? Not usually. Gels can do a lot of damage. Orly’s Gel range is the exception.

Like our Breathable range, the vitamin-infused Gel range also promotes nail health with ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin A and E, and pro-vitamin B5.

This formula protects your nail structure so you have beautiful and healthy nails. Orly’s Gel products can be worn for up to 21 days.

Does Orly Have Antifungal Nail Polish?

We have a vast number of treatments in their range, the most revolutionary probably being their Fungus MD serum.

Fungus MD is an antifungal serum – so it is not exactly an antifungal nail polish.

If you struggle with fungal infections, and still want flawless manicures and pedicures, you might be wondering: Can I wear nail polish if I have toenail fungus? Thanks to Orly’s Fungus MD, you can.

This wonder-formula eliminates fungus and improves the appearance of damaged or unsightly nails. It promotes the healing and strength of your nails.

As a bonus, the design of the dropper cap ensures hygienic application. This ensures a squeaky clean application that prevents the aggravation of fungus and infection.

Does Orly Have Nail Polish for Nail Biters?

Yes, Orly has a translucent formula for nail biters called No Bite. This can be applied over nail polish or on bare nails to help you break your nail-biting habit.

Orly’s No Bite truly tastes terrible – and this is a good thing. The bitter formula serves to hinder you from biting your nails, and it is almost completely invisible.

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