How to Clean a Nail Polish Brush

Nail art, like any other art, requires the right instruments to ensure great results. Great brushes are important to have on hand and they also need to be in top condition. So, if you are passionate about your nail polish art as we are then you need to know how to clean a nail polish brush, to ensure it stays in top condition

When nail polish gets too thick especially your favorite colors, we know how disappointing that is. It also leaves remnants in your nail brushes. This is why all your precious nail art brushes should be cleaned regularly. 

Cleaning your nail brush ensures that the bristles are healthy and can be used for optimum effect. Having clumps of nail polish stuck in your brushes will see them out the window in no time.

All your brushes are made from either synthetic bristles or natural hair. There are specific ways to care for your brushes. In this article, we will take you through the cleaning process. 

How To Clean A Nail Polish Brush

Keeping your good-quality acrylic or gel nail brushes in the best form is not an arduous task. It’s as simple as caring for your nails when you buy one of our nail care treatments. Dirty nail brushes are unhygienic and also will lose their professional touch when not cared for. 

do you know how to clean a nail polish brush

Dirty nail brushes also make it so much harder to create those eye-catching nail designs. If not cleaned regularly it will be difficult controlling the precise movements and strokes when using acrylics or gels. This is almost as frustrating as trying to figure out how to open a stuck nail polish bottle

When wondering how often you should change your nail polish, ensure that your brushes are clean and stored properly, ready for the next usage. Here’s how you can clean your acrylic nail brushes effectively. 

Best Way to Clean Acrylic Nail Brushes

We prefer using a monomer when cleaning your acrylic nail brushes. This is the best way to ensure that they are thoroughly free of nail polish residue. A regular wipe will keep these brushes in great optimal condition. We do not prefer using acetone. However, in some instances, it may be used to get rid of stubborn clumps stuck in your nail brush. 

The first step to ensure that you are taking good care of your brushes all the time is to make sure that you give them a good wipe after every use. It is important to use a lint-free cloth together with a monomer, a nail liquid used in salons when creating acrylic nails. 

Make it a habit to do this every time. Think of it in the same light as you would when considering the best way to store your nail polish

How Keep Clean a Nail Polish Brush

If you find that you have a buildup of nail polish clumps or residue on your nail brushes due to neglect of regular wipes, then you will need a more intense cleaning process to get rid of that buildup. 

  1. Choose a shallow dish or bowl and fill it with some monomer nail liquid. 

  2. Place your brushes in this dish to soak for anywhere between 2 hours to overnight.  It all depends on the state of the brushes. 

  3. When ready after the soak, gently rinse the bristles with warm water.

  4. Place your brushes horizontally on a towel to allow them to completely dry naturally.

  5. When dry, give them another soak in a fresh round of monomer for another 2 hours.

  6. Repeat the drying process by leaving them to dry naturally on a towel.

  7. This process is a great way to remove the most stubborn nail polish build-up in your acrylic brushes.

What if My Brushes Are Still Clogged?

If your brushes are clogged up then you might need something stronger to clean them out.  

If you thought learning how to make nail polish last longer was a bit tricky then you might want to rethink that one. If you don’t clean your nail brushes regularly you will either have to throw them out or you could try using acetone to get rid of clogged up products in your brush. 

Heavily clogged nail brushes might need to be wiped with an acetone-soaked pad. Or you can try soaking it directly in acetone. 

How Can You Clean a Nail Polish Brush

Do this carefully, and make sure you do not soak it in acetone for too long. Once you are done with this soak, then leave it to soak for a few hours in the monomer. However, make sure that using acetone is your last resort. It could damage the bristles of your nail brush if it’s made from natural hair. 

As a rule, stick to monomer for natural hair bristles and use acetone for synthetic brushes. But, keep in mind that synthetic nail brushes can also dry out when using acetone. Also if you do plan to buy brush cleaners make sure that the cleaning liquid does not contain acetone for natural hair nail brushes. 

This will reduce the lifespan of your acrylic nail brushes. 

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