How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer in Bottle

Finding a good nail polish is like striking gold, and you want it to stay in great condition for as long as possible. So, how do you make nail polish last longer in the bottle?

Generally, over time, nail polish can either discolor, thicken, or dry out, making it unusable. 

We explore a few things that you can do to make sure that your favorite shade lasts in its bottle so that you enjoy it for longer.

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer in the Bottle

Store It In a Cool Area 

Keeping nail polish in a warm area can lead to a negative effect on the polish over time. It can dry out the polish, as well as damage the composition of the liquid. 

When looking at how to store nail polish, a dark cupboard or closet is usually a cooler option, rather than a shelf that gets light. 

If you don’t live in an area or environment that is naturally cooler, you can always store your nail polish in the fridge. 

Can nail polish freeze? No, it actually helps to keep the color vibrant, and if any thickening occurs, there are ways to thin out the polish such as warming up the bottle or adding thinning lacquer. 

how we can make nail polish last longer in bottle

Invest in Good Nail Thinning Lacquer

You can purchase a good-quality nail thinning lacquer that can be added to the nail polish when needed. 

If you notice the polish has become thicker in consistency or has started to dry out, then all you will need to do to thin nail polish is add one or two drops of the thinner into the bottle, shake it well, and it will be good as new and easy to apply. 

Keep the Cap on Tight 

Every time you use the nail polish, make sure that the cap of the bottle is screwed on as tight as possible so as not to let in any air that might dry it out or change the consistency. 

To be extra cautious, it is recommended that you screw the cap on while you are painting your nails, too. Even if this does just take a few minutes, any air getting into the bottle during that time can damage the polish. 

Keep Out of Sunlight 

Similarly to keeping your nail polish out of warm areas, it should not be left in direct sunlight, either. 

The sunlight can lead to extreme warmth on the bottle, which might thicken or dry the polish, but the intense light can also cause discoloration, which is why we see gel nail polish change color.

Stir It Often

You may have a collection of nail polish bottles that you alternate between, meaning that one or two may be neglected for a longer period. 

If there are bottles that aren’t used regularly, at least every two weeks or so, it helps to open them up and give the polish a good stir to prevent separation and the liquid from drying up. This should keep it going for a longer time. 

Keep it Clean

Once in a while when you open a nail polish bottle, especially if it is a bit older, you will see a build-up of dried polish and threads around the neck. 

This should be cleaned regularly, as this build-up can affect how well the cap is sealed on, thus letting in the air which will affect the polish. It will also make it easier to open nail polish

how to make nail polish last longer in bottle

To clean this build-up, you can use a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to rub off the dried polish, without making contact with the polish inside the bottle. Do this regularly so that you don’t allow a major build-up. 

Use it Regularly 

If you don’t use nail polish regularly, there is a high chance it will dry out or thicken a lot faster. 

Try to change your nail polish often so that they are all regularly used. As tempting as it might be to buy large amounts of cheaper nail polish, try to invest in a few colors from a quality brand so that you get good use out of it, with minimal wastage.

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