ORLY Bodyguard vs Builder in A Bottle

At Orly, we have some amazing products, with a variety of different uses. Our ORLY Bodyguard vs Builder In A Bottle is a prime example. 

Both are brilliant products, and are very good for your nails, but have some slight differences. 

We will be discussing the differences and best qualities of these two products in this article. 

What This Article Covers:

ORLY Bodyguard Versus Builder In A Bottle (Compared)


Builder In A Bottle

Soak Off Required



Adds Extra Length To Your Nails

No, only strengthens

Yes, makes nails look much longer than they are

Nail Strengthening Properties

Made to strengthen the natural nail and protect it while it grows

Contains vitamins to help strengthen nails, but not as well as Bodyguard

Nourishes Nails

Yes, infused with vitamin A, E, and Pro B5

Yes, infused with vitamin A, E, and Pro B5




Application Process

The application process is similar, yet different, for both. 

For both these polishes, you will paint on like a normal gel nail polish. When it comes to Bodyguard, it is applied after primer, and gel polish is painted over it. 

To apply Builder In A Bottle, you slip a cone-shaped piece of paper underneath your natural nails that extends quite far out. You then paint the polish on your natural nail, and over the silver paper, too. 

You then cure your nails under a UV lamp and slip the silver paper out once it has dried. 

After that, you file them to your desired length and shape. You can either leave them as is or paint any gel nail polish color over them. 

Manufacturing Properties

Some of the first things a lot of people ask are “Is Orly Cruelty-Free?” and “Is Orly Nail Polish Non-Toxic?” 

We are happy to report that all ORLY products are cruelty-free and non-toxic, and these two are no exceptions. 

ORLY Bodyguard Or Builder In A Bottle

ORLY Bodyguard and Builder In A Bottle are two top-quality products from us. 

They have different purposes, the Bodyguard polish has the aim of strengthening, protecting, and guarding your nails. It is designed to protect your natural nails as they grow.

Builder In A Bottle, on the other hand, is a nail polish designed to give your nails some extra length, without being overly thick like acrylics or extensions are. 

The two are similar in that they are both infused with Vitamin A, E, and Pro B5, which help to promote growth and strengthen your natural nails. 

They both also need to be cured with a UV light and soaked off afterward. 

Orly Bodyguard

builder in a bottle vs builder in a bottle

Bodyguard is a form of gel nail polish that is made to protect, strengthen, and guard your nails while you are wearing it. 

This nail polish is infused with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin Pro B5. 

ORLY Bodyguard is usually applied after a coat of Orly GelFX Nail Primer. After this, it is cured, and then a gel color of your choice is applied over it. 

The reason that it is applied before the gel color is so that the vitamins can sink into the natural nail, and the polish can really work to protect and strengthen your natural nails.

ORLY Bodyguard can be worn with any color that you would like, and you won’t even know it is there.

Orly’s Bodyguard can be purchased from their website for $39.90.

Why It’s Great

  • Protects and strengthens nails
  • Doesn’t leave your natural nails feeling brittle
  • Nourishes your nails with vitamins that help them grow

Who It’s Right For

  • Anyone that wears a lot of gel nail polish 
  • Anyone wanting to take care of their nails
  • Anyone who wants healthy, strong nails

ORLY Builder In A Bottle

builder in a bottle or bodyguard

ORLY’s Builder In A Bottle allows you to add extra length onto your nails without you having to try and grow them, with the risk of them breaking, or having to use extensions that can be damaging to your natural nails. 

Builder In A Bottle works by simply brushing on a gel version of nail extensions. Builder In A Bottle looks exactly like a bottle of normal gel nail polish. The difference comes in the way that it is applied, as we mentioned above.

These generally last two to three weeks, and are much thinner, and look more similar to “real nails” than what extensions or acrylics do.

The polish is also infused with Vitamin A, E, and Pro B5, which will help to nourish your nails and keep them healthy. 

Builder In A Bottle can be purchased for $55 off the Orly website.

Why It’s Great

  • Adds extra length without the hassle of growing your nails out, or using extensions
  • Nourishes your natural nails and keeps them healthy 
  • Makes your fingers look longer
  • They look very much like your own nails

Who It’s Right For

  • People who want long nails but don’t have the patience to grow them out
  • People whose nails break easily 
  • People who want their fingers to look longer

Orly Bodyguard And Builder In A Bottle (FAQ)

Is Bodyguard The Best Product For Stronger And Healthier Nails?

Bodyguard is used to strengthen, reinforce, and keep your nails healthy while you have a gel manicure, so if this is what you are looking for, then yes. 

But, ORLY also has another product, Nailtrition, which is a 14-day treatment for your nails. You use it without any other nail polish, and it is used to repair nails that have been damaged by gel or acrylic polish. 

So, if you are looking for something to make your natural nails stronger and healthier, then Nailtrition will be better. If you read the Orly Nailtrition instructions, you will see that it is also very easy to use. 

Can Bodyguard and Builder In A Bottle Be Used With Orly’s No Bite Nail Polish?

Yes, it can be applied on top of both polishes. If you are wondering “Is Orly No Bite safe for toddlers?” The answer is yes. It can be used to prevent them from sucking their thumb.

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