Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time?

It’s the end of the month and your nails have grown quite a bit. For many, getting their nails done has become a sort of ritual. It's exciting to change up your look.

Besides the aesthetic value, it could also be because your nails may break often.

For some, it can be difficult to get your nails to grow to the length that you have always wanted. As time has passed, you've noticed, with some alarm, that your natural nails become more brittle with every passing month. 

Suddenly, it hits you like a truck and you wonder for the first time, “Is it bad to wear nail polish all the time?”

This is not everyone's experience, of course, but more for those out there who are noticing that their nails are in desperate need of some extra TLC after each manicure.

What This Article Covers:

Is It Bad To Wear Nail Polish All The Time?

Unfortunately, it can be bad to wear nail polish all of the time. 

Nail polishes may have harsh chemicals that cause damage to your nails. Some of these chemicals might even make your nail polish toxic. It's important to choose a polish that strictly adheres to high quality standards, like ORLY nail polish. 

The same is true for nail polish removers. Every time you put on a new coat of nail polish or remove it, irritants like alcohol, fragrances, and formaldehyde can damage your nails.

These chemicals soak into your nails, dry out and can damage your nail bed. When nails are dry and brittle, it can feel almost impossible to grow them out because of all the breakage.

Nail polish and nail polish remover may also be bad for your skin. With any nail polish, it’s important to check out the nail polish ingredients. This gives you the power to avoid super-drying chemicals that can cause damage to your nails. 

Dark nail polish pigment can also sink into your nails and stain them. The yellow stain can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to fade away. Using a good basecoat can also help to prevent nails from being stained.

How Long Is Too Long?

how long should you leave nail polish on

Nails receive their nutrients and oxygen through your blood. While wearing nail polish all the time won’t stop your nails from growing, it does damage your nail integrity. Even with blood supply, nails do still need air to “breathe”. 

That’s why a break from nail polish every few weeks is a must. 

For keratin granulation, 3 to 4 weeks will be enough time to give your nails a rest. Keratin granulation is when white patches appear on your nails. They usually appear because of dehydration or when the top layer of your nail has been removed. 

If you are using gel on your nails, a 1-week rest every 8 weeks should do the trick

And if your nails are thinning and splitting, give them time to grow out completely. It takes around 4 months to grow a whole new set of nails. A reset might be the best option for severely damaged nails.

What Can You Do About Nail Damage?

How long can I wear nail polish

Wearing nail polish every day, like Orly No Bite, is a necessity for some, such as people with a nail-biting habit. We know why biting your nails is bad. But it’s still a difficult habit to break and sometimes wearing cute nail polish is the only way to prevent it.  

Keeping your nails strong is the best way to prevent damage. So what can you do to prevent nail damage?

Wear A Breathable Nail Polish

Breathable nail polish has a porous structure and lets air pass through to the nail. This is a great alternative to traditional nail polish or gel polish, especially on those weeks when your nails desperately need a break. 

Keep Your Nails Healthy

It’s hard to concretely say if nail polish is bad for your nails. In fact, there are quite a few benefits of nail polish. But this all depends on how you go about keeping your nails healthy. 

Is it OK to wear nail polish all the time

Nail buffing is standard practice when getting your nails done but may cause nail thinning. Thin nails have a tendency to split, something that can be massively painful. If your nails are thin, you can strengthen them with our Nail Armor.

is it bad to leave nail polish on for a long time

When the nail bed is compromised from drying due to chemicals, it can be susceptible to fungal growth. To avoid this, keep your nails clean and use Fungus MD serum, a great treatment for fungal growth. 


ORLY Argan Oil Cuticle Drops

Another way to keep your nails healthy is by using Cuticle Oil to keep them moisturized. Give your hands a massage to promote blood flow and use a nail treatment, like Nailtrition, to help with healthy nail growth. 

Should you take a break from nail polish

At the end of the day, healthy nails give you more options. Whether you decide on a cute short natural nail or an acrylic stiletto, it’s always important to keep your nail foundation strong.

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