Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs?

If you own a dog then you know that they are precious pets who deserve a little pampering. And nail polish is the latest trend for dressing up your pup. But is nail polish bad for dogs? 

Whether it’s a pop of color or a touch of glitter, putting nail polish on your dog is sure to turn heads and make them the most stylish pup on the block. 

So does this fashionable statement hurt your dog, or is it just a bit of harmless fun? We explore this, along with which nail polish types are most suitable for dogs. 

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Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs? 

Nail polish can be bad for dogs, but it all depends on what type you use. 

Human nail polish that contains toxic ingredients should be avoided at all costs. The three most harmful nail polish ingredients that can be found in some human nail polish are toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde. For nail polish that is free of these ingredients, Orly Beauty has you covered. 

These chemicals can affect the dog by either seeing into their nail beds or through any cuts or sores on their paws, as well as if they lick their paws which will cause it to be ingested.

Sometimes the fumes can be strong enough that simply sniffing the polish can get you high, or cause harm. 

The results of eating the nail polish, or any other ways it could get into the bloodstream, could be symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and loss of appetite in the short term. They could also cause seizures, or poison the dog.

Can nail polish kill? Not immediately, but in the long-term, the chemicals, especially formaldehyde in nail polish, can lead to cancer in the dog. 

What Brands are Safe for Dogs?

It is key to select suitable nail polish types, either brands that are specifically made for dogs or human nail polish that does not contain toxic chemicals. 

There are several specialized dog nail polish brands, but when it comes to natural human nail polish, you can never go wrong with OrlyBeauty. 

Our products are made with zero harmful chemicals, making it the safest option for you and your puppy's nails and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of nail polish. 

Our range is endless, with every color and style, like gel nail polish, that you can think of. While gel polish is often thought to damage nails, our range is free of those harmful chemicals. 

You and your dog can have a fresh color or glitter every week, or mix and match according to your outfits so that you’re the trendiest duo around. 

is nail polish safe for dogs

Our nail polish is also vegan, so it is suitable for absolutely everyone. If you want a good polish for your pet, you would also want peace of mind that there is no harm caused to any other animals, too. We are Leaping-Bunny certified, meaning we do not test our products on animals. 

How to Paint Nail Polish on Your Dog

As you would usually do, your dog’s nails need to be trimmed to a healthy length for their safety, as well as optimal application of the polish. This also reduces the chance of your dog munching on their nails, as the ingestion of nail polish is yet another reason why nail-biting is bad

Try to do it slowly, when the dog is in a calmer state, to avoid spooking them. If they dislike having their nails painted at any point, you should stop immediately. 

Nail polish can be bad for the skin, so to remove the polish, invest in a good dog-specific nail polish remover. This will generally be free of acetone, which is not safe for dogs. If you don’t have this, just leave on the polish until their nails grow out and you can slowly cut it off over time.

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