Benefits of Nail Polish

Nail polish has always been a thriving market and it’s continued to steadily grow in recent years. But the benefits of nail polish have always been up for hot debate. The question of whether these benefits exist or not has been around for years. 

And we’re here to tell you there are definitely benefits to nail polish. 

Nail polish makes us feel better mentally. It can help our nails grow longer and stronger. It has become an essential step for many self-care routines. And with all the improvements in nail technology in recent years, you can wear your nail polish with confidence.

What This Article Covers:

Good Nails Can Be The Key To A Good Mood

You’ve just left the nail salon or waited for your nails to dry at home. The color is vibrant and everything you do requires some extra hand movement. Even making a cup of coffee feels glamorous with your nails done up. 

One of the greatest benefits of nail polish is how good it can make us feel. Not just aesthetically, but also mentally. Nails that look good convey a message of hygiene and care that can do wonders for our mental state. 

May Help Stop A Nail Biting Habit

nail polish treatment benefits

Nail polish is also great for those that bite their nails. It’s a horrible habit and there are many reasons why biting your nails is bad. Nail polishes, like our No Bite polish, can help kick the habit. 

Plus, having nails that look good and make you feel good is a great way to stop chewing on your nails. 

Nail polish is an easy self-care ritual practiced by many. 

Nail Polish Can Strengthen Nails

We’ve all heard that wearing nail polish all the time causes damage. It’s a loaded statement and might not always be true. Wearing nail polish all the time might be bad for your nails but this is where the quality of your nail polish makes all the difference. 

nail polish benefits

Always opt for a strengthening and moisturizing nail polish.

Nail Polish Adds Support 

Nail polish can easily act as support for your nails. It can be especially beneficial to nails that are soft or brittle. Brittle nails can struggle to grow because of constant breakage. A good nail strengthener, like our Nail Armor, can give your nails the support they need to grow. 

Breathable Nail Polish

Breathable nail polish has also shown some promise in supporting our nails. Breathable nail polish does exactly what its name suggests; it lets your nails breathe. Breathable nail polish let’s oxygen through with its porous structure and can be great for all nails, not just brittle nails. 

Manicure Massages Can Leave Your Nails Stronger

Most manicures or pedicures come with a massage. These massages are so good they usually leave you with shivers. And with good reason. Massages stimulate blood flow and drain toxins that can be “stuck” in our hands. 

When our blood flow improves, our bodies work better. This is also true for our hands, an often forgotten and overworked part of our bodies. The increase in blood flow from a massage can lead to faster nail growth by reinvigorating our hands. 

DIY Manicure Massages

Nail Polish Can Strengthen Nails

A hand massage doesn’t have to be something you only experience when you go to a professional. Next time you sit down to do your nails at home, give yourself a quick hand massage. Watch your nail strength steadily improve over the weeks to come.

Nail Polish Vitamins And Conditioners

Nail polishes do have a bit of a bad reputation. It’s normal to wonder if nail polish is toxic. And while this might have been more true 20 years ago, the world of nail polish has come a long way. Many nail polishes today, like ORLY, have very strict quality standards. 

In fact, most nail polish today comes packed full of vitamins and conditioners. These vitamins and conditioners can help strengthen nails, improve nail growth, and moisturize cuticles. 

Nail Polish Removers May Be Beneficial

Today, even nail polish removers can be beneficial to our nails. Most of the harsh chemicals that made nail polish removers so drying has been removed. They have been replaced with vitamins and moisturizers to help keep your nails soft and strong. 

Fungal And Bacterial Protection

Another of the benefits of nail polish is its ability to protect your nails from bacterial infections and fungal growth. Depending on the nail polish ingredients, there can be a multitude of benefits from using nail polish.

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