Christmas Nail Polish Color

December is around the corner and our festive lovers are already asking about the best Christmas nail polish colors to wear this season. Get ready because our top color choices for the holidays will make you feel like it’s Christmas every day.

Whether having a fresh set of nails gives you some much-needed me-time during the holidays or simply expresses your creativity, we have a color choice for everyone. We are going to look at the popular winter nail polish colors as well as the new winter trends this year.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best Christmas nail polish color for you.

Holiday Nail Polish 

There are so many wintery shades out right now, how do I pick the right nail polish color? We have made your life easier by rounding up the trends for this season. Go with your favorites or try something new if you are feeling bold.

Silver Tinsel 

holiday nail polish

The silver tones are for our friends that love to get festive. If your Christmas lights were up in November, you should get a silver shiny nail polish shade to match your Christmas energy. Silver reminds us of the tinsel that is hanging everywhere this time of year.

Silvery colors do look slightly better with longer nails and olive to dark skin. Darker skin tones really make this color pop.

Get the look with our Shine shade of silver nail polish

Festive Red

best christmas nail polish

Is there anything more Christmassy than the color red? Specifically, we love darker reds for this season. Deep reds are just perfect for the colder months.

You can’t go wrong matching your nails to your Christmas stocking (or your glass of Merlot). Reds look great on all nails and you can find a deep red that compliments your skin tone. Red is just a crowd-pleaser.

Try our Just Bitten shade of festive red polish

Gold Shimmer 

best holiday nail polish

The best part about Christmas is that there is no such thing as too much. You can be as extra as you like under the guise of being festive. This is why it is the perfect time to bring out the gold glitter nail polish.

You can get gold nail polish that is designed to be painted over another color or gold that is meant to be painted on by itself. Make sure you check this before you buy. If you have fairer skin, you probably want to consider a gold that can be painted over another base color.

Try out our Halo shimmery gold nail polish color.  

Tonal Brown 

christmas nail polish

This range of brown was also named in our best fall nail polish collection. We are obsessed with these tonal browns this year and they still work as a winter color. They are on the darker color spectrum so they are perfectly appropriate for winter.

These browns are flattering on any skin tone. It reminds us of all the hot chocolate and coffees we love to drink in the colder weather. Out of our festive roundup, this is the best natural-looking nail polish

Get the Canyon Clay shade as one of our favorite brown nail polish colors to try it yourself. You can keep your professional flair with this shade as it is a great nail polish for interviews as well.

Christmas Tree Green 

nail polish for christmas

It’s the color of your Christmas tree, the grinch, even most of your decorations are probably green. What would a Christmas color roundup be without green itself?

Deeper greens are most appropriate for winter as brighter shades remind us too much of Spring or Summer. You can get beautiful greens that even have a slight shimmer to them if that’s your thing.

Try Pine-ing For You in our green nail polish collection to get the look.

Glitter Dream  

With glitter polishes, you can pretty much get away with any color and it can be seen as festive. Our absolute favorites are glittery pink shades. They just represent the child-like wonder of Christmas but in a more sophisticated way. 

The great thing about glitter colors is that they transfer perfectly to your New Year’s Eve plans. Why not start your new year in style?

Check out Frost Smitten in our glitter nail polish collection.

Final Thoughts 

There are loads of popular nail polish colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for something sparkly and festive, or deep and moody - there is a great option for you. Festive nail polishes even make the perfect stocking filler for your friends. 

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