What Color Nail Polish Looks Great with an Orange Outfit

If you recently decided to change up your wardrobe and incorporate some orange into it, thinking about what color nail polish to wear with an orange outfit might make you a bit anxious.

There are many colors that look great with orange. There are the usual neutrals, but depending on how adventurous you want to be, you can make a bold statement with complementary and contrasting colors.

In this article, we are going to guide you to the best nail polish to look stunning with an orange outfit.

Color Nail Polish To Wear With An Orange Dress

Firstly, because there are many different shades of orange out there, like bright orange, neon orange, rust, pumpkin, burnt orange, and terracotta, you will have many different colors that you can choose from.

Therefore, this guide will help you pick out the best shades of nail polish that will work with a beautiful orange look.

Neutral Shades For Your Orange Outfit

Cream, nude, white, navy, gray. These are your neutrals and basic must-haves in your home nail salon. So, if you were curious to know what nail polish color goes with everything you now know that you can rely on the neutrals.

what color nail polish to wear with orange dress

Neutrals will be your safest go-to shades because you can wear them with absolutely any color. So, if your orange outfit is not for a specific occasion but instead is part of your daily wardrobe, you are safe with any of the neutral colors for your manicure. 

Our Almond Milk pairs beautifully with any shade of orange. It is the perfect cream to match with orange. It’s an easy, beautiful light beige shade if you’re looking to go with a neutral manicure. 

If you have a fair skin tone and opted for a softer shade of orange for your outfit, such as coral or peach-orange shades, the Almond Milk shade acts as a perfect nude for your skin tone. If your skin tone is deeper, the crème will pop beautifully against your skin. 

Nail Polish To Color Block Your Orange Outfit

how to know what color nail polish to wear with orange dress

Color-blocking your orange look will draw attention to your fashion style. If you have a deeper skin tone, then choose a vibrant shade of orange for your outfit, as it will work well with olive or tan, medium and deep skin tones.

Va Va Voom is the perfect shade of pink to color block your orange look if you want to turn up the heat. You could even team orange with a gorgeous shade of blue nail polish or a classic nail polish color like red.

Nail Polish Color For A Monochromatic Statement

What nail color goes with an orange dress

A monochromatic look makes a bold and elegant statement. To make your outfit monochromatic, you’re going to wear the same color, but different shades of it.

So, if your outfit is light orange, you may wear a coat that is a tint darker and a boot or shoe that is a shade somewhere in between. To keep with the monochromatic look, you will need to find the perfect shade of orange nail polish to go with this outfit.

What color nails go best with orange dress

The different shades of orange will need to be soft and subtle so that your look will be fresh and colorful. Trying the ombré effect on your nails can also work well with this look. Ombre our Kitsch You Later shade of orange with Melt Your Popsicle. 

These two colors ombré beautifully together and will work well with your orange outfit.

Wearing orange with a gorgeous matching manicure is very high fashion. 

Models walking runways and on the front of magazines are styled in monochromatic color stories, evidence that this is a very chic look.

Nail Polish Colors For A Casual Orange Outfit 

If you want to wear your orange outfit to the movies or out to a casual outing, like to grab a bite at lunchtime with a friend, throw on a denim jacket for a casual look. 

which color nail polish with orange dress

And the best nail polish to work the denim and orange is our Blue Tango nail polish color. So when you take your jacket off, your blue nails will complement your dress.  

Or you could choose a different neutral color so that the jacket works with the dress. Although you can, try not to pair your orange with black and brown because you don’t want your look to come off as Halloween décor or something of the sort (unless you do). 

The lighter color neutrals are easier to pair, and they will make your orange look bold and extraordinary. Read how to wear white nail polish for some tips that could work for your orange dress. 

You could also bring your orange dress to life with print art. Nail art is decorative and stunning on your nails, especially when you are wearing vibrant colors.

Nail Polish And Accessories To Pop Your Orange Dress

Accessories complete any look and will be a great way to compliment the nail color you choose to wear with your orange dress. Accessorize with a handbag, statement necklace, cell phone cover, or a scarf.which color nail polish goes with orange dress

Whichever accessories you decide on, make sure it works with your nail polish, dress, and skin tone. It will help you to look and feel amazing.

You can accessorize with neutral colors to match your neutral nail polish like Roam With Me which is a gorgeous shade of nude. Or accessorize with clashing colors like So Fly. The possibilities are endless.

Which color nails go best with orange dress

Gold accessories worn with orange are another beautiful match. It instantly elevates your look and makes your outfit look elegant. Accessories also fall into play when you need to match multiple colors like what color nail polish to wear with a red dress and black shoes. 

If you are going for color pop, you might want to keep your make-up close to natural and your hair toned down so that you don’t end up looking like a hot mess.

Talking about hair, if you have red hair, nail polish for redheads will be a good read to help keep you on track with nail color hair and accessories.


And that's it. Pairing ORLY nail polish colors with your beautiful orange dress won't be hard at all with this guide. Choose your favorite nail creme colors now.

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