What Color Nail Polish with Red Dress and Black Shoes?

So, you have a gorgeous red dress you’re excited to wear, and stunning black shoes to wear with it. And that’s great. But do you know what color nail polish goes with a red dress and black shoes?

Be it Valentine’s Day, a holiday party, or a hot date you need to impress, you must get the nail color right to look your best. You’ll want the whole outfit to come together when you put that dress on.

This can be difficult to pull off, but fortunately, you’ve found us. Nothing turns heads and makes you feel sexier quite like a red dress that fits great and with shoes, accessories, makeup, and a gorgeous nail manicure to bring it all together.

Here, we will reveal the best colors we have that will work with your red dress black shoes outfit. Let’s get started.

What Color Nails Would Go with a Red Dress?

You might be surprised when we tell you that there are quite a few nail polish colors that could work with this outfit.

Red Nail Polish

what color nail polish to wear with red dress

Red nail polish is great with a red dress. You cannot go wrong with this classic nail polish color. It just works. We’ve seen red dresses worn over and over by famous movie stars for centuries. And pairing that red dress with red nails just doesn’t get old.

Here’s a tip, if you’re going to a formal event, choose a red color that has a shimmer in it. Red shimmering nail polish instantly adds that touch of glamor to your look. Crawford's Wine is a great shimmering red nail polish color to choose for a formal occasion so try it.

what color nail polish goes with a red dress

Remember, less is more. Gold jewelry and/or a beautiful gold belt pairs great with a red dress, so be sure to try the gold before you make a final decision on what color jewelry you want to wear. Add to the jewelry minimalistic accessories and you’ll be good to go.

If your outfit is casual, then wear red nail polish without a shimmer. Monroe's Red Max nail polish is a perfect red to wear with almost every outfit. Add to this look a black leather jacket and perhaps a black hat to complete this sexy off-duty look.

 A leather jacket and red dress should be part of your essential wardrobe items. This outfit is quick and easy to throw together and has been kept alive by many fashionistas across the board.

Blue Nail Polish

what nail polish goes with a red dress

A red dress with blue nail polish and black shoes is something everyone can pull off when it’s done right. Here you don’t have to stress about which nail polish matches the shoe. Aside from black shoes going with everything, your blue nails will be the star of this look.  

With vibrant blue It's Brittney, Beach manicured nails, an embellished clutch bag, and a stunning pair of black heels, this color match for your red dress is unique. With this look, you’re bound to get heads turning and jaws dropping in awe of your dazzle.

nail polish to go with red dress

Beyonce rocked this outfit with her first post-baby appearance at the Jay-Z Carnegie Hall concert, living proof that it is indeed a style worth trying.

Gotta Bounce nail polish color is good if you don’t want your blue nails to be dazzling, but instead, want more of a casual feel. Throw on a blue denim jacket to tone it down, fun silver earrings and bangles, and you’ll be ready to bounce.

You will notice we mentioned silver jewelry. Because silver jewelry pairs just as well as gold jewelry do with a red dress and black shoes.

Metallics And Glitter

Because gold and silver jewelry pair well, it’s obvious that metallic and glitter on your nails will not let you down when paired with your red dress. Metallic and glitter nail polish is ideal for when you want to make a statement or if you want to look glamorous. 

Shine On Crazy Diamond is just mesmerizing against any red dress. This with gorgeous make-up, a dazzling hair clip, diamond ring, and black shoes, the look is fit for a princess. 

what color nail polish best to wear with red dress

Untouchable Decadence has classy written all over it. Pair it with a gold bracelet and gold necklace so that the touch of gold can enhance your red dress. You will look elegant and feel upmarket.

These dazzling glitters and metallics are also great with a black dress. What color nail polish goes with a black dress for a formal event will help guide you on this front. 

Pairing glitter nail polish with a plain shade for gradient nails to create an ombre effect is also a beautiful work of art. And instead of creating the gradient on one nail, paint the gradient on each nail so that the effect can be seen across the whole hand.

Neutral Colors

what color nail polish to wear with red dress and black shoes

Neutral colors are the safest nail polish colors to wear with everything. These colors include white, cream, beige, brown, navy, and grey nail polish. White nails work well with a red dress if you're wearing black shoes and black accessories like a bag, watch, or earrings.

Try Cake Pop. It’s a lovely white nail polish with a hint of pink in it. You won’t notice the pink unless you look very closely which is great because it gives off a fresh look but has a playful vibe to it. And just like the name suggests, it will pop against your red dress. 

what color nail polish you should wear with red dress

The beige also works well with the red dress and black shoes. It works because it’s not eye-catching. But when onlookers notice your hands, your nails have a perfect nude manicure.

Snuggle Up is a well-balanced shade of nude. 

If you want your nude to be noticed, but not too loud, add gold art to it. The nail art doesn’t have to be loud, so add just enough gold to bring that sparkle to your manicure.

With your make-up on point, a pair of fun earrings, and a handbag to complete your look, you will be ready to hit the road for some fun with your crew.  

Skin Tone And Nail Polish

best nail polish to go with the red dress

When it comes to skin tone and your red dress, you don’t need to worry because there’s a red dress for every skin tone out there. But when it comes to nude nail polish and your skin tone, it matters. We don’t want you to have mannequin nails.

So, here’s what you need to do. If you have a dark skin tone, paint your nails with a light shade of nudes like Faux Pearl, or Pure Porcelain nail polish. These colors pair gorgeously with darker skin tones.

best nail polish to go with the red dress and black shoes

If you are Olive skin you will love Pink Nude or Country Club Khaki as these work well with your tone. And lastly, if you have a lite skin tone, Roam With Me is a great choice as well as Toast The Couple. 

Nudes are also great with purple. So if you are unclear about what color nail polish to wear with a purple dress, nude is an ideal choice. 


And there you have it. You now have every reason to wear your gorgeous red dress and black shoes. It’s going to look stunning with your manicured nails done and accessories.

Now if you want to start digging out other dresses you’ve never worn because you’re not sure what nail polish color to wear with it, get it out, and move on to our next article that will help with what color nail polish with orange dress.

Don’t forget that the nail polish color you choose needs to complement your dress. You want it to look beautiful so that you feel beautiful and confident. So, take your time when choosing your colors and you’ll end up looking great.

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