What Color Nail Polish With Royal Blue Dress?

You’re planning your outfit for that special event. You’ve already bought the stunning outfit. Then you realize you don't know what color nail polish goes with your royal blue outfit.

Royal blue is a beautiful hue but many people don’t know what colors to wear with it. Don’t panic, we can help.

We aim to help you always look your best. So we compiled this helpful guide to the best nail color choices that you can pair with royal blue. 

What This Article Covers:

Which Nail Polish Colors Pair Well With Royal Blue Clothing?

Although royal blue is a very intense shade of blue, several colors pair well with the color. Much depends on the type of event that you are attending. 

Is it for a smart dinner party? Or an A-list event? There are color combinations to suit all ensembles for all occasions. 

Of course, you can always choose to wear royal blue polish to match your outfit. If not the exact same shade, perhaps a different shade of blue. Or you can choose a more bold color combination.

In fashion, trends come and go, and rules are made to be broken. You can wear any color combination that suits your personality and style. 

But if you want to look like you put some thought and effort into your look, you need to understand the basics of color theory. To explain this accurately, we need to look at the color wheel.

Color Theory Can Help You Choose The Right Nail Color

what color nail polish with navy blue dress

Many of you may be familiar with the color wheel. But in case you are not, here is a basic color wheel. 

Color theory plays a major role in art, decor, and fashion design. It helps artists and designers find harmonious color combinations. And it can help you decide how to match nail polish to a dress.

There are several ways to pair colors successfully by consulting the color wheel, but the most popular color schemes are the monochromic, analogous, and complementary color schemes.

Let’s take a look at examples of these most popular color schemes. The examples below can help you to find the best color nail polish to wear with royal blue .

Monochromic Color Scheme For A Royal Blue Outfit

what color nail polish goes with  royal blue dress

Monochromic colors are different shades of the same color. Sing the blues and match your royal blues with lighter or darker shades of the same royal blue hue

This means that you can wear nail polish in a variation of that blue. For the best effect, go 2 - 3 shades lighter or darker. 

Analogous Nail Polish Color For A Royal Blue Dress

Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Next to blue, there is purple on one side and green on the other. 

To implement this color scheme into your look, choose a light purple nail polish or a soft, muted green nail polish to wear with your royal blue dress. 

Although blue looks good with purple and green, royal blue is a very rich blue. So choosing lighter shades of those analogous colors will avoid them competing for attention with the intensity of royal blue. 

what color nail polish with blue dress

With this in mind, our delightful mauve shade, The Snuggle Is Real, is a perfect purple. It is a light shade of purple that can be used with royal blue in a very pleasing combination. 

And for the ideal green, look no further than our Olive You Kelly. It will balance the richness of royal blue with subdued shades of olive green.

what color nail polish with navy dress

Complimentary Nail Polish Color For Royal Blue

Complementary colors are two colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. These colors, when placed next to each other, create the best contrast for your overall look.

The opposite of true blue on the color wheel is orange, but this can range from yellow-orange to bold orange depending on the shade of blue. 

So if you are also wondering what color nail polish goes with an orange dress, you have your answer to that too.

In the case of a royal blue dress, we have the most suitable complementary orange shades. Try our  Lion’s Ear, a delightful shade of yellow-orange, or our Bird Of Paradise, a bold and exotic orange shade. 

what color nail polish goes with a navy blue dress

Other Elegant Nail Polishes To Wear With Royal Blue Dress

If you want your nails to look their best with your royal blue outfit, there are several other classic nail color options available. 

They are not all as colorful as the examples above, but they are just as stylish.

Bling It On

The combination of royal blue and metallics such as silver or gold is bold and striking. Perhaps you love the idea of a bit of shine but aren’t bold enough to wear it with your royal blue dress? 

We have the solution. Add some drama to your look with one of our metallic nail polishes. 

what color nail polish goes with navy blue dress

Our understated gold metallic, Good As Gold, will look great on warmer skin tones. 

And for cooler skin tones, let us help you Shine bright with our silver foil shimmer polish.

Neutrals You Can Rely On

Neutrals such as black, white, cream, beige, and grey go well with most colors. All of these can be partnered with royal blue.

So if you were wondering how to wear white nail polish, it would look great with royal blue clothing. Blue and white are a classic color combo that never goes out of style.

what color nail polish to use with blue dress

The neutral palette also includes shades that are a cross between white and cream, or gray and beige (greige). To wear with a royal blue outfit, we recommend our warm creamy-white Almond Milk, and our greige nude, Staycation

Go Nude

For a classic look, go for nude nail color. It’s a classic nail polish color and an ideal choice to go with your royal blue outfit. 

Nudes are the perfect partner to more vivid color clothing. That is what makes this an elegant look that will direct all the attention to your lovely royal blue look. 

When attending a more formal event, this may be the best nail polish color choice. Go nude with our BB Creme for nails, Barely Nude

what color nail polish goes with blue dress

We are often asked what nail polish color goes with everything. Our range of lovely natural nude shades has something for everybody, no matter your shade or undertone. And they go with anything you choose to wear.

Nude nails will look great with your royal blue dress, but also suit any other color you may wear. These shades are an essential component of anyone’s nail color collection. 

Take Some Inspiration From The French

Embrace the look of timeless elegance with the French manicure. This is another stunning look that will compliment your royal blue dress on any occasion. 

You can also wear this with any other color, and it will always look stylish. The French manicure is a classic, and suits all ages. It is equally at home at high-tea or in a corporate environment.

best color nail polish with navy blue dress

Use one of our nude polishes with our White Tips polish and half-moon nail tip guides to achieve the perfect French manicure. Or try our French Manicure Kit, available in Pink or Rose

The Clear Choice

And last but not least, the clear choice. This is not a color at all but is a transparent polish that will coat your nails with an attractive high shine. 

Do not overlook this option when choosing which nail polish to wear. Clear nail polish will give your nails a natural, natural look, but will not fight for attention with your royal blue outfit. 

best color nail polish that goes with navy blue dress

You can wear clear nail polish with any color and it will always look good. Any nail length will suit clear polish, both long and very short nails will look stylish in this choice. 

A transparent polish can highlight the natural beauty of your nails, so keep your nails well-manicured and touch up regularly.

Should I Wear Bold Or Muted Color Nail Polish With A Royal Blue Outfit?

Your nails, when painted a color or adorned with nail art, become an accessory to your look. 

When wearing a dress, or outfit in a very vivid hue, it is best to accessorize it with a slightly softer shade. 

This is particularly in the case of the complementary color scheme. You’ll still enjoy the contrast but in a much more elegant fashion. 

A Softer Approach

The opposite of true blue on the color wheel is a true orange. And true orange is not a hue for the faint-hearted. 

It will create an exciting contrast and bright orange nails look great with blue clothing. But for the less daring it would be better to opt for a more muted shade of orange to go with your blue look. 

Royal blue is a very vivid shade of blue. If that royal blue dress is going to be worn to a formal occasion, try one of our delicate peach shades. 

best color nail polish and navy blue dress

The soft hint of creamy peachiness in our Peaches And Dreams breathable range of treatment + color will complement your royal blue look, without overpowering it.

In Conclusion

Now you understand the theory behind color combinations, and how this can help you choose a nail polish color. Any of our examples above would be a great choice to go with a royal blue outfit. 

Simply pick your favorite color combination and step out in confidence, knowing you made the right choice with Orly Beauty.

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