Best Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin

If you’re dark-skinned and haven’t experimented with nail polish colors you are not alone. The variety of colors available is so vast that sticking to the same color is safer and convenient, especially in today's rushed world. 

But finding the best nail polish colors for dark skin shouldn’t be a hassle. The selection of nail polish colors available to us these days are stunning, and the majority of the colors work with the darker skin tone.

There are colors for every mood, outfit, and undertone. Because you might have a different undertone to even your own family, it’s important to pick the right color for you.

In this article, we’ll cover all of the different undertones and which colors suit them best.

Best Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin

Skin undertones are the natural colors that lie underneath your skin. There are three undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. When it comes to finding nail polish for darker skin, the color is what we are ultimately drawn to color. 

So, understanding your skin's undertone is important for finding the best color polish that will suit your dark skin. Here, we have compiled the following recommendations according to what your natural undertones are. 

Warm Undertones

To determine if you have a warm undertone, your dark skin will look a shade of yellow, most people will say you have glowing skin. This undertone pairs well with the following nail polish colors:


Peach is great for dark skin because it arouses a sense of warmth and youthfulness. Trendy by ORLY is a great choice for this skin tone. It works well because it's peach and it sparkles. The slight shimmer adds a touch of glamour to any outfit without even trying. 

The sparkle isn't overwhelming, and the peach is just enough to compliment the darker skin tone, making your nails look so pretty in peach. ORLY is proudly formulated without any harmful ingredients, is vegan friendly, and cruelty-free, making it the best nail polish in the world.

best nail polish color for dark skin


Yellow is great for dark skin because yellow nail polish brings your nails to life with its brightness. And if you were wondering what nail color makes hands look younger, Oh Snap from ORLY definitely does. 

It pops against dark skin and looks particularly amazing on your toes. Oh Snap bursts with freshness and is a clear indication that ‘the fun’ has arrived. This color is very popular and is loved by young and old as it evokes that feeling of summer, warmth and just makes you feel so alive. 

dark skin nail polish


The color olive invigorates your senses and this elegant Wild Willow from ORLY is the perfect shade of olive nail polish. The color is rich and smooth and goes great with anything.

Wearing it with another shade of green and a pop of white will echo your Wild Willow nail color and your gorgeous dark skin. 

what color nail polish looks good on brown skin

Cool Undertones

Here your dark skin tone looks far cooler. If you compare a yellow undertone to this shade you will see an instant difference. This undertone pairs well with the following nail polish colors:


Blue, the color that presents tranquillity, relaxation, depth, and trust. Choosing the right blue is easy with ORLY’s Far Out. It pops against your dark skin drawing attention to your funky nail color.  

best nail polish colours for dark skin


The color purple presents luxury, nobility, and ambition, and against dark skin it is perfection. This color can actually work well with both warm and cool undertones. The perfect purple nail polish we found for dark skin is Synthetic Symphony.

We love it because you feel the energy with this purple. Synthetic Symphony from ORLY is bright and bold and fun to wear. 

Purple is also one of the best nail polish colors for short nails.

 best nail polish for dark skin


Red pops beautifully against your dark skin which is exactly what you want. The color is bold and energetic and is often the "life force" that drives passion and power so wearing it will draw attention to you. 

Monroe’s Red is a perfect shade of red nail polish and the name alone screams fabulous. This is a must to have in your collection. This bright pretty red is also fun to wear in the holiday season.

best nail polish colors for dark skin tones

Neutral Undertones

To confirm if you have a neutral skin tone, by process of elimination you will check if your skin tone is yellow, if not, you will check if your skin tone is cool, if not then you can validate that your skin tone is neutral.


Black, the color of mystery and power is a solid option against dark skin. The Liquid Vinyl black from ORLY is nothing short of beautiful when applied to your nails. This color is so good that you need to be careful you don’t become obsessed. 

best nail polish colors for brown skin


Taupe is a beautiful shade of brown with undertones of pink. The nude nail polish color is practical, modern and sophisticated, and absolutely gorgeous against dark skin. 

This nude color is perfect and wearing Roam with Me from ORLY will ignite feelings of solace and elegance when worn. The color is subtle and versatile and goes with everything. 

If you’re a nail polish addict like we are and wear color daily, make sure that you apply nail treatment so that you look after the health of your nails. 

best nail polish for brown skin

Creamy White

White looks sharp and crisp against dark skin that’s why we love Cake Pop from ORLY. It's white with a gentle undertone of pink color. And when worn, it gives off a charming romantic sensation which indicates that your white undercover pink soul is caring, kind, and feminine. 

This color against dark skin works amazingly well and even better when the colors of your outfit pair. Cake Pop is diverse and may also be found as one of the best nail polish colors for pale skin

nail polish that looks good on dark skin


Playing safe with the same colors can get a bit tedious so trying something new will brighten things up a little. The above colors work extremely well with dark skin when you know what your undertone is.

Once you try it, you might be slightly annoyed that you haven’t tried it sooner. ORLY’s color range is phenomenal, there’s a color for every mood, every personality, and every age group. From making dark skin glow, to the best nail polish for working hands, we aim to deliver the best for everyone.

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