Best Matte Nail Polish Top Coat

If you’re looking for a beautiful matte look for your nails, then choosing the best matte nail polish top coat is essential.

With your nails done perfectly, it gives you that extra confidence that all of us need once in a while. Getting it right DIY style is important so that you don’t have to spend extra money on getting the pros to do it.

We’ve got you covered. ORLY’s matte nail polish top coat will leave your nails looking like you just got them done at a salon.

What This Article Covers:

The Best Matte Nail Polish Top Coat


If you are tired of the glossy finish and want something a little different then matte top coat nail polish from ORLY is exactly what you need. To obtain the look, all you need is the best matte top coat. Luckily, you can find it right here.

Top coats keep your nail polish intact for much longer. But best of all, a matte top coat will give your nails a unique and edgy finish. Matte works with any color. But, our favorite color to use it with is black.

The matte top coat nail polish quickly transforms your existing nail polish from shiny to matte. All you have to do is apply one or two coats over your favorite ORLY nail polish to get the look. The finish looks satin-matte, but when touching it, it is hard.

ORLY MATTE TOP coat nail polish might appear cream-colored in the bottle, it is clear when it dries. This is great because it means you can use it with any color. It’s also a great, cost-effective option because our top coat is salon-quality at a fraction of the price.

Why It's Great

  • Provides long-lasting manicures
  • Turns glossy finish nail polish to a satin, rubber-matte finish on nails
  • Dries fast on nails
  • The formula is chip-resistant

Who It's Right For 

  • Those wanting a different manicure look
  • Vegans and anyone concerned with animal welfare
  • People who want to prevent their manicure from chipping
  • Anyone who wants the matte finish look for 7 – 10 days

Detailed Analysis

best matte nail polish


ORLY MATTE TOP is formulated without harmful chemicals. We also do not test on animals, and our products are leaping-bunny certified, one of the reasons we are incredibly proud of it.

The formula contains; Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, and a few more crucial ingredients. These are all combined to protect your nail polish.

Ease of Application

We formulate ORLY MATTE TOP coat nail polish to spread evenly and smoothly. The application process is so easy thanks to its amazing brush and cap. This makes it super easy to DIY. No need to go to a salon, because you can give yourself the perfect manicure at home with this.

Application process steps: 

  • Apply your nail polish as you usually would. Don’t forget the base coat.
  • How long you should wait between coats of nail polish depends on the polish but usually two minutes
  • Your final step would be the top coat. Apply one coat of matte nail polish top coat over your glossy nail polish.

The matte finish is striking and works 100% so the results are pleasing. 

The signature gripper cap was designed for easy opening and a good grasp on your brush. The length of the brush is short and it beautifully brushes the width and cuticles of your nails, allowing for a smooth application.


ORLY MATTE TOP is effective immediately when applied. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided. 

You could also describe the ‘matte look’ as something close to frost, like when a glass is chilled. It makes your nails look chic. 


You can find an ORLY Matte nail polish top coat on our website where it retails for $12 for 18ml. which is a great size and will last for months. 

What’s impressive is that this formula is competitive amongst other matte top coats. When comparing cost, it is super affordable, making the ‘matte look’ a cost-effective spoil.

It also makes an excellent gift, especially for a nail newbie. Because it’s so easy to use, it’s a great way to introduce them to a new style.


Our matte top coat polish is just one of many of our well-known top coats. We also have the best quick dry top coat nail polish and an amazing base and top coat nail polish.

Also, check out clear nail polish vs top coat as this can become very confusing if you are not sure of the difference. Can you use regular nail polish with a gel top coat is often also questioned and you totally can, just make sure the polish is completely dry before applying.


We made our ORLY MATTE nail polish top coat to promote not only style but also to protect your nail polish.  The bottle itself can last a really long time and will hold your manicure for 7-10 days. 

If you want it to last longer, we recommend protecting your nails by using gloves when washing dishes or gardening.


Take a break from the good old glossy look and try the best matte nail polish top coat. ORLY MATTE top coat gives your nails a satin-matte finish.

At ORLY, we have provided a matte nail polish top coat that is reliable and convenient to use in this rushed world we live in. We do not doubt that this product will impress you and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Best Matte Nail Polish Top Coat FAQs 

What is Matte coat nail polish?

Matte coat nail polish is a top coat polish that is not shiny. It is the last step of your manicure. It will transform the shiny surface into a dull, matte surface. It is used more often on darker polish than light. This is only because the effect is more noticeable with dark colors.

How Do I Make My Shiny Nail Polish Matte?

You can change your gorgeously polished shiny nails into a modern trendy matte finish easily with a paint of the best top coat matte nail polish.

What is the best way to apply Matte Nail Polish?

Matte nail polish application is quick. Ensure your color paint is completely dry then apply one or two coats over your favorite ORLY nail lacquer for a matte look. The finish is smooth and flat, and it looks amazing.

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