Best Top Coat Nail Polish

Making time to do your nails is extremely hard these days so finding the best top coat nail polish is a big win. We’re very pleased to present ORLY’s No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat nail polish. As a well-established brand, we aim to provide only the most cutting-edge nail polish.

Keeping your image in check is important and no doubt our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat will have your nails covered. No more worrying about chipped or peeling nail polish, this ends here. 

In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth rundown of our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat, what makes it so great, and why you should give it a try.

The Best Top Coat Nail Polish: Orly No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat


Our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat nail polish is a durable topcoat that finishes your nail manicure beautifully. It is proudly vegan-friendly, not tested on animals, formulated without harmful chemicals, and leaping-bunny certified.

The purpose of the top coat is to seal all the layers that make up the manicure and lock in the color. Our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat nail polish works fast and cures with no messy remains left on your nails. 

If you’ve used a top coat before, you will know that the residue left behind is tacky so it would need to be wiped off with a swab and some alcohol. The touch needs to be smooth and completely dry or everything will stick to it. 

Our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat nail polish delivers exactly what it states; no cleanse. We also love that this No Cleanse Top Coat nail polish can be used with chrome nail polish. You can maintain that desired mirror effect like a pro and won't need to step into a salon ever again. 

Our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat nail polish also delivers on the shine, one of the reasons it is the best top coat on shelves today. But if you are not a fan of the shine, and prefer a more subtle finish, then the best matte nail polish top coat might be perfect for you.

It doesn't matter how many coats of nail polish you apply to your nails, the ORLY No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat will seal it in perfectly. It provides that protective layer you need to protect your nail polish from scratches and peeling.

Why It’s Great

  • Dries incredibly fast
  • No sticky residue like ordinary top coats
  • Long-lasting, fully expected 14 - 21 day manicure
  • Smooth application, no streaks or bubbles
  • Long shine which keeps it looking new

Who It’s Right For

  • Nail polish beginners who want an easy top coat that provides a professional finish
  • On-the-go nail polish enthusiasts
  • Vegans and anyone concerned with animal welfare
  • Anyone who wants that salon quality while on a budget

best nail polish top coat

Detailed Analysis


The top coat is necessary as it helps with the longevity of the nail polish. It can add days to your manicure as it is the last layer of polish applied to your nails. You would need to apply your manicure and finish with the top coat.

Our top coat is a clear liquid and should not be mistaken for clear nail polish or any other nail treatments. The consistency of this particular top coat is thin but slightly thicker than the other top coats we’ve used. So when applying detail to the nail there’s enough time to get everything on.

When applying it, it's easy to level out any bumps timeously because it’s not runny and messy. This way, the application can be done with precision. 

Let’s go through the steps on how to use top coat nail polish.

The difference between base coat and top coat nail polish is that the base coat protects the nail plate and the top coat protects the nail polish. 

  • Step 2: Apply two coats of nail polish with 30-second curing in between.

The two coats of nail polish are necessary so that you no longer see streaks or nail discoloration showing through the polish. The color must be solid. 

  • Step 3: Apply one thin coat of ORLY’s No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat.

Cure for 30 seconds.

  • Step 4: Apply the second layer of topcoat ORLY’s No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat. 
  • Final 30 cure. 
  • No need to cleanse.

The double layer of the topcoat is for extra protection against peeling and cracking. You could apply a third layer, but you don’t want to create streaks or clumps. So probably best to cap it at two layers.

How long to wait between nail polish coats is quick with 30 seconds of LED curing at a time. Can you put gel top coat on regular nail polish? This is possible if you are patient because the drying time of the regular polish is much longer. 


Some gel top coat finishes can just peel right off. This is obviously very frustrating, especially after you put so much effort into creating the perfect manicure.

But ORLY’s No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat doesn't do that, making it a favorite amongst DIY nail technicians. It ranks high because not only is it the best top coat nail polish, it’s also a fast drying nail polish top coat

It protects your nail polish for two to three weeks and if it wasn't for the growth, it would look like you’ve just had it done. This is great because it's frustrating when you have to revisit your manicure to repair or redo it. 

Clear nail polish vs top coat is sometimes confusing as it’s identical when you look at it outside of the bottle. So be careful not to mix them up because they have completely different purposes.

Clear nail polish will chip and peel off, just like regular nail polish. 

best nail polish top coat


How much does nail polish cost, while the polish itself could cost around $8 each, our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat sells at approximately $28. It can be purchased online on this website and it will be shipped to you within a matter of days. 

One ORLY bottle is 18 ml of lacquer, while most other brands range between 12 to 15 ml. This means that your ORLY nail polish is an investment that can last for a long time. 

What’s impressive is that we provide a formula that competes with salon-quality top coat nail polishes, at a fraction of the cost.


ORLY’s No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat is completely safe. No harmful chemicals are used to make this top coat. No animals were harmed.

This blend of ingredients protects your nail polish, seals in the layers, and locks in the color.


You can go through life without a top coat, but it would be like eating cake without the icing. The cake is boring without it and so are your nails without that top coat shine.

That, along with the added benefits of protection and color-preserving is what will save you loads of time and money. A high-quality top coat nail polish should finish with great shine. It should be durable and it should preferably dry fast.

So now that you know what a topcoat is, how it looks, and what it does, make sure that you always have a high-quality top coat in your stock.

It just brings your nails to life and adds that professional touch to it. 

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