Fast Drying Nail Polish Top Coat

If you are looking to complete your manicure or pedicure with a top coat, but don’t have time to wait around for your nails to try, then a fast-drying nail polish top coat is the way to go. 

To extend the life of your nail polish, you need to ensure that you are investing in a top-quality nail polish

top coat.

We have compiled a list of the best fast-drying nail polish top coats from ORLY.

​​When it comes to how much nail polish costs, we have you covered with high-quality products at a relatively low rate. 

What This Article Covers:

Fast Drying Nail Polish Top Coats 

ORLY In-a-Snap (Best Protective)

nail polish top coat fast drying

This quick dry top coat will dry even the thickest layer of lacquer within 5 to 10 minutes while preventing the color from fading with its ultraviolet (UV) filters.

The ORLY In-a-Snap top coat, which comes in beautiful packaging, can be easily applied with its wide flat brush.

Plus, it has a high gloss finish that protects the polish from yellowing, fading, and chipping.

You can apply one coat of the ORLY In-a-Snap over your nail polish.

Its ease of application, glossy finish, and protectiveness make ORLY In-a-Snap is one of the best top coat nail polishes out there.

Why it's Great

  • Dries quickly with the added benefit of color protection
  • UV filters prevent the nail color from fading
  • The glossy finish protects the varnish from nicking
  • Beautifully packaging
  • Easy application with the wide flat brush

Who it’s Right for

  • Anyone looking for color protection
  • Those wanting to finish their manicure off quickly
  • Fans of glossy finishes

ORLY Sec ‘n Dry (Best Quick-Drying)

nail polish top coat fast drying

The ORLY Sec ‘n Dry infiltrates and dries all layers of nail lacquer quickly with a hard protective solid finish that does not go yellow.

Our new and improved formula smooths out your nail polish and leaves it with a glossy shine.

After the application of one of the best nail polish base coats, and two coats of lacquer, hold your wet nails up to a light bulb to apply the top coat.

This full-sized brush makes it easy to apply and cover the whole nail without dragging. The top coat will penetrate the layers of polish within 3 minutes or less.

Why it's Great

  • New and enhanced formula
  • Can penetrate two layers of nail lacquer
  • Superb solid finish
  • Wide, flat brush for easy application

Who it’s Right for

  • For anyone short on time
  • If you are looking for a hard finish

ORLY Polishield (Best Anti-Chip)

fast drying nail polish coat

ORLY Polishield offers the best protection for your nail polish. This shiny, speedily drying, and chip-resistant top coat has UV filters that prevent the color from vanishing.

Created with advanced polymer technology, Polishield strengthens and protects your nails to ensure the nail polish lasts longer.

Apply one coat of Polishield and wait a few minutes for it to set.

If you are new to using a top coat, ensure that you know how to use top coat nail polish.

Why it's Great

  • High shine top coat for long-lasting manicures
  • UV filters prevent nail color from fading
  • Chip-resistant top coat
  • Created with advanced polymer technology

Who it’s Right for

  • For fans of shiny top coats
  • For anyone whose nail polish tends to chip easily 

ORLY Matte Top (Best Matte Finish)

fast drying nail polish top coats

ORLY Matte Top dries totally clear, creating a protective and non-shiny finish. 

Look forward to a satiny, matte finish on nails that can sheen lasting for up to 2 weeks without your color becoming yellow.

The drying top coat’s chip-resistant formula is perfect for creating unique nail art.  

Paint thin layers of nail lacquer before applying the top coat to ensure it dries quicker.

Be sure about how many coats of nail polish are too much to ensure that you are not overdoing it.

The application is very smooth, which gives your nails a beautiful finish.

Why it's Great

  • Quick-drying formula
  • Creates a satiny, matte finish
  • Prevents the color from turning yellow
  • The application is smooth

Who it’s Right for

  • For anyone who likes to paint unique nail art
  • For anyone who is looking for a matte finish

    To Conclude

    When it comes to the best fast-drying top coat, the ORLY Sec ‘n Dry is hands-down the best top coat on the list. Its formula does wonders for your nails. 

    Need extra color protection? Try ORL In-a-Snap. 

    The best option for anyone struggling with chipping is the ORLY Polishield. 

    You can also not go wrong with ORLY Color Care Snap Dry. 

    Now that you are aware of ORLY’s fast-drying top coats, you can decide which top coat suits you the best.

    Fast Drying Nail Polish Top Coat (FAQ)

    What should I look for in a top coat?

    Top coats can leave your nails with a shiny finish, or a high-gloss effect. If you notice that your nail polish is looking a bit dull, then you can easily apply a coat to revitalize the shine.

    The top coat can also have a matte finish, which provides a flat, velvety sheen. You can apply a matte top coat from one of the best matte nail polish brands over shiny nail polish to lessen the shine.

    How long does it take for a top coat to dry?

    Top coats are usually formulated to dry fast. The product will indicate on its label how many minutes it will take to dry.

    In essence, you can expect most coats to be dry within 10 minutes, and hardened in approximately 30 minutes. Be aware that the more coats you paint, the longer the drying time becomes.

    When it comes to how long you should wait between coats of nail polish, a rule of thumb is around 2 minutes.

    What Is The Difference Between Lacquer And Gel?

    Regular nail lacquer is similar to paint. It just needs to air-dry. On the other hand, gel nail polish needs to dry under a UV or LED lamp. 

    Professionals tend to have more protocols when it comes to gel top coats in particular. There are many different opinions regarding whether you can put a gel top coat over regular nail polish.

    What Does A Top Coat Do?

    A top coat is considered the final step of a manicure or pedicure. The top coat secures the layers of nail polish underneath and aids in preventing peeling, cracking, and chipping.

    It also leaves your nails with a gorgeous shine. There are also differences between a base coat and top coat nail polish. A base coat acts as an adhesive, helping the polish’s color to stick. 

    Be aware that clear nail polish is not a substitute for a top coat. You can read more about the clear nail polish vs top coat.

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