What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

When It comes to the color of someone’s nail polish, it might seem like a random, purely aesthetic decision - but often, it says so much more. The burning question is: what does your nail polish say about you? 

From natural shades to bright pops of color, everyone has their nail polish of choice and this is the gateway to who that person is. It also displays preferences, such as what colors people favor, and what nail color is most attractive

We unpack each of the most popular nail colors, and what they say about your personality.

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what your nail polish can say about you

If your nails are a scarlet red, you have made a bold choice and a glamorous statement. 

Red nails are an indicator of someone daring and passionate - but above all, confident.

Red comes in various shades, and despite the small tone differences, they can be worlds apart. 

Brighter red shades are retro and summery, making it the ideal option for the warmer months. If you opt for this, you are likely going for a bold, fun vibe. 

what your nail polish says about you

Darker shades of red, like maroon, are classic winter shades. It gives off regal energy, with just a touch of sophistication.

Light Pink

Pale pink nails are the epitome of simple, yet elegant. So what does light pink nails mean?

what your your nail polish color tells about you

Those who have pale pink nails are sometimes low-key and quiet, not wanting to make a bold statement. 

This shade is perfect for those who want to have versatility in their style and look well put together. It is also a firm favorite with people who work in corporate, as it blends in well. 


For those living on the wilder side, yellow is the ideal shade option for nails. 

what your nail polish color can tell about you

It is a cheery color that exudes warmth and a friendly disposition, indicative of a light-hearted person. This is also the perfect addition to bohemian style and those who want to stand out and be seen. 

If you like the color but want something a bit more subdued, opt for a pastel yellow.


Purple shades are a popular nail option, but the exact shade can differ in what it says about a person. 

 what message your nail polish color can send about you

Darker shades of purple are very unique and artistic, reflecting those qualities in the person donning it. 

The lighter shades, like lilac, are playful and timeless. It is often similar to a light pink, which is a true summer classic.


Green is an earthy tone that can exude a person’s personality. It is sometimes a fashion and political statement at the same time. 

What Your Nail Polish Color Reveals About You

Darker green shades like emerald, and lighter shades like lime, have become prevalent in the fashion world. Those who opt for these are exhibiting knowledge and following style trends. 

Going green is also a great way to show off environmental beliefs. Whether it’s raising awareness of issues, or showing your love for the planet, green is a subtle nod to this.


Blue can be fun and spunky, or calm and earthy. What does it mean if a girl has blue nails? It all depends on the shade. 

Dark navy is a subtle, elegant color on nails and shows a subdued personality with a hint of hidden edginess. 

What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality

Blue shades in the middle, like a royal blue, are bold and exciting and indicative of someone who wants to stand out in a crowd. 
Light blue shades, like a pastel, are young and feminine. It shows a person is simple in their tastes but does like to put a twist on things.


See What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality

Neon is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the cool, vibrant crowd who set trends instead of following them. 

This is the shade worn by those who are extroverted, social butterflies. It is also a summery option, for beach lovers who want their nails to shine through the blue waves.


Nude colors on nails can be versatile, in the simplest way possible. 

What Your Nail Color Says About You

Lighter nudes blend well into the skin, which is preferred by people who want a straightforward color that looks polished, without making too much of a statement. 

It can exude simplicity and elegance and suits those who are effortlessly chic in other areas, like dress sense. 

What Your Nail Color Can Say About You

Darker nudes, like dark brown shades, are earthy and trendy. It combines the elegance of the nude with a slight edge that makes it a colder choice, ideal for those who strike a balance between subtlety and fun in everything they do.


What Your Nail Color Can tell About You

Black is a classic color in most realms, but on nails, they fall on more of the alternative side. 

What does black nail polish mean? Black sure makes a statement, with those who wear it also sporting a no-nonsense attitude.

It is also the nail color of those who rebel against the rules of society, and instead create their own rules. It is a trendy color for nails and an excellent choice for winter in particular. 

Personality aside, it is also a color that goes with absolutely everything. If you tend to play around with the color palettes of your outfits, but still want your nails to match, black is your go-to.


what your nail polish color can say about you

Shades of grey are a fashionable, subtle option that balances between art and minimalism. 

Those who wear this particular shade are generally chic intellectuals who enjoy modern simplicity. The frosty nails are a winter essential. Darker means edgier, and lighter means classic. 

If you want to take it to a more unique level, try mixing and matching. A grey ombre, or a different shade on each nail, will put a quirky twist on a subtle shade.


what your nail polish color says about you

White nails are one of the most popular options and for good reason. 

So what does it mean if a girl paints her nails white? It is a classic shade for nails and shows a person is simple and classy in their style and demeanor. Like with black, it goes with everything worn. 

Pearlier shades of white are more natural and easygoing, while vivid white is a bolder choice.

French manicure

A French manicure has been a trend that has not lost momentum over the years. 

It is luxury in a manicure. It indicates that you’re a person who prefers old favorites and has a high-end, classic style. 

Instead of adding a new color, it emphasizes the shape and design of your actual nail. This shows a more conservative side, that still enjoys opulence. 


what your nail polish color tells about you

Glittery nails are the go-to for the glitzy and glamorous. 

If you opt for glitter, you are likely a person who enjoys the nightlife and thrives in social settings. It is also a fun, sparkly way to display your shiny personality and love for all things decadent.


Clear nails are the most natural, simple way to express yourself. 

Those who do not want any color, but rather a subtle clear polish, just want a polished, simple finish that will generally reflect how they dress. Refined simplicity. 


There are so many shades to choose from, but each says a lot about your preferences, and who you are. 

Because of this, pick your nail color with intention. Instead of blindly following what the trends are, opt for a style and color that displays and suits your style.

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