Best Nail Color For Beach Vacation

So, the time has finally arrived for you to pack your bag and take that beach vacation you’ve patiently been waiting for all this time. 

With new swimwear and your shades in check, the only thing left for you to complete your look is choosing the best nail color for beach vacation. But what are the hottest trending colors for your beach vacation this year? 

Here we will focus on the best nail colors for your beach holiday so that you have one less thing to worry about when soaking up the sun. 

Best Nail Color For Beach Vacation

When going to the beach you want to feel the warm sun, cool water and to just enjoy the scene. And these precious moments must be captured or as the saying goes, “if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen”. Let’s look at what colors will complement your beach vacation.


the best nail color for beach vacation

 This natural shade will pair well with any bathing suit you decide to wear to the beach and that’s why we love to wear this color on a beach vacation. Nude nail polish is the best neutral nail polish.

There are many shades of nude so you never want to wear a shade of nude that resembles your skin tone because this will leave you looking bland and, on the beach, more than likely camouflaging with the sand.

Country Club Khaki is great because the shade is modern and classy. 

But if you are dark-skinned, go for light nudes, and if you’re fair-skinned, choose darker nudes. Contrast is important to play around with the different nude shades.

Apart from being a perfect color for a beach vacation, Country Club Khaki is also one of the best wedding nail polish colors, and fitting to wear all year round.


best nail colors for beach vacation

Green is excellent for a beach vacation because of its connections with nature. With green, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed exactly what you need for your holiday. It looks particularly great when it's worn with beachwear that has white or any shade of green in it. 

All skin tones can get away with wearing this color but it pairs particularly well with a medium skin tone. Tanning on the beach while sipping on your mint water is a look with ORLY’s Happy Camper.

It’s a beautiful pastel turquoise crème which is a gentle pale shade of green nail polish. This shade of green evokes contagious calming and carefree beach vibes and will look stunning on your manicured nails or your toes. 

Happy Camper is a great choice for this since ORLY is famous for its long-lasting formulas and perfect manicures because it is fade and chip resistant. This color may also be considered one of the best spring nail polish colors for the spring season. 


best nail color for beach

Pink is great for a beach vacation because it is the perfect summer nail polish color and reminiscent of cotton candy, bubble gum, and all things fun. Making it one of the best nail polish colors for a beach vacation.

ORLY’s Beach Cruizer is a great choice for this because just as the name suggests, this fluorescent pink nail polish is as classic as a pink Cadillac and will have you turning heads while cruising the beach. 

The color is bright and attractive and you will make a statement without even trying. It contrasts well with the sea and creates great beach portraits perfect for posting. 


best nail polish for beach vacation


Gold is a stunning color for a beach vacation because it is glamorous. Grab your bottle of bubbly, two classes, and hit the beach to watch the sunset on calming waters.

We love Luxe because this gold nail polish has a foil shimmer that will have you beach vacationing in true style. Dress it up with your trendy beachwear and just like that, you’ll be made. A fashion icon in the making with a timeless look.

ORLY nail polish is undoubtedly a celebrity favorite. The polish is worn by stars like Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, and Nicole Scherzinger to name just a few. And one can understand why.

So, if you ever ask yourself the question, what color nail polish should I wear, look no further, Luxe is the color to wear any day, anytime, anywhere. You will never go wrong with this one because it's timeless.


best polish for nails for beach vacation

There isn’t a more fitting color to wear on your beach vacation than this one. Red is striking against the blue ocean and beige sand. 

Fireball from ORLY is a great example of this because this color uses red nail polish as a base and to that the perfect amount of orange and shimmer is added. 

Fireball color pops and looks vibrant and alive when worn. The complete opposite to what would complement the winter nail polish colors.

Get a hat to match or a towel to complement the red-orange shimmer or perhaps get the opposite so that you can color block and provide an interesting and complementary combination of fashionable colors. 

All of ORLY’s 400+ products are free from harmful ingredients which are truly amazing.

The products have never been tested on animals as quality vegan products are of high importance to ORLY. 


nail color for beach vacation

Silver is especially great on a beach vacation when the skies are overcast. The overcast skies make the water look dark and mysterious. This backdrop enhances silver and together creates a powerful image.

ORLY Shine is an excellent option because with this color you make your presence known. It is flashy and dazzling and symbolizes wealth and riches. So be dazzling on your beach vacation, wear jewelry to match, and raise the bar for nail color on beach vacations. 


cool color for beach vacation

Blue is great for a beach vacation because the color enhances the deep blue ocean and the blue sky so it’s very fitting to be worn on your beach vacation.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Its Brittney Beach from ORLY is something blue on your beach vacation. This electric blue is exciting to wear so expect to get loads of compliments.

It's Brittney Beach is stunning for the beach and is best worn on toes. When walking along the beach it looks like sapphire gemstones peeking through the sand. 


cool nail polish for beach

Yellow is a happy color and pops very well at the beach and another reason why it's usually used as water-safety floats. But don’t let that put you off wearing this color on your beach vacation, just choose the right shade of yellow. 

ORLY’s Here Comes the Sun is a perfect example of beach-perfect yellow. It is toned down so it’s not loud. It’s a saffron yellow creme polish that is reminiscent of a sunrise. Wear it with neutral colors so that it's not too overpowering. 


White is beautiful on the beach because it brings out the colors you are surrounded by. The blue sky, the blue ocean, the beige sand, and you. We love white, especially on darker skin. 

ORLY’s Power Pastel Nail Polish is great for this because it’s not pure white, there is a hint of purple/lilac color which creates that beautiful subtlety. This worn with some floral or paisley patterns gives it that timeless 60’s look.


With ORLY your life will surely be more colorful whether it be easy to wear nude shades, gentle shades of green, or vibrant and daring Brittney Beach shades.

For over 40 years our range of colors and treatments has been bought and used by professionals around the world. Our products are trusted and have quality like no other.

Whichever color you choose, be sure to liven up your summer with the best nail colors for beach vacations trending at ORLY. You won’t want to leave home without it.

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