Best Fall Nail Polish

The leaves are falling, the scarves are out and the lattes are pumpkin-spiced. It is finally time to embrace everyone’s favorite season: fall. What better way to get into the autumn spirit than getting your best fall nail polish on?

Some new trends also pop up every year alongside our tried and true favorites. There are simply too many beautiful shades to choose from, so we have given you our best.

We have rounded up all the best fall colors in our guide this year so you can stay on-trend and in season. 

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Best Nail Polishes for Fall

Fall reminds us of so many shades: oranges, browns, greens, and blues. The earthy shades we see in nature this time of year provide us with the best inspiration for nail polishes. Any color that reminds you of leaves falling, fresh earth, pumpkins, or the chilly weather will work for fall.

This may seem overwhelming and you are probably wondering ‘what color nail polish should I wear this fall?’ The good news is that we have you covered. Take a look at some of our favorite shades.

Mustard Yellow

popular fall nail polish colors

Mustard yellow has become quite a popular color recently in fashion trends. Yellow is typically known for giving us very bright and unforgiving shades. Mustard is a darker shade of yellow that is warm without being too bright.

Mustard yellow compliments slightly long, oval-shaped nails really well. This shade also allows you to tone down your outfits so your earthy, yellow nails stand out and blend in with the season. Who could resist a picture of their mustard nails around a Starbucks cup?

Get the look with our Here Comes the Sun. It’s our favorite yellow nail polish.

Deep Moss Green 

best nail polishes for fall

Finally, a green shade that is not just part of the spring or winter nail polish colors. Moss green is an unexpected shade that goes surprisingly well for the fall season. If you are into darker nail polish shades like burgundy, then this is the perfect fall color for you.

The deep moss color is reminiscent of the lush color the earth gets when the weather becomes cooler. This color boasts the fresh and clean feeling that fall brings. The best part is that it looks flattering on all skin tones.

Try our Nouveau Riche green nail polish for a beautiful, mossy look.

Rich Tonal Browns 

best nail polish for fall

Say hello to the neutral shades for the fall season. Pack away the blush pinky shades and make way for our tonal browns. These tones are so rich and classy and they make the best natural nail polish color for fall.

These shades are also pegged as a winter favorite, but we love them even more for the fall season. As far as brown nail polishes go, Canyon Clay is one of the best for fall.

Royal Blue

nail polish for september

Blue may seem like a weird choice out of summer or winter but we have our exceptions. Royal blue specifically is a timeless shade. It will look regal on any skin tone with its bold, deep hue.

It reminds us of the chilly weather that is arriving in the fall time without being too much of a wintery shade. This is perfect for those that want to bring a pop of color into their otherwise neutral fall outfits. 

If you’re looking for a royal blue shade of nail polish this fall, try It’s Brittney, Beach.

Creamy Blue 

nail polish for october

Royal blue is not the only shade of blue we are loving for this fall. Creamy blue is not just one of the popular summer nail polish colors, it is also a perfect fall shade. This shade is more on the pastel side of blue for those who are not interested in the intensity of royal blue.

This shade is perfect for the dreamers who always have their heads in the clouds. It will remind you of a picnic under a perfect sky. The best part of this shade is that it even looks great on short nails.

Try out our Far Out creamy blue nail polish.

Earthy Red

popular nail polish colors for fall

Earthy red has often been overlooked for fall and is just seen as a Christmas nail polish color. While the deep red does look quite festive, it also pairs well with the earthy tones of fall. Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with red nails.

These red shades have brown undertones that make them perfect for the season. This is not the right time for bright red nails. We are looking at softer, more natural reds.

Stiletto On The Run is the perfect earthy red nail polish to add to your fall collection.

Matte Gray 

fall nail polish colors

Gray is a beautiful neutral color that you can wear with just about any outfit. We are specifically in love with a washed-out matte gray color for your nails this season. It looks professional and neat, so it is the perfect nail polish for job interviews.

If you are going for a feminine look, make sure your matte gray is going on longer nails. It will look particularly great with the black and white pieces in your wardrobe. 

Try our Mirror Mirror shade of gray nail polish.

Dark Teal

nail polishes for fall

Meghan Markle rocks the shade of royal dark teal and we think you should too. This deep blue-green color is just magical to look at and will compliment your neutral fall outfits so well. The color is so rich that it will look great on nails of any length and shape. 

The best part about this color is that it does not even need any nail art to compliment it. It is a color that deserves to stand alone. 

Get our Air of Mystique shade this season. 

Shades of Orange

nail polish for fall

Would it even be a fall round-up if orange did not feature somewhere? Orange is a beautiful color for fall as it matches the falling leaves as well as all the pumpkins. For fall, you can pretty much get away with any orange shade that suits you.

We love the bolder orange shades as they are fun and eye-catching. If there was a single color that was suitable for fall, it would be orange. We love any shade of orange for fall nails from ochre to bright orange. 

To get the look, try out our Kitsch You Later shade of orange nail polish.

What is the nail trend for 2021?

We had a lot of unique nail trends in 2021 to be inspired by. Our top picks included the return of neon shades, multi-colored manicures, metallic shades, swirl nail art, and diamond embellishments. 

All of these trends played around with exciting colors and made nails the centerpiece of anyone’s outfit. We love that for nail art.

What is the most flattering nail color?

Your most flattering nail color will depend on your skin tone and the shape of your nails. 

If you have fairer skin, opt for pinkish nude and pastel shades. Metallic shades have also shown to be a great choice for pale skin.

Olive skin tones look best with beige nudes, orange-reds, sage green, and sky blues. Olive skin handles pops of color really well.

Dark skin tones are complemented by bright colors as the skin tone will not be drowned out by the vibrancy of the nail polish. Bright cobalt blues, deep reds, bright white, and neon yellow look great against dark skin.

Colors like navy, royal blue, or moss green look great on any skin shade.

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