Mood Nail Polish Color Meaning

Nail polish is so much more than just a random color you choose to paint your nails with. Given that sometimes this might actually be the case, most of the time, there is normally meaning behind the color people choose to paint their nails. 

The color of nail polish that people choose may resemble their general mood, personality, and who they are. 

In this article, we will be discussing what your nail polish says about you and how your mood nail polish color meaning is generally linked to different moods and personalities. 

What The Nail Polish Color You Are Wearing Says About Your Mood


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White nail polish is very popular, but what does it mean if someone paints their nails white?

It is a common trend that white nail polish may be worn if you are single. In this case, it signifies a mood that is ready for a fresh start. It can also be a color signifying a flirty and experimental mood.

White doesn’t always signify if someone is single, though. White nail polish can capture a mood of confidence, peace, and class.


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If you are wondering “What does it mean if someone has blue nails”, this could be different based on what shade of blue is worn.

If it is a light or baby blue color that is worn, it usually means that they have a very calm, zen-like, happy mood. 

If the color of blue is more bright and electric, then it means that the mood of the person is more adventurous, daring, and outgoing. 

Light Pink

mood nail polish color meaning

For people wondering “What does light pink nails mean”, this color of nail polish is usually worn by people who may be into a natural, classic style and very down to earth. 

Light pink is commonly worn by people who are feeling confident, bubbly, warm, and happy. They want to show off their confidence but also don’t want to stand out and be the center of attention.


mood nail polish colors meaning

If you have been wondering “What does black nail polish mean”, it is often thought to be worn by people who are in a bit of a rebellious mood. 

While this is the case sometimes, people who wear it are not always rebellious. 
Sometimes they are just in a “don’t mess with me” sort of mood and want to show off a bit more of their darker side. Black nail polish also often makes people feel empowered, so if they are feeling like that, it is likely they will want to rock this darker shade of polish.

Hot Red

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Hot red nail polish is often worn by people who are feeling in a confident, feisty, and outgoing mood. 

This color of nail polish is worn if the person is feeling self-assured, confident and maybe a little bit dramatic, too.


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Yellow is worn by people who are in a happy mood. It is worn by those who exude sunshine and always have a smile on their faces. 

Yellow also tends to be worn by people who want to stand out and spread their warmth and happiness with others.


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Orange nail polish captures the moods of people who are creative, bubbly, and are feeling the happy mood of summer.

The color orange is also a popular nail polish choice for those people who are feeling optimistic and impulsive, as it encapsulates their adventurous spirit.


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Glitter nail polish is worn by those who are in the mood to be glamorous, fun, and who want to stand out. 

Glitter nail polish always stands out from the crowd. If you’re in the mood to have a good time, and to be noticed while doing so, then glitter is the type of nail polish that you should wear.


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Green nail polish is often worn by those who are in an adventurous mood. It is a strong color and encapsulates moods of adventure and risk-taking. 

Dark green shades are also often worn by those who feel as if they have a connection to mother nature, and as a result will be feeling in a calm, deep and earthy sort of mood.


People who wear neon-colored nail polish are often in the mood to make a statement, have a good time, and be the life of the party. 

Neon colors encapsulate a mood that is energetic, vibrant, and just plain old fun. 

French Manicure

French manicures are worn by those who are in the mood to be glamorous and sophisticated, but still want to show their timeless style.

Wearing a French manicure indicates that you are in a mood where you want to be fashionable and make a statement in a classic, beautiful way.

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