What Does It Mean if a Girl Has Blue Nails?

Have you noticed that some people are wearing blue nail polish more often these days? Maybe you’ve wondered “what does it mean if someone has blue nails?”

After all, blue is a beautiful vibrant color and people with blue nail polish are always ready to make a fashionable statement.

On the other hand, blue is also often seen as a color of serenity or calm. So what do blue nails signify? Read on to find out exactly what meaning is hidden behind blue nail polish.

What Does It Mean If Someone Has Blue Nails?

A recent trend on TikTok has prompted many people to paint their nails blue, light blue, or other shades of blue. In fact, it has become a viral trend.

But many people are wondering what this means. If you were wondering whether nail polish is code for something, the answer is yes. 

In fact, what your nail polish says about you has been a hot topic recently. 

For example, what black nails mean could be something completely different from what blue nails mean. 

And if you Google “what does light pink nails mean” or “why do guys wear black nail polish”, the answers may, or may not surprise you

Other people may believe that the length of the nails has some meaning. 

Some people have wondered “why do people grow their pinky nail long” or “what do long nails say about someone”. 

The point is, blue nail polish may or may not mean something for the wearer. It really depends on the person. 

Reasons Why Someone's Fingernails Are Painted Blue

They Are Unavailable

This is the reason for the current TikTok trend and probably the reason for a lot of blue fingernails in the world right now. 

And if you were wondering what nail color is most attractive, you probably can’t go wrong with a shade of light blue. 

It all started in 2020 when someone on TikTok stated that whenever someone is asked what color fingernails should be, they always answer with “light blue”. 

A year later, the topic resurfaced and it has now reached viral status. 

After this, the trend of blue nails began and soon many people were using light blue tones to signify that they were in a relationship. 

So what color nails mean you’re single? The answer is white nails!

But if you spot someone with light blue nails, look to their left to see who the lucky companion is.

They Are Daring

People have historically subscribed to hues of red and pink when it comes to fingernail polish. 

What does it mean something if a girl has blue nails

In fact, it wasn’t until recently that other colors, especially blue and green, started popping up. 

This is partly due to the fact that blue nails were not as popular in the past, which is why many people did not prefer this shade. But, all that has changed in recent years.

For the least daring among us, blue fingernails may seem a little bit “out there”. 

So, if you see someone wearing blue fingernails, you should know that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are fashionable and like to take chances.

They Have a Youthful Spirit

You will find people of many generations with blue nails. 

This is a fun, exciting color that has many shades to compliment many skin tones. In the past, it wasn’t seen as one of the more “common colors”, but the fashionable have always dabbled in shades of blue. 

So, if you spot someone rocking a blue coat of nails, you can assume that they are very chic and young at heart. 

A creative spark may even inspire using blue nail polish with one of our short detailer brushes to spice things up with some interesting nail designs.

What does it mean when a girl has blue nails

And What If A Man Has One Blue Fingernail?

He Maybe Supporting A Cause

You can’t really talk about the blue nail trend without mentioning the case where men paint one of their fingernails blue in support of a movement called “The Polished Man”.

This is a cause that supports men’s role in ending violence against children and spreading awareness. 

Blue is one of the most common colors that men choose to paint one of their fingernails. But you might also see some men wear black nail polish on one finger as a token of support. 

So, if you spot a man with one blue or black painted nail, he is probably doing it to support this cause.

Final Remarks

So, what can you assume from a person whose fingernails are painted blue? Well, first and foremost, light blue nails may indicate that they are not available to date. 

If they are single, it signifies that they are not afraid to take fashion risks. 

And no matter their age, you can probably assume that they are young at heart. 

All in all, someone with blue fingernails is probably a fun person to be with.

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