Summer Nail Polish Colors

There’s no arguing that summer nail polish colors have the power to lift your mood and brighten your day. Be brave this summer and try something out of the norm. Opt for a color that’s more vibrant.

So out with the moody winter colors and in with the bright, bold, and fresh summer nail polish. From lush pinks and bright corals to luxurious golds, here we have it all.

Summer Nail Polish Colors

Orange Nail Polish

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Orange nail polish is great for summer because it has high energy. It evokes strong emotion and often sparks conversation. Orange gets its energy from red and positivity from yellow, mix them together and you have orange.

We love it because it makes your manicure look exciting. And because it is vibrant and flamboyant making it perfect for summer. It brings that element of freshness. And because it is versatile, there’s an orange shade for every complexion.

Our Melt Your Popsicle is bright and beautiful and fun. It is eye-catching and it’s a pure orange, so be prepared to get lots of compliments. It especially looks good with an outfit that is monochromatic or complimentary with orange.

Kitsch You Later is another popular shade of our orange selection. This orange shade is a bright tangerine, making it stunning when paired with a summer look. 

Blue Nail Polish

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Blue nail polish brings a cooling atmosphere to the summer heat. It also brings that sense of calm. And we love that it has positive effects on the mind and body, communicating significance, confidence, and intelligence.

The darker blues are rich and elegant. The lighter blues are calming and fresh. We love it because it's also the best nail color for a beach vacation.

It's Brittney Beach is the perfect summer blue and is very popular amongst our blues. It is bright and enchanting and makes your manicure look like dazzling jewels.

You will also love Far Out from our blue range. You will match the sky with this gorgeous blue. Stunning when worn with white, think clouds in the blue sky and it pops against orange.

Pink Nail Polish

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Make a splash this summer with timeless pink nail polish. It's bright, playful, and fun, representing everything summer has to offer. Enhance your gorgeous pink manicure with a pink summer outfit or accessories. No doubt you’ll make a statement in this classic color.

Maybe try a matching pedicure this summer. Popping pink toes contrast beautifully when walking barefoot in the sea, sand or between the green grass blades.

Our Oh Cabana Boy is perfect for those summertime activities. It’s got a pretty shimmer that will look fabulous on you poolside and will sparkle in the night lights.

You can take a more neutral approach with a soft ballerina pink nail polish. Our Confetti is perfect for special summer occasions because it is neutral, pink, and  versatile with any look.

Brown Nail Polish

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Yes, brown. Brown nail polish is luxurious for summer. Pair it with a white swimsuit and stylish hat to match and you’re made. This earthy color is elegant and oh so natural. We love brown in summer because it is a different vibe from the bright colors and it’s just so versatile.

Our Prince Charming is going to have you hooked. This color is such a perfect shade of brown, it is rich and chic and it goes with everything. Show off your brown manicure while holding your latte or show off your pedicure at the beach.

You will also like our Canyon Clay Nail Polish. Rich, warm and earthy. We love the simplicity of it and therefore it’s a favorite for the summer season. Although great for summer, make no mistake that it's also a popular fall color.

Red Nail Polish

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This color brings great energy to summer. Your red nail polish manicure will stand out in a crowd without even trying. The color is a showstopper and a lot of fun.

There’s a shade of red for everyone. It's also one of the best holiday nail polish colors. 

Our Red Rock polish is a luxurious desert burgundy. It's glamorous and alluring and will pop against your gorgeous skin.

If you liked Red Rock, you’re going to love Muy Caliente. It makes a striking manicure. Pair it with a stunning red dress or completely contrast it with white or blue. This red nail polish is vibrant and needs no backup.

White Nail Polish

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Pure and fresh, white nail polish is crisp for summer. We love it because it is elegant, timeless and always chic. And it's one of the best nail polish colors for weddings.

Pair your white manicured nails with a white suit worn to the office or wear a white outfit to a summer beach party to add to that monochromatic look. It’s also perfect for a bridal shower or summer wedding. Whichever you choose, white works brilliantly for summer.

Our Power Pastel Nail Polish has a hint of lavender which is charming and refreshingly different. Have fun with it and put a unique spin on your summer look with this beautiful neutral.

Purple Nail Polish

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Purple is an enchanting color. It's magical and magnetic in the way that it draws people in. Purple nail polish will add a regal touch to your summer. The color ignites imagination and creativity while representing beauty.

Its softer lavender shade have a  special place in nature. The beautiful lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered subtle and treasured.

It's special and peaceful, just like our Scenic Route polish. It can make a statement, or compliment a beautiful look.

You will also love our Lips Like Sugar. It is intriguing and a summer favorite. It’s a very popular bright, electric purple shade.

Yellow Nail Polish

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Think summer, sunshine, hope, and happiness. We love yellow nail polish. It’s a positive color that is optimistic and therefore perfect for summer. You can imagine the energy you’ll bring to the room sporting beautiful yellow on your nails.

You will feel the in the spirit of summer with our Glowstick yellow. Don’t let anything put you off wearing this color.

It looks great to work, or when you are out with your friends or relaxing on the beach. It highlights your manicure brilliantly and looks stunning.

Our Here Comes The Sun is perfect for summer. It is not loud but instead toned down. It’s a saffron yellow creme polish that is reminiscent of a sunrise. And looks particularly beautiful when worn with neutral colors. 

Green Nail Polish

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Green nail polish is excellent for summer because of its connections with nature. And it looks beautiful when it's worn with navy or white. With green, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and carefree, exactly what you want to feel in summer.

You will love our Fresh shade of green nail polish. All skin tones look great wearing this color. It is a stunning bright green crème that will remind you of new leaves on trees. 

You will feel revitalized and one with the environment wearing this green. It's also one of the best spring nail polish colors

Our Vintage is another green we recommend for summer. This mint-green shade is reminiscent of mint chocolate ice cream in the summer heat. The color is cute, fun and very popular.

Silver Nail Polish

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Silver nail polish is great for summer because it brings that ‘cool’ factor. It's definitely a look. Pull together a stylish ensemble to make it even chicer. It’s a great summer pick, and you can wear it throughout the season.

You will die for our Shine nail polish. This beautiful crème is formulated to be flashy and dazzling. Silver and any metallic finish look great on everyone. So be dazzling this summer, wear jewelry to match, and make your presence known.

Apply Shine On Crazy Diamond to your nails and you will be amazed at how much your nails look like diamonds in the sun. It is sparkly and very pretty. This is a must-have for summer.

Glitter Nail Polish

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Turn up your summer and dazzle with vibrant glitter nail polish. Wear it on your nails or toes, it looks great on either. It also goes with every skin tone. Wearing this will make your manicure sparkle like the summer sun.

There are no rules to choosing the right summer glitter creme for your nails. Go crazy with our Holy Holo which is a favorite among nail lovers. Or think outside the box and go with our Gossip Girl rose gold glitter polish.


And there you have it, some of our favorite summer nail polish colors. So be creative, explore and try every color of the rainbow.  

Our formulas are vegan, leaping-bunny certified and formulated without harmful chemicals so that you can have a fun and carefree summer.

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