Best Spring Nail Polish Colors

Spring is coming and that means warmer weather, bright bold tones and pastels.

Whether you are looking for something a bit more daring, or prefer an understated shade, we found a few shades that will fit every aesthetic.

If you are looking to shake things up a bit, then take a read. We’ll cover all of the best spring nail polish colors.

What This Article Covers:

Soft Pink

spring nail polish colors

If you are all about low-maintenance sheer shades, then this soft pink is a must-have in your nail polish stash.

This pink shade is flattering on every skin tone and works perfectly as a base for a French manicure.

You can also toss on one coat when you want your nails to look good, but do not want to wait for a bunch of layers to dry.

At ORLY, our Lift the Veil nail lacquer is the perfect shade for this. The nail polish can be worn every day when you are in the mood for a light color.

If you are marrying in the spring, then you’ll want to invest in this pink shade, since it is one of the best wedding nail polishes out there.

Baby Blue

best spring nail polish

A trendy color this spring is baby blue. It reminds us of misty morning skies and the return of sunny days.

Far Out from ORLY will add a soothing touch to your busy weekdays. Its coverage is fabulous, and the color is long-lasting. Just finish off with a top coat for a versatile manicure to prevent any peeling.

So, why not stock up on baby blue polishes?

Creamy Peach

spring nail polish

Who doesn’t like a peachy spring color?

If you do not want something too bold, but not too plain either, then the creamy peach polish color is the one for you.

Peaches and Dreams by ORLY is practically made for warmer weather. It is the perfect springtime neutral color that will make your nails pop.

We also like that this nail lacquer is made from a breathable formula that prevents peeling and chipping. Just apply two thin layers on your nail plate, and let it dry.

It is no surprise that this shade is a strong contender for the best summer nail polish

Mint Green

nail polish colors for spring

Another trendy spring nail polish color is mint green. This lively shade isn’t too “out there”, but the creamy pastel green will get you in the summer mood.

Mint green is a popular spring color that creates a beautiful contrast on deeper skin tones, while also looking flattering on fair skin tones.

If you like the look of mint ice cream, or lush plants, then you will want to try Vintage by ORLY. It gives a clean and fresh finish while giving a dash of color.

Sunny Yellow

nail colors for spring

There is no better time than spring to try out this sunny nail polish color. An egg-yolk nail lacquer will light up your mood every time that you look at it. It is the best nail color for a beach vacation.

ORLY’s Oh Snap is ideal for anyone who wants to try sunny yellow but does not want to go too bold. A bonus is that it is free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free.

To make the color pop, apply a coat of white nail polish as your base coat before layering the sunny yellow on top. 

Cool Lilac

nail polish for spring

If you want to soften the transition from dark winter nail polish colors to light spring hues, then this smoky lilac is the spring nail polish color for you.

The cool lilac will remind you of blooming flowers, while it has a muted look that will look great on a neutral manicure.

You should try out our Spirit Junkie if you love an understated purple shade. We like this nail lacquer because it can last for a few weeks without any chipping.

Bright Coral

cool nail colors for spring

If you are looking for a cheerful color to wear on repeat between those spring months, then you should look at bright coral.

If you cannot choose between a pastel or neon shade then you will like this peachy-pink shade. It is brighter than pastel, but not as muted as neon.

We love our After Glow because it is reminiscent of sipping rum punch at a warm and sandy destination. The joyfully bright coral can be easily applied and dries fairly quickly.

Vibrant Orange

spring nail polishes


Nothing says springtime like this bright, flirty, and fun orange shade. It’s why we added it to our list of best spring nail polish colors.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then the orange crème will do it for you.

We especially like our Bird of Paradise shade. The Halloween pumpkin orange color is bound to make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of it.

Before applying two coats of this nail lacquer, you need to apply one base coat to prepped nails and finish it off with your favorite top coat.

Cherry Red

spring nail colors

Red nail polish will never go out of style. If you want to make a statement with your nail look, you will not go wrong with a cherry red nail lacquer.

ORLY's Cherry Bomb gives a fresh and exuberant red that will look good with any of your spring looks. We like that this nail polish has a breathable formula that nourishes your nails, while being fashionable.

You can also wear the Cherry Bomb in the winter holidays as it is also a lovely Holiday nail polish color.

Dusty Periwinkle

nail colors spring

Periwinkle is a warm blue shade that slightly leans in a purple direction. It is such a special color that many people will be asking you what color you are wearing.

We like the added pastel dustiness to our Just Breathe. It is subtle, yet striking enough to make the color pop. With this nail polish, your damaged nails will reap the benefits of a breathable formula that is infused with Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C.

The Takeaway

You can transform your nails, outfit, and mood with a quick nail polish change. That is why we made this list of cheerful shades that can brighten anyone’s mood and help you get your nails springtime ready.

Although muted and subtle pastels are always the go-to colors for springtime, there aren’t any rules that forbid you from going all out with neon or pigmented hues. Try something different this spring.

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