Classic Nail Polish Color

What do you think of when you see the words classic nail polish color? Timeless and versatile are probably two of the first words that come to mind. But is there such a thing as a classic nail polish color? 

While everyone’s perceptions and opinions of colors are different, some nail polish colors have stood the test of time. These are colors that look good with almost anything. And can be your go-to nail color when you get an unexpected invitation to an event. 

In our classic nail polish color guide, we look at the most popular nail polish colors that would be considered classic. 

What This Article Covers:

The Top Classic Nail Polish Colors


Neutrals such as black and white nail polish are considered by some people to be classic nail polish colors.

Does white nail polish look good with everything? Yes, it won’t compete with other colors and can be extremely versatile. 

most classic nail polish color

Our off-white Barely There is a soft white polish that will look good in any situation.

Black nail polish is almost as versatile as white, but may not be suitable for more formal events. While neutrals may be considered classic, always keep in mind what environment you will be wearing that nail polish color in.

Nude Colors 

Nude colors are another example of classic nail polish. They will go with whatever you are wearing, and always look elegant. 

When you have a fashion challenge, like which nail polish matches the shoe you’re wearing, go for nude colors. They seamlessly blend in with any look.

If you don’t want your nail polish color to compete with your dress, opt for nude nail polish. They are also a great nail polish for redheads who often don’t know what color nail polish to wear. 


Almost everyone would agree that red nail polish is a timeless classic. But what is the reason for this? And does it depend on the shade of red?

Why Is Red A Classic Nail Polish Color?

Red nail polish was one of the first commercially available nail colors. The iconic shade of red nail polish made popular by screen goddesses such as Marilyn Monroe came to symbolize the femme fatale. 

But our love affair with red nail polish started way before that. As far back as 3000BC, Chinese royalty colored their nails red. And in Ancient Egypt, red nail coloring was used by the highest-ranking women.

And that brings us back to that one of those words to describe a classic. Timeless. Because of its timeless appeal, red is a truly classic nail polish color.

Which Shades Of Red Nail Polish Are The Most Classic? 

best classic nail polish color

Bold, deep red is one of the most classic shades of red. Our Stiletto On The Run is guaranteed to make you feel like a femme fatale. 

And the true red of our Monroe’s Red will make you feel as glamorous as a movie star.

With our range of red nail polishes to choose from, you’ll easily find the right one for you. And if you’re wanting to match your nails to your dress, you may even find the right nail polish to go with your red dress

Pale Pink

Another symbol of femininity, pink is a popular choice worldwide. Pink nail polish will always be fashionable, but while different shades are trendy at different times, pale pink is a classic.

Pale pink is suitable for most occasions and is subtle enough to wear in a more formal work environment.  Wondering what color nail polish to wear with a black dress for a formal event? This will look elegant and not draw the attention away from your stunning black dress.

best classic nail polish color to have

It is loved by people of all ages and adds a touch of feminine drama without the boldness of red. So pamper yourself with our pale pink classic, Pamper Me. Or choose our sheer polish Kiss Me, I’m Kind to give your nails a subtle hint of color for a truly classic look. 

Is A French Manicure A Classic Nail Polish?

What nail polish goes with everything? A French Manicure. It suits all skin colors and skin tones, it looks good with everything you wear and suits all occasions. You can’t go wrong with this classic nail polish choice. 

A French Manicure Is Versatile

One of the ways to describe a classic is that it’s versatile. And our French manicure nail polish is incredibly versatile. 

best classic color nail polish

Our Beverly Hills Plum nail polish is an elegant and classic nail polish choice. This sheer coral shade has only a subtle hint of color. Use on its own or as the base for a French Manicure. Used with our White Tips polish, you can create the perfect classic French Manicure nail polish look.

Wear it to events where the dress code is very formal, for a corporate work environment, or even on a coffee date. And if you’re stumped as to what color nail polish to wear with a coral dress, this would be ideal.

It’s perfect for women who love their nails to look groomed but don’t love bright colors. Trends come and go, but a classic French Manicure will never go out of style. 

It’s Easy To Do A Classic French Manicure With Our French Manicure Kits

Our classic French Manicure Kits make it even easier as they contain everything you need for the ultimate French manicure. 

classic color nail polish

They are available in Pink Nude and Bare Rose. They include basecoat and topcoat in one, nail lacquer, half-moon tip guides, and complete French Manicure instructions.

Can A Classic Nail Polish Color Be Worn With Everything?

Remember those words that came to mind? Timeless and versatile. 

The fact that a classic nail polish color can be worn with almost anything is what makes it versatile. And its versatility is what helps to make it a classic. 

The hallmark of a truly classic nail polish color is that it will never go out of style. And while not all classic nail polish colors will go with everything you wear, most of them will.

Will Every Classic Nail Color Be Right For Me?

Any color that makes you feel good about yourself is right for you. But to look your best, even in classic nail polish, it should complement your unique coloring as well as your personality. 

Just as there is not only one classic piece of literature or one classic car, there is not one classic color. Several nail polish colors would be considered classics. 

With quite a few classic choices, you’re sure to find the right one for you. So take a look at the most popular examples of classic nail polish color, and what makes them so universally appealing.

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