How to Wear White Nail Polish

Nail polish is available in an endless variety of colors, but sometimes you need a good neutral.

Few people know how to wear white nail polish successfully, but white nail polish can look awesome when you get it right.

Whether in clothing or make-up, white can be tricky to get right. So if you need some tips on how to wear white nail polish, read our guide below and you’ll soon be rocking those white nails. 

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How To Wear White Nail Polish Without Looking Boring

If you thought how to wear black nail polish was a challenge, white can be even trickier. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Keep the following simple tips in mind.

Keep Your Manicure In Tip-Top Condition 

Touch up your manicure regularly to keep looking your best. Chipped white nail polish will end up looking as though you got white paint on your nails while redecorating your walls. 

So always keep your white painted nails well-groomed, because nothing will show up little imperfections like white can. 

Keep It Short And Sweet

Wear nails any color or length you want to, as long as you are happy with your look.

does white nail polish look good

But when wearing white, shorter nails look better. Very short nails that don’t look right in other colors, look amazing with bright white nail tips.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Matte white can easily look flat. To look its best, white likes to shine. 

White nails that are smooth and glossy always look stunning.

Does White Nail Polish Look Good With Everything?

A common question we hear is ‘What nail polish color goes with everything?”

Neutrals can be worn with anything. This is especially true of white, which is available in various shades from brilliant and glossy to nearly-white nudes.

How you can wear white nail polish

White is a classic nail polish color that can be teamed with any other color. It will not compete with any hue because it is not a color but a neutral shade. 

Let’s look at classic combinations that show white nail polish off best.  

The All-White Look

An all-white look spells elegance. Some people are wary of wearing all white because different white items are rarely the same exact shade. But they do not have to be. 

Varying shades and textures of white on white will look fresh and intentional. 

How you should wear white nail polish

The Monochromatic Look

What color nail polish goes with a black dress and silver shoes? Yes, you guessed it. White! 

An all-black ensemble with white accessories looks modern and edgy. Your nails are the ultimate accessories. For this look, a brilliant white shade is best.

Fresh Blue And White Combo

All colors look good with white, but some combinations work better than others. Such as the classic blue and white summer look.

White and blue striped tee with blue jeans. Or a white summer dress and a blue jean jacket. Pair these with fresh white nails for a look that will never go out of style.

Can you wear white nail polish

Glitz And Glamor

Ever wondered what nail polish to wear with a metallic dress? Or lots of jewelry? 

Keep the focus on your statement pieces by wearing a warm white nail polish shade with those chunky rings or that shiny gold dress. 

does white nail polish look good on toes

Riot Of Color

If you love to wear bright colors, white nail polish is your friend. It is also the perfect nail polish for redheads, as an understated complement to their fiery hair.

White will complement any color you wear and take you from one colorful day to the next.

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