Best Nail Polish Colors for Pale Skin

Pale skin, who cares? There are no rules. Whether you have Fair, Medium or Deep skin, true beauty is about loving the skin you are in. So choosing a nail polish color according to your skin tone can be more important than you might think.

For example, the best nail polish colors for darker skin may be different compared to what suits someone with fair skin.

Although it might not even cross your mind, we really recommend taking some time to consider your unique undertones when you choose your nail polish.

Obviously, you do want to choose a color that you like, but you can also bring out your radiant undertones while wearing a color that highlights your individual beauty.

In this article, we will be explaining how to figure out what skin tone you have, and how to choose the best nail polish colors for your skin.

What This Article Covers:

The Best Nail Polish Colors for Pale Skin

We have grouped the following recommendations according to what your natural undertones are. Each undertone will have a color that suits it best.

Pink or Peach Undertones

If you have fair skin that has pink or peach undertones, then the following nail polish colors could be a great option for you.

Pastel Colors

best nail polish color for pale skin

Pastel colors suit fair skin with pink and peach undertones very well.

Our best pick of pastel colors for this skin tone from the ORLY range is Forget Me Not, Pastel Power, Cyber Peach, Prelude To A Kiss, You’re A Doll, and Patience & Peach.

Light Pink Colors

Light pink colors compliment pink and peach undertones extremely well. 

Our favorites from the ORLY range are Light As A Feather, Kiss The Bride, Confetti, Lift The Veil, and Head In The Clouds.

Teal and Mint Green 

Our favorite teal colors from us are Celeste-Teal, Let The Good Times Roll and In Full Plume.

The top mint nail polish colors that ORLY has available are the colors Vintage and Fresh Start.

Nude Colors

best nail polish for fair skin

Nude nail polish is definitely our favorite for those people who have pink or peach undertones. Nude compliments these undertones really well, and doesn’t make your hands look faded or washed out, which is sometimes a worry. 

The most popular colors from Orly are Sheer Nude, Pink Nude, Nourishing Nude, Inner Glow, Faux Pearl, and Lovella. 

An added bonus of nude colors is that it is one of the best nail polish colors for short nails. So, if you like having shorter, low maintenance nails, you can show your versatile style by purchasing this color. 

Metallic Gold or Silver

Metallic colors, especially gold or silver, highlight pink and peach undertones exceptionally well. 

The best metallic gold colors that Orly has to offer are Comet Relief, Bronze Ambition, as well as Halo, Rage, and Metallic Haze, which are all gel nail polish colors. 

Our top choices of metallic silver nail polish are Orly’s Elixir and Rearview nail polishes.

Yellow Undertones

If you have fair skin that has yellow undertones, then the following nail polish colors will be the best option for your skin tone.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow colors are a must-have if you have skin with yellow undertones, as they accentuate and really compliment the yellow of your skin, without being over the top.

The best mustard yellow nail polishes available from ORLY are Lion’s Ear and Here Comes The Sun.

Warm Red

Warm red is another color that will make your yellow undertones pop.

The best warm red nail polishes available from ORLY are Monroe’s Red, Haute Red, Cherry Bomb, Fireball, Love My Nails, and Hot Pursuit.

These nail polish colors, especially Hot Pursuit, are also the best nail polish colors for mature hands, which is a bonus.


Vibrantly colored greens are also another color that works well with yellow undertones. 

The best green colors that ORLY has on offer are Plastic Jungle, Kelli’s Emerald, and Pine-ing For You.


Coral nail polish is another best for skin with yellow undertones. 

The best coral colors available from ORLY are Artificial Orange, After Glow, and Terracotta.

Neutral Undertones 

If you have fair skin with neutral undertones, you are lucky enough that you can pull off almost any color nail polish. The only shades that may not be as complimentary are magenta, dark purple, berry, and dark yellow. 

Although you can sport a wide variety of colors, the best nail polish colors for this skin tone is nude brown, bright pink, light coral, metallics, and true red.

Nail Polish Colors That Will Make You Look More Tan

If you have fair skin, you may be looking for ways to channel your inner sun goddess. So, you are probably also wondering “What color nail polish makes you look more tan?”

The best colors to make you look tlike you just got back from the beach are tones that are lighter than your current skin tone. But, the ones that are found to usually work the best are neons, golds, and coral colors. 

The reason that they are so good for enhancing a tan is that they pick up on, and accentuate, the warm tones found in your skintone.

Our favorite warmth enhancing nail polishes are Oh Snap, Neon Paradise, After Glow, Artificial Orange, Gilded Glow, and Luxe.

How to Choose The Right Color Nail Polish for Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, you ideally want to find a nail polish color that brings out your unique glow. You may be looking for a nail polish that compliments the tones of your skin. 

The choice of color for fair skin differs depending on how fair your skin is, as well as what your natural undertones are.

Fair skin comes in the form of many different tones. One of the most common is alabaster, which has a neutral undertone. Fair skin can also either have a peachy pink undertone or more of an olive or yellow undertone. 

If you are unsure of what your natural skin tone is, you can use your veins to assist you. 

If you look at your veins in natural sunlight, they will appear a certain color. If they are a cool purpley blue, this means you have cool pink undertones. They could also have a green tint to them, which means that you have a warm yellow undertone. Alternatively, if you can’t see any of the above, it means that you have a neutral undertone. 

Choosing a nail polish according that compliment your undertones really accentuate your unique beauty. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the color of your nail polish is something most people don’t think twice about. But, as this article shows, if you have fair skin, it can add an extra boost to choose with your undertones in mind. 

There are still a lot of different colors that will suit you if you have fair skin, so you won’t be limiting yourself too much.

But, we can guarantee that figuring out what your skin’s undertones are and purchasing nail polish accordingly, can really enhance how the nail polish looks on you, and give you that glow. 

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