Best Nail Polish Color for Older Hands

If you are conscious about your hands aging, we understand. Hands age first and we are drawn to it because we see our hands all the time. Our hands tell the stories of our lives, our triumphs and our lessons.

But manicured nails can change your perspective. The best nail polish color for mature hands makes a huge difference. 

In this article, we’ll look at what colors work best for mature hands so that your hands can look and feel great. Because we know that nail polish is worn to enhance the tone of your skin as well as your beauty, it's all about feeling confident. 

Best Nail Polish Color For Older Hands

You should carefully consider the colors you like to buy, however, you also want to buy new nail polish because seasonal colors change frequently and this way you will stay on-trend. To keep your hands looking youthful we recommend keeping your nails short and well moisturized. 

Bright orange, pink, green nails will have people looking at your color rather than at your hands. Flexible colors for both day and night are rose gold, grey and blue.

If you have a lighter skin tone, the color would differ depending on how fair your skin is, but corals, greens, and red would be good for older hands because it draws attention to the nails.

If you have darker toned skin, choose shades of orange, gold, and grey. These are the best colors for medium and deep skin tone mature hands. When choosing a color that complements your particular skin tone, your hands highlight your look. 


Orange is great for mature hands because it will bring vibrancy and a lovely glow to your nails. Bird Of Paradise is a great choice for this because this is a true orange nail polish

This orange crème is reminiscent of the Caribbean where there's lush tropical plant life and islands. The color is popular for over 40's and is also one of the best nail polish colors for pale skin. Bird Of Paradise is a favorite amongst beauty enthusiasts who always have this color in their collection. 

What color nail polish looks best on older hands


Bright and beautiful blue nail polish is great for mature hands because it is one of the most effective ways to bring spirit and fun to your manicure. If you have bluish veins, embrace them with this blue nail polish.

Far Out is a good choice for because the color is pretty and when wearing gems and stones it's even more attractive. Also, one of the best-selling nail polish colors for summer, and those days by the pool.

ORLY is a trusted brand that cares about you and your animals. We are Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, vegan, and free from harmful chemicals.

What nail color makes hands look younger

Bright Pink

Bright pink is excellent for mature hands because once you wear it, you will immediately notice that your hands are bright and colorful. It's edgy, fun, and sophisticated. This color is also great for nail polish for short nails

ORLY’s Va Va Voom is the best choice for this because it is rich in color and a beautiful shade of bright pink nail polish. This color will look stunning on your hands and will steal the limelight when attention is drawn to it.   

This color is so diverse; beauticians love it because it can be worn all year round.

the best nail polish color for older hands

Dark Grey-Blue 

Dark grey-blue crème is fantastic for mature hands because this color gray nail polish is highly fashionable. Midnight Oasis from ORLY compliments your hands and makes them appear even more stunning. 

Black is too harsh against mature skin because it can make fine lines, spots, and wrinkles stand out more. So, this is the darkest we go. It's way more flattering and the best nail polish for working hands.

ORLY has a wide selection of rich colors and nail treatments for every problem and everyone. 

nail polish for aged hands

Mint Green

We love Mint green for mature hands because it gives off a joyful essence. It's not as intense as hot pink and orange and has a cool, relaxed element.

Vintage is a perfect selection for this because the bright mint crème green nail polish is dazzling on mature hands and also a nail polish that looks good on darker skin.

ORLY is the best nail polish brand and the products leave you feeling beautiful and your nails nourished. Feeling beautiful will make you feel good about yourself and confident.

best nail polish for aged people

Rose Gold

Rose gold is timeless and ideal for mature hands because it's glamorous and looks beautiful with any jewelry. It glows against the skin and makes hands look regal and sophisticated. 

Frost Smitten is a terrific color and this rose gold glitter is a popular choice for people over 40.  

the best nail polish for an aged person


Many activities can add to the aging that our hands experience. Whether gardening, working, the constant exposure to the sun and water, all add up over time.

Although many products can help take care of your hands, there isn't one that works as fast as your manicure. So to give your hands that youthful boost, try out our selection of the best nail polish color for mature hands.

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