What Nail Polish Makes Your Fingers Look Slim

The color of nail polish that you choose to wear on your hands is so much more than just a color, and actually has quite a big influence on how your hands look.

For example, you can get certain nail polish that looks good on darker skin, or certain nail polish for fair skin

You may also get certain nail polish for shorter fingers and certain nail polish to make your hands look more youthful. But honestly, who cares that your fingers don't look like the ads in magazines? All hands are equally beautiful.

So, if you’re wondering how to bring out the beauty of your hands, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be covering the best nail polish colors to do exactly that.

What This Article Covers:

The Best Nail Polish To Use To Make Your Fingers Look Slim

We are not concerned with fitting our fingers into someone's ideal beauty box. Using a nail polish color that is similar to the color of your skin tone will help bring out your unique beauty, no matter the size or length of your fingers. 

For this reason, different shades of nude are the gold standard when it comes to a color that will highlight your look. 

Something that is important to note though, is that everybody’s shade of nude will differ based on your skin tone. It is essential that you match the shade of nude you choose with the undertones in your skin.

For example, if you have tan or deep undertones in your skin, you should use a nude nail polish that is toffee beige, caramel or coffee tone. Examples of these shades are ORLY’s Trailblazer, Coffee Break, and Country Club Khaki. 

If you have more of a medium-based skin tone, a taupe color will suit you well. Taupe is a mix between brown and grey, and we have two beautiful shades available. These nail polishes go by the name of Down To Earth, and Staycation, which is a slightly lighter option, too. 

Lastly, if you have quite a fair complexion, then light pink and nude nail polish will suit you best. We have quite a collection of these, but our favorites are Nourishing Nude, Lovella, Inner Glow, You Go Girl, Rehab, Kiss The Bride, Head In The Clouds, and Kiss Me, Im Kind.

Try A French Manicure

Although it is not exactly one specific color, French Manicures are also another type of nail polish that can give a beautiful, timeless look. The reason for this is because when you paint the free edge with white nail polish, it highlights the health of your nail bed. 

For a classic look, we recommend that the tip is a lighter tone. Some people like to change up the traditional French Manicure and be a bit more exciting, by using a different color. Whatever you choose, a French Manicure is always a fashionable look. 

At ORLY, we have a wide variety of nail polish colors available for a French Manicure. These nail polish colors include Sheer Nude, Pink Nude, Rose Colored Glasses, and Des Fleurs.

For the white tips, we offer Pointe Blanche and White Tips. 

ORLY also offers two French Manicure kits that will make the process a lot easier for you. 

best nail polish to make your fingers look skinnier

How Nail Polish Can Make Your Fingers Appear Slim

We believe that fingers don't need to be slim to be beautiful. Focusing on your unique skin tone and nail shape opens up a world of possibilities on expressing your individual style.

Whether you love nail art, or a single color, let your imagination run wild to help you look and feel good.

What If You Don’t Like Light Nail Polish?

A lot of people don’t like nudes or light colors, especially since they are not always the best nail polish for working hands. And that's perfectly fine. You can make your nails look beautiful whilst skipping the light colors.

If you like using a dark nail polish color, you can try a technique called contouring. To do this, when you apply the nail polish, don’t apply it all the way to the sides of your nails. Doing this will create a linear effect, which can add to your nail's aesthetic. 

If you are looking for some beautiful dark nail polish colors, our favorites are Saturated, Naughty, Wild Abandon, Midnight Oasis, Feeling Foxy, and In Full Plume.

Final Thoughts

Overall, everyone's hands are unique and beautiful. So don't worry about making your fingers fit a preconcieved notion of beauty. There is only one you and you are your own standard of beauty.  

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