Nail Polish for Job Interview

Everyone wants to be earning a salary doing something that they enjoy. But how do you create your interview outfits? With confidence, that’s how. 

You only get one chance when making a first impression, so you want to make sure that it's a positive one, right down to the nail polish. Nail polish for job interviews, how does that work you ask? Well, keep reading and you’re sure to find out. 

Nail Polish for Job Interview

Most people often do a lot of talking with their hands, so it’s best to keep them well-manicured at all times. Therefore, polished nails for job interviews can be a nice touch. 

It can be a look that expresses your creativity, while not distracting your interviewer. 

You want them to remember you, not your color nail polish. So, choosing a color that you love and goes well with your outfit, is important.

Yellow for the Creative

If you’re a creative, then yellow is your go-to color nail polish for a job interview. Yellow nail polish works because it inspires creativity, imagination, and it stimulates vision. 

Wearing yellow nail polish to your job interview will not only show off your great style but also screams creativity. Because of this, our ORLY Here Comes The Sun is a color you may want to try for that job interview. It’s the saffron yellow creme polish of your springtime dreams

And also, one of the best summer nail polish colors as well as the best nail color for a beach vacation. The minute you walk into the room wearing Here Comes The Sun, you’ll have their full attention. 

Oh Snap is more of a highlighter yellow color, making it just as amazing for a creative job interview. It’s just as exciting, bright, and beautiful.

Blue for the Corporate World

best nail polish color for job interview

Corporate may having you take a more formal approach. So rich, dark colors may be your go-to. We love blue for corporate job interviews because it is a beautiful color and wearing it may show that you are more analytical. 

It also implies trustworthiness and authority which is the kind of impression you want to give in an interview. 

Stick to blue nail polish wear a shade of blue that compliments your clothing and makes you feel confident. 

You will love our Gotta Bounce crème. It’s a deep denim blue, perfect nail polish for a job interview. It is very popular, and you’ll love it because like denim, it goes with everything. Therefore, it is also the best nail polishes for fall.

Midnight Oasis is a dark grey-blue crème that is a beautiful, dark neutral. It’s rich and beautiful. 

Neutral for Health Care 

nail polish for interviews

In health care, nails are meant to be varnish-free not only for hygiene purposes, but also because of the chemicals that polish, and lacquers contain. It usually needs to be kept short and always clean.

But many healthcare professionals do in fact wear polish and for many, it’s discrete. Nude nail polish for many in healthcare, it is their go to. So, if you’re going for a job interview in the healthcare industry, keep your nail color low-key.

And for the best natural nail polish colors look no further than our Roam With Me crème. It’s subtle and looks great on short nails. Pure Porcelain is also popular amongst the nude shades.

Red for the Fashion Industry

best nail color for interviews

It’s not only your qualifications that play a big part in this industry, but you also need to look the part too. Outfit, accessories, hair, and nails need to be on point when you’re interviewing for a position in this industry. 

Red nail polish is perfect for your job interview because not only does it symbolize luck, it is a color that symbolizes classic, stylish style.

The color you wear is important as you want to be on-trend. If you're aiming to impress the interviewer, consider wearing our Red Carpet creme. It’s a shade of red that will enhance your manicure. It's also a Christmas nail polish color and fun to wear during the holidays. 

Gray Polish for Every Industry

nail color for interviews

Gray nail polish is perfect for every industry. So, if you want to wear gray nail polish for your job interview, go for it. The color gray is cool and balanced and will be great for your interview.

You will love our Mirror Mirror. It is a gorgeous shade of gray with a slight blue undertone which makes it very elegant. Stunning for interviews and one you cannot go wrong with. 


Choosing your nail color to compliment your style for your interview does not need to be a stressful decision. You want to express yourself while keeping your interviewer focused on you. So there you have it, five of the best colors to help you land that dream job. 

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