What Color Nail Polish with Purple Dress?

Have you been invited to a social event where the dress theme is purple? Or perhaps it is your favorite color? 

Maybe that perfect outfit for the occasion just happens to be purple. And once you brought it home from the store you thought, “ What color nail polish goes with a purple outfit?”

We understand that the choice of nail color can make or break the look of your outfit. We have outlined the best color choices to go with that purple look in our guide below.

Which Nail Polish Colors Pair Well With Purple?

Several colors pair well with a purple dress. A lot depends on the type of event that you are attending. Is it an elegant affair? Or something more casual? There are color combinations to suit all occasions. 

You can choose to wear purple polish to match your look. Either the exact hue, if possible, or a different shade in the purple family. Or you can go for a more exciting color pairing.

But there is one basic rule that you should adhere to. Keep the undertone the same. To explain this accurately, we need to understand the color wheel.

Using the Color Wheel to Match Nail Polish to a Purple Dress

We are sure that most of you are familiar with the color wheel. But in case you need a reminder, here is an example of a color wheel

Color theory plays a big role in fashion. It is used by designers all over the world to find attractive color combinations for their creations. Let’s take a look at examples of the most popular color schemes.

Monochromic Nail Color Scheme For A Purple Outfit

Monochromic colors are different shades of the same color. Match your purple outfit with the same undertone in a lighter or darker shade. 

what color nail polish with coral dress

Purple nail polish can have warm or cool undertones just like clothing. It is this undertone that you need to match, more so than the exact shade of purple. In this way, you will achieve a look that is pleasing to the eye.

Try our Scenic Route for a warmer purple, or our Synthetic Symphony for a cooler one.

how to match nail polish to dress

This color scheme is perfect for formal dinners and black-tie events.

Analogous Nail Colors For A Purple Dress

Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel. Next to purple, we find blue on one side and fuschia (pink) on the other. 

Depending on the undertone of your purple dress, opt for cool or warm shades of blue nail polish. Or choose the corresponding undertone in our pink nail polish

This color scheme would be ideal if you are wearing that purple dress to a function that is not too formal.

Complimentary Nail Color

Complementary colors are 2 colors directly across from each other. On the color wheel, the color directly opposite purple is green. 

You can wear yellow or blue-based green nail polish, depending on your purple dress’ undertone.

what color nail polish to choose with purple dress

For more casual social get-togethers, or in a more creative environment, this color scheme gives you the edge.

Is There A Nail Polish Color That Goes With Everything?

Okay, some colors go well with purple, but what nail polish color goes with everything?

Is there a classic nail polish color? One that looks good no matter what color dress you are wearing?

Clear or nude nail polish will keep the attention on your outfit color as there is no other color to compete with.

And metallics such as our gold nail polish or one of our varieties of silver nail polish can add some bling without fighting against the colors in your clothing.

Do You Have A Fashion Challenge That Needs Solving?

Such as which nail polish matches the shoe you are wearing, or what to wear with purple or other bold colors? You can rely on neutrals.

how you can match nail polish to dress

By neutrals, we mean black nail polish,  or even gray nail polish, or our elegant white nail polish.

Does white nail polish look good with any other color? Yes, neutral shades always pair well with more vibrant colors. 

This choice is the perfect nail polish for redheads, whose fiery hair color already makes a bold statement.

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