Is Red Nail Polish Professional?

To make a major statement with your nails, a red shade is a surefire way to stand out amongst the crowds. But if you are looking for a shade that is suitable for work, is red nail polish professional? 

Appearing professional and classy in the workplace is a big priority for most, as your appearance is often judged before your words, actions, or work. Nails might seem like a small detail, but they may be the first thing people notice when you stick out your hand for a handshake, or you speak expressively in a presentation.

We take a deeper look at whether red nail polish is professional and appropriate for the workplace, and what it might say about as a person. 

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Is Red Nail Polish a Professional Shade?

If you are wondering if red nail polish is a professional shade, the answer is a resounding yes. There is often the question of whether red nail polish is classy or trashy, but it has proven time and time again to be an elegant choice. 

As long as your nails are neat, without chips or smudges to the polish, red can be a great option for the workplace. 

Many people wonder if red nail polish is out of style, which is simply not the case. Red is a bold color, which can work in your favor because it indicates that you are confident in yourself, strong, and willful, which are all excellent qualities to have in the workplace. 

It can also assert your position as a leader, and not only boost your confidence, but garner the confidence of those around you. 

What Shade of Red is Best for the Workplace? 

Is red nail polish appropriate for work

While red may be a brighter option, it is still considered a classic color. However, you can choose between various shades of red - and some may be considered more traditionally professional than others. 

The various shades can also tell a lot about a person when looking at what red nail polish means.

Is Red Nail Polish Professional or not

The classic red color is on the brighter side, but can still look professional in the workplace. It blends well with most outfit colors and gives off a put-together look while still being quite fun and exciting. 

A darker shade of red is a great, subtle option for the workplace. Maroon shades are classy and indicate seriousness and a no-nonsense attitude which is an ideal look to take into the office when dealing with business affairs. 

Is red nail polish appropriate for work or not

If you work in a more creative space that encourages you to express yourself through the way you dress, why not go glittery? A shimmery red is a wonderful way to glam up your everyday look. 

How to Keep Red Nails Tidy for the Office 

Is red nail polish trashy? No, but no matter the shade you opt for, chipped nails will diminish your overall professional look.

To ensure that your nails look freshly manicured at all times, do the following:

does red nail polish look professional

is red nail polish unprofessional

  • Keep a bottle of the color you have on your nails in your handbag or your office desk, so you have it on hand for a quick emergency fix-up at any given time.

Keep your nails trimmed and filed using a buffer file.

are red nails appropriate for work

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