Which Nail Polish Matches Your Shoes

Nail polish is great way to add color to your outfits.

But which colors are the right ones to choose? And which nail polish matches the shoe of your choice?

This all depends on personal preference. If you like color coordinating, you’ll enjoy matching your nail polish with your shoes. But this isn’t something you have to do.

Choosing a nail polish should always be fun and an expression of your creativity. Who cares about what is trendy? What's most important is that you love it.

Let’s have a look at options on how to pick nail colors to go with your shoes and complete your look.

What This Article Covers:

Should You Match Your Nail Polish to Your Shoes?

This is dependent on your aesthetic preference. Whether your nail polish is matching or complimenting your shoes, it should always look good.

Before anything else, make sure your toenails are clean and neatly trimmed. Use one of our Buffing Trios to do so. Then you should decide on the types of colors that you want to go for.

Which nail polish matches this shoe

Also, be sure to look at what nail polish goes with everything for some more tips.

Choosing The Right Nail Polish for You

For a radiant and fresh look, peach-based, orange hues work well. Reds and corals are also another very uplifting color pallet to go for.

If you want to highlight a tan or deeper skin tone, nude and light colors are beautiful. For fairer skin tones, light and nude colors beautifully support the undertones of your skin.  

If you prefer darker colors, deep blues, reds, greys, and purples are a great way to add something different and add a bit of drama and mystery to your look. Have a look at how to wear black nail polish.

If you’re bubbling with energy and moving with the spirit of summer, bright and bold colors can beautifully stand out and set the pace for your day.

From cheerful tropical colors to psychedelic neon, whatever brings you joy, go for it.

Matching Nail Polish and Shoes

Here are some suggestions, they should be used as inspiration and not a rule book. If you’re new at nail polishes or need some guidance, we’ve got you. Be sure to have a look at how to match nail polish with the dress.

do you know which color polish matches the shoe

Our top-quality nail polish collection has something for everyone.

Red is a classic nail polish color that goes well with almost everything. Pair our luscious Red nail polish with a dramatic black shoe. Crawford’s Wine is perfect for a dramatic, sophisticated look. 

 Our Gold nail polish also works quite well with a black sandal.

which nail polish matches your shoe

If you’re wearing a silver shoe, our Ephemeral nail polish from the White nail polish selections should be your go-to. Metallic shoes and white nail polish give off a slick and modern touch. Check out how to wear white nail polish.

Red is such a bold and striking color, that it can easily clash with other bright and bold colors. Neutral colors in our nude nail polish selections pair nicely with a red shoe. It’s soft and warm and makes a statement all on its own, while not taking attention away from the red shoe.

In sum, choosing the right nail polish color is all about being creative, so remember to have fun and experiment.

Be mindful of which colors suit you, as well as make you feel good. The colors should never clash, but complement each other, enhancing your look. It’s always helpful to have a vision of the look you want to go for.

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