Nail Polish for Redheads

The perfect nail polish color can complement your outfit, make a statement about your personality, and make you feel confident and amazing. 

But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what the best color is for you. Especially if you have fair skin and red hair. 

If this is your particular combo, read our guide to the best nail polish for redheads below. Look your best every day, no matter the occasion.

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What Is The Best Nail Polish Color For Redheads?

It’s challenging enough trying to decide what color nail polish to wear with a red dress. But what do you wear if you have red hair? 

Before we get to some examples of great colors for redheads, it’s important to remember that there are many variations of red hair. 

Strawberry blonde, as well as coppery or auburn shades are all in the red color spectrum of hair. But the level of contrast between skin and hair will be different. 

Compliment Your Warmer Colouring With Warmer Colors

Colors are divided into blue-based and yellow-based hues, meaning they have cool or warm undertones. Skintones can also be cool or warm. Natural redheads usually have a warm undertone to their skin. 

best nail polish for redheads

Colors like coral, orange, and rose gold look great on people with warm skin tones and red hair. 

If you’re wondering what color nail polish to wear with a royal blue dress orange is a great choice for that too. 

Warm skin tone can have brighter golden beige or peach undertones, or more subtle ivory or creamy white undertones.

Let’s look at some examples.

Strawberry Blonde Hair 

If you are strawberry blonde you may have light skin with a warm peachy undertone and very little contrast between your hair and skin. 

You’ll look your best in our softer pastel shades, and shades of peach and coral pink.

spring nail polish colors for redheads

Ginger Hair

People with natural ginger hair sometimes have pale skin with freckles. 

If you have a warm undertone to your skin that is fair, choose delicate colors like our earthy pastels. For a pop of color try our saffron yellow color polish. 

best nail polish color for redheads

And for the more adventurous among you, try a splash of complementary color with one of our warmer shades of blue

This provides a colorful contrast to your fiery hair color. Blue is also a great solution to what color nail polish goes with an orange dress.

Auburn Hair

Deep copper or auburn hair creates more contrast with the skin tone than the redhead examples listed above. If this is you, choose slightly bolder options to look your best.

For redheads with warm golden or peachy skin, colors like golden, bronze, or earthy hues are ideal. 

summer nail polish for redheads

Other colors that compliment you if you have deeper coppery or auburn hair are deeper shades of orange, brown, and burgundy.

nail polish which color for redheads

Can Redheads Wear Red Nail Polish?

Red is considered by many to be a classic nail polish color.  But like all colors, it can be divided into cool and warm shades. Warm reds are yellow-based and tend to lean to the orange side. 

An example of a warmer red is our Muy Caliente nail color.

Can Redheads Wear Neutral And Nude Nail Polish Colors?

What nail polish color goes with everything? Neutrals and Nudes of course. Anyone can wear neutrals or nude nail colors as they are incredibly versatile. 

Our range of nude nail polish colors includes options that suit different skin colors and skin tones. So check out our range of nude polishes to find the right nude for you.

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