Is Red Nail Polish out of Style?

Red nail polish has been around for ages, so it is often asked: is red nail polish out of style?

It is a versatile color with many shades, each very different in style to one another, and so there is something for everyone. But, you might be worrying that it is no longer a trendy and relevant shade to choose from. 

We take a deeper look at red nail polish, the various shades available and what they all say about you, how best to wear red nail polish, and whether it is actually out of style or not.

What This Article Covers:

Is Red Nail Polish Out of Style?

No, red nail polish is not out of style. 

If anything, red is a classic shade that has remained one of the trendiest colors to sport on your nails for decades, with no signs of faltering. 

Despite being around and prevalent for ages in the fashion world, it still features in some of the top magazines and fashion editorials in the world. Red colors are consistently star shades among the world's largest makeup and cosmetic brands, with most lines featuring a wide range of different shades of red nail polish.

It is a popular color among all groups, and of all ages. Many people wonder . It is an attractive color and can be considered fun and flirty. 

While it is considered a trendy shade, it is not uncommon to see people in all age ranges to opt for red on their nails, too. 

Many people wonder whether red nail polish is classy, but the fact that it has stood the test of time is the biggest indicator of what a classic color it is. 

What Shade Suits Your Style?

Red nail polish does not just come in a standard shade. There are endless options of varying red shades to choose from. 

What does red nail polish mean? The color of your nails can be an extension of your personality, mood, and overall style. It is best to choose a shade that you feel expresses who you are, while also being in line with your tastes and what you prefer. 

This applies to all colors, such as what purple nail polish means. Color choices can say a lot. 

If you aren’t immediately drawn to a particular shade, you need to consider what will go best with the color palette of your wardrobe, what is in line with your profession and office rules, and most importantly, what is a physical embodiment of your personality and energy. 

Our range is varied with countless red shades that you can choose from - you are guaranteed to find something that suits you, no matter how niche. 

We break down the types of shades you can choose from, how they can be worn, and what your choice might say about you. 


red nail polish is really out of style

Bright red nail polish is a fairly modern, funky take on the classic color. You can have ultra-bright shades of red that are somewhat neon. 

This is an excellent shade for those who are young, or young at heart. The bright red adds a fun pop of color to a monotone outfit or blends well with a colorful outfit. 

This is the best option for summer, as it fits right in with sunny days and trips to the beach.


are red nail polish toes out of style

You can never go wrong with a classic red

This is one of the most versatile options because it is such a traditional color that it goes well with just about anything. It fits as a summery color, but can also be worn in winter for a warm touch. 

A classic red shade can also look good with just about any outfit, and doubles well as a day look for casual wear, and a night look for a glamorous twist. 

If you are drawn to this shade, you are confident and daring, but also classy. It is truly the shade that never goes out of style.


Is red nail polish toe out of style

A darker shade of red, like a burgundy, is a great way to edge up your look. 

It’s a daring twist on a classic red, and is perfect for those who prefer darker colors on their nails, and want a more subtle and refined look. 

This shade goes with both lighter and darker shades of clothing and works especially well as a winter option. 

Those who opt for this are generally more introverted and subdued, but also incredibly confident and sure of who they are. 

You may wonder if red nail polish is professional - this shade is most ideal for the workplace, as the darker shade conveys more of a serious tone. 


red nail polish is out of styleFor lovers of sparkle, a glittery red is the best option to go for. 

This can be a darker or lighter shade, with a touch of shimmer or glitter. It is the ultimate color for going out at night, to add a glamorous touch to your look. 

Those who opt for this color see the value in adding a little sparkle to everyday life, and generally see the positive side of things. They don’t sweat the small stuff. 

This is also a great shade to rock to a music festival or any other arty cultural event. 


Is red nail polish really out of style

If you want to turn heads with your nails without it being too over the top, a multicolored option is ideal. 

You can select five shades of red, and paint each nail of one hand a different shade. This can be done in a random order, or brightest to darkest for an ombre effect. 

This is a perfect way to show your creativity, and stand out with a unique set of nails.

If you want to keep it more subtle, you can paint four fingers on one hand in one shade, and one finger in a different shade of red, or even a glittery red. You can even add on nail art using a detailer brush.

How to Wear Red Nail Polish 

is red nail polish out of style or not

Red nail polish will always be in style, but it is imperative to keep the color tidy and blemish-free to avoid a messy look on your nails. 

The best way to do this is with a clear base and topcoat. A base coat is applied directly to the nail before painting it red to avoid staining the nail with the color when you remove red nail polish. The top coat is applied on top of the color, which acts to protect the polish from chips or smudges. 

are red nail polish toes out of style or not

Use a buffer to keep the shape of your nails tidy and consistent. 

When it comes to nails in the workplace, use your office dress code as a guide to keeping red nail polish professional. In a more formal office, you may want to opt for classic or darker shades. In an office with a more lenient dress code, you can experiment with glitter and/or bright red, or the multicolored option. 


Red nail polish has been a firm favorite for decades, and we expect it to remain so for a very long time to come, which gives a definitive answer to whether red nail polish is trashy, or out of style.

There are many shades to choose from. It’s best to consider your personality, style, workplace, and tastes before selecting which one suits you best. 

Always incorporate a base and top coat to keep your red nails looking like you have just had a manicure. 

You can always chop and change colors according to your mood or the occasion, so keep a few shades handy. Red never goes out of style, so they certainly won’t go to waste. 

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