Best Wedding Nail Polish

These days, both brides and grooms alike have tons of decisions to make before their big day. Wedding dresses, hair, and makeup can be some of your biggest concerns. But it’s worth spending time choosing the best wedding nail polish look too.

We want to tell you about the best nail polish colors and manicure looks for your big day. We are giving you a complete guide to wedding nail polish, and we have something for every season, taste, and trend.

The right nail color can enhance your wedding ring, complement your skin tone, and add some spark to your bridal look. You might be wondering: what color nail polish should I wear?

Here’s our guide to wedding nail polish, and some of the best ORLY products to pull off these looks.

What This Article Covers:

A Guide to Wedding Nail Polish Colors and Styles

Nude Pink

The right nude shade can flatter any skin tone and it’s a wedding classic. A balanced nude pink with a beige undertone is an understated look.

The clean and natural look of nude pink nail polish is ideal for the minimalist bride. It rarely clashes with décor or flowers, and it complements silver and gold jewelry.

You can’t go wrong with this polished and classic look. It is timeless for weddings of any season, and it’s one of the most popular nail polish colors for brides.

Soft Dove Gray

best wedding nail polish color

Gray nail polish is often overlooked and underrated. Soft dove grey is trendy and bold, but it doesn’t steal the show.

Neutral nail polishes don’t have to be nude or beige. Gray nail polish is trendy and elegant.

Soft dove gray is a daring, yet soft neutral nail polish. The pearly undertones create a sweet minimalistic look that complements gold rings and white wedding dresses.

The bold bride looking for an edgier look can opt for dove gray with more ashy undertones. There’s no need to shy away from darker hues of gray. Gray nail polish is a superb choice for winter weddings.

Classic White

Classic white nails are a timeless choice for weddings. This classy look is perfect, no matter the season of your wedding.

White nail polish is trendy and in style. You can’t go wrong with this polished, clean look.

White manicures look stunning with white dresses, silver and gold jewelry, and any type of décor or bouquet.

Pearly Pink

best bridal nail polish

Pink is a popular nail color for weddings – and with good reason. Pink nail polish is perfect for the feminine and playful bride who still wants a classic nail look.

The right pink nail polish gives your wedding look a fun splash of color without being overbearing or unsophisticated. It’s one of the best spring nail polish colors for those looking for a subtle look.

A nail polish that has a light pink shade with pearly undertones is romantic and timeless. Our Sheer Nude Lacquer is the perfect shade of pink with a pearly undertone for a classic and opaque look.

Metallic Gold

The bold bride looking for a nail look that is glamorous and subtle can opt for metallic gold nail polish. A touch of shimmer and a metallic finish can go a long way.

Metallic gold nail polish looks beautiful at winter and fall weddings. For fall weddings, you can go for a gold polish with more bronze undertones.

Matching your metallic gold nail polish with your engagement ring is a showstopper. This look is unique, well-rounded, and sophisticated.

Burgundy Brown

Burgundy brown nail polish is ideal for deeper skin tones. It is also very trendy and in style for winter and fall weddings. This look is deliciously rich and chic, without being overbearing.

If you are a fierce bride looking for a deeper and more dramatic warm nail color, burgundy brown is for you. It looks amazing with gold jewelry.

Our In The Groove Lacquer can make your manicure pop.

Shimmering Pale Pink

best nail polish color for wedding

Pale pink with a pearly undertone is an understated classic for brides and grooms alike. All you need to kick this classic look up a notch is a touch of shimmer and sparkle.

This romantic and playful look is perfect for the feminine bride who wants to feel like a princess. A hint of sparkle instantly adds personality to your manicure, and it complements jewelry.

This look is great for winter weddings because the pearly undertones give it a cooler hue. Add some shimmer, and you have a striking winter wedding nail polish.

Our Lucid Dream Lacquer is straight out of a fairy-tale and will make any bride feel like a million dollars.

Dainty Floral Designs

Dainty floral nail art is the perfect way to make a statement, but it is still subtle and elegant. Floral nail art is best paired with nudes, whites, and lighter pink nail polishes.

Pair white floral designs with nude and pink shades of nail polish. This is great for summer and spring weddings.

The daring bride or groom can opt for silver or gold floral designs. This is a stunning look for winter weddings.

Subtle nail art doesn’t draw too much attention, but its beauty can be appreciated up close.

Subtle Heart-Shaped Nail Art

Small heart-shaped nail art can be a sweet and striking surprise for any classic nail look. It pairs well with nudes and lighter pinks with beige undertones.

One small black heart can make the world’s difference, and it’s perfect for your big romantic day. A small black heart on your thumbs or your ring finger is unique, yet minimalistic.

This romantic and playful look is subtle and trendy.

Soft Taupe

Soft taupe is the perfect shade for daring brides and winter weddings. This smoldering nail color is dark enough to be bold, but soft enough to be classic and chic.

A smoky and soft taupe won’t overpower your overall look, and it complements gold wedding rings perfectly.

Pale Blue

best nail colors for wedding

A pastel blue nail polish with ashy undertones is perfect for the unconventional bride who wants something that is subtly unique.

This cool hue has a stunning balance of gray and blue tones. If you have a beach wedding or a winter wedding, blue nail polish can be the perfect way to add “something blue”.

A pale blue manicure makes a bigger statement than traditional nail colors, but it’s still a classy neutral. This nail color is also trendy and in style.

Merlot Red

wedding nail polish

If you are looking for a sophisticated, rich, and deep nail color, merlot red is for you. this deep red wine shade can make a bold statement while being beautifully elegant.

The best merlot red nail polish has subtle undertones of cherry red and purple. This bold nail color is perfect for fall and winter weddings.

Our Alabaster Verve Lacquer can make your wedding day manicure bold and rich.

Creamy Nude

polish for nails wedding

Nude nail polish is a go-to neutral look and a timeless wedding choice. This classic look is classy, polished, and warm.

Our Country Club Khaki Lacquer is a rich and creamy nude nail polish that looks great on any skin tone, nail length, and nail shape. This is the best natural-looking nail polish for your big day.

This creamy nude nail polish has subtle undertones of light pink and brown. It’s ideal for any bride and it rarely clashes with bridal looks and décor.

Autumn Orange

Autumn orange is an unconventional and playful choice. This nail polish shade will add a pop of color in a fun and classy way.

Autumn orange complements golden rings and white wedding dresses. It’s one of the best nail polishes for fall that adds a pop of color.

You can match this warm and vibrant nail polish color with your flower arrangement for a well-rounded look.

Tips for Choosing Your Color and Style

Let your wedding’s aesthetic be your guide. For rustic-themed weddings or fall weddings, you can opt for mauves and earth tones.

Beach weddings and summer weddings can use a splash of something blue. Incorporate some blue into your manicure.

If your wedding’s aesthetic is glamorous and modern, you can incorporate jewel tones or polish with a shimmery and metallic finish. This is simplistic, but it still complements the theme.

You can also keep your bouquet and floral arrangements in mind. Or you can also coordinate your lipstick color and your nail color.

Lastly, you can choose colors and tones according to the season of your wedding. Rich and dark tones like burgundy-brown and deep merlot red, and orange tones look great at fall weddings.

For summer and spring weddings, a pop of color can add some spark to your bridal look. You can opt for pastels, dusty blues, lilac, and pink hues.

Nail colors for winter weddings are versatile. Pearl white, light blues, shimmer, and metallic polishes look great. You can also incorporate rich colors like midnight blue, burgundy, and wine reds.

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